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Isohgin (イソーギン Isōgin?) is one of the "nightmare-duo" from Eternal that are said to be the best hunters there. He is the tall one of the two and mostly just repeats what Yadokhan says. Together, the two of them transform into a sea anemone on a hermit crab with Isohgin being the sea anemone on the top.


Isohgin is a tall man with brown skin, a red rope around his head and short purple hair. He wears a greyish robe with orange ropes and sandals.


He has a calm and reserved approach, and usually repeats what Yadokhan says. He is proven to be a swift and efficient person, able to steal things in a matter of seconds. In his true form, he is aggressive and savage.


In the organization, their room was arranged to have two desks, and Bunbee was upset over suddenly having two bosses. In their first appearance, Isohgin and Yadokhan worked together to steal the Rose Pact in a matter of seconds. But they were defeated by the Cures who were helped by Syrup and Milky Rose. YPC5GG25

When Princess Crepe was given a farewell party hosted by the Cures, the duo suddenly showed up. They turned the ribbon from the present into a Hoshina, stole the Rose Pact and even kidnapped Crepe. However, they were defeated after the Cures finished off the Hoshina with Rainbow Rose Explosion. YPC5GG34

His last appearance was in episode 38, along with his partner. Instead of using a Hoshina, they decided to attack using all their power. They were so strong that they managed to tangle the five main Cures, which prevented Milky Rose from attacking. But they were eventually both destroyed by Dream and Milky Rose who combined the power of the red rose and blue rose.


  • His name come from the Japanese word "イソギンチャク" (Isoginchaku? ) which means "sea anemone".
  • In episode 25, the duo bought themselves ice cream cones with many scoops while watching the Cures. Isohgin bought several scoops of "plain" vanilla as opposed to his partner, who bought one of every flavor.
  • Both hunters are able to breath under water.
  • They have a comparably friendly relationship to Bunbee after the abuse he received from Nebatakos.


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