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Itou Hitomi (伊東仁美 Itō Hitomi?) is Saki and Mai's fellow classmate and friend of Saki. She is on the Softball team and is normally seen with Outa Yuuko, Saki's other friend and classmate.



Hitomi is taller than her friends and she has tanned skin. Her brown eyes match her coffee-brown hair, which is shoulder length, with her bangs mostly brushed to the side.

Besides her school attire she can often be seen wearing a light shirt that has a 3 on it, along with pants, and denim jacket.


Hitomi, like Saki, loves to play softball and appears to be a little more serious then her friends. She takes to heart what others say about her, whether it's meant or said sarcastically.



Itou: normally wrote as Ito. It can only be a surname and is never used as a first name. It translates as Thread, yarn.

Hitomi: Translates as Pupil, or Pupil of the eye.


Hyuuga Saki and Outa Yuuko - Her best friends who she is usually seen hanging out with. Usually Kenta will be there if Saki or Yuuko are not.

Mishou Mai - Hitomi seems to respect Mai.



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