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Jii-ya / Sakamoto
じいや / 坂本 Jiiya / Sakamoto
SeasonYes! Pretty Cure 5
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!
Hair ColorGrey
First AppearanceYPC505
Japanese Voice ActorIkeda Tomoaki

Jii-ya / Sakamoto (じいや / 坂本 Jiiya / Sakamoto?) is the Minazuki's butler and takes care of Karen when her parents are overseas as Famous Musicians. He is very respectful to her and calls her ojō-sama (オジョウサマ young lady?), but he also seems to be fond of her, like a father. He worries about Karen being lonely because of her parents away. He knows about her saddness and hidden it from the world. Now is happy now that she has friends. As a butler, he drives to Karen to school and accompany her and knows how to cook. He also knows how to drive a boat.




Jii-ya is the term which an old servant is called (similarly Bā-ya means an old nanny or housemaid), and not his own name.



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