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JinJin (ジンジン Jinjin?) & Takumi (タクミ Takumi?) are former villains who appear in HUGtto! Pretty Cure. They are two young males who are Gelos' faithful servants and butlers. They used to be "wage slaves" that worked in Criasu Corporation. After their purification in episode 31, JinJin becomes a construction worker while Takumi starts selling roasted sweet potatoes for a living.

After returning to the altered future in episode 49, both end up appearing as schoolchildren with Gelos and Charaleet.


Both males wear identical glasses and purple suits with neckties. Though JinJin and Takumi can still be distinguished by their different coiffure; JinJin has longer grayish pink hair (which can be tied into a pony tail), whereas Takumi has shorter spikier sliver gray hair.



Not much is known about JinJin and Takumi's own respective personality, but they share a mutual loyalty for their mistress Gelos and seem to be in good terms with each other. Despite normally being devout assistants, in episode 31 they are shown to be unruly when their mistress is not around and toyed with the unstable prototype invention.

Although they were originally enemies of the Cures, JinJin and Takumi can turn out to be the heroines' helpful allies as seen in episode 45. They are also forgiving to their mistress in spite of her poor treatment given to them.


  • Gelos - Their mistress whom they serve faithfully, only to be regarded as worthless by her in return. In fact, not only did she hoped to lay them off, but she was also nonchalant upon seeing them fused and even forced them to proceed to fight the Cures. In spite of her maltreatment, they have apparently forgiven her and she is now in good terms with them.


JinJin comes from the Japanese of "personnel" Jinji (人事?) while Takumi (?) means working in Japanese.


So far, JinJin & Takumi doesn't have any notable abilities when they were Criasu members.


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