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Topped With Plenty Of Love! Cure Whip Is Ready To Serve! (大好きたっぷり!キュアホイップできあがり! Daisuki Tappuri! Kyua Hoippu Dekiagari!?) is the 1st episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 636th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ichika wants to bake a cake to celebrate her mother's arrival home, but after finding out she won't be making it, she begins feeling discouraged. She meets the mysterious Pekorin and gets dragged into something she never saw coming!


As a little girl, Ichika loved to watch her mom bake. As she lovingly watched her decorate a cake, she described it's completed form as "kirakira", catching the attention of her parents. Her father remarked that she must see something special in it, and Ichika agreed. She loved her mother's cakes more than anything.

Overflowing with joy, Ichika makes her way through town while greeting the various residents and picking up some eggs from a shop. As everyone begins to watch her, nobody is aware of the battle going on far in the mountains. She takes three large steps and upon landing, a large blast alerts her and everyone else to the glittery cream now covering the area, and after grabbing her bag she happens to spot clouds resembling various sweets. She reaches out for the shortcake and becomes excited again, anticipating the delicious cake she's going to make.

Other girls also see these shapes; a pudding, ice cream, macaron, and chocolate.

At home, Ichika prepares to whip up a cake, but for each attempt it fails to rise and ends up burning. Her dad tries to make her feel better but she forces him to leave the room so that she can try to figure out what is going wrong.

As this is going on, the various town residents are discussing the strange incident from earlier when a chef cries out. All of his pastries have turned grey and tasteless. A strange, purple monster floats up into the sky from the shop, having just stolen the kira-kirararu from there. A small pink dog-like creature chases after him but with one punch, he sends her flying straight for the Usami residents, where she flies into the window and crash lands on the counter Ichika was using. She ducks for cover before freaking out when the creatures ears momentarily flash blue, talks, and begins to float. But amidst her panic, she calms down the second the creature complains it's hungry. It asks for some sweets so Ichika offers her the plates of her failed cakes. The creature agrees and hungrily chows down, calling her "cookies" delicious. Ichika attempts to take the compliment and they exchange names, the creature introducing herself as Pekorin.

With that, Ichika resumes working on her cake. Pekorin is distressed as she watches her feverishly mix the batter and hurriedly stops her, telling her the Kirakiraru will disappear at this rate. Ichika seems confused but she accepts this and quickly gets it into the oven, and to her delight, this one rises. She happily hops around while holding Pekorin and cuddles her in thanks, realizing that her problem was simply a case of over-mixing.

As they wait for it to finish baking, Ichika explains that her mom is a doctor who works in small villages, so it's been a year since they last saw each other. She wants to make her a delicious cake in thanks of the wonderful shortcake she used to make for her when she was little. Pekorin assures her that her feelings will reach her mother, and she goes on to repeat the magic words "Kirakira Kiraru, Kira Kiraru" to ensure of it. Ichika joins her, but before she can finish reciting it the phone begins to ring. As she gets up to answer it, Pekorin happily observes that it's full of kirakiraru.

Ichika is heartbroken upon finding out her mom won't be coming home as planned. Before she left, a patient got really sick, so she has to stay behind to help them get better. She sadly reasons that it can't be helped as the cake finishes baking, but she's too sad to bother with it now.

Just then, the strange creature from before -Gummy- blasts the window out of the kitchen and he approaches the cakes to pull out every last bit of Kirakiraru from all of them. The cakes turn grey as Pekorin reveals the glittery source she sees as the precious energy that fills sweets. Gummy goes on to announce that when he has enough of it he plans on messing up this world, and he inhales it all to transform into a cake-like monster. He prepares to take the last bit from Ichika's cake but Pekorin refuses to let him have it knowing how hard she worked to make it for her mom, and she grabs the tray holding it before evacuating from the Usami home.

As Gummy chases after her and grows even bigger to try grabbing Pekorin, Ichika follows at them and makes a diving grab for her after he swipes at her, sending her falling to the ground. Distressed as she rises back up, Ichika tries to tell Pekorin that it's not worth protecting. She offers the cake to the monster and asks that he leaves Pekorin alone if she does, and he agrees. She tells Pekorin that without her mom there to try it, it doesn't matter. But Pekorin argues with Ichika to try to get her to reconsider, and she starts to weep as she thinks back to the past, when she asked her mom why her cakes were always so good. She told Ichika that it was because of her feelings of love for her, that she would bake into each one.

Ichika realizes that by handing over this cake, she would throwing away her precious feelings of love for her mother. She refuses to hand it over and thanks Pekorin for helping her to see this, but Gummy refuses to leave just because of that. He prepares to take the cake for himself but suddenly, Ichika finds a glittery barrier surrounding them. Pekorin reasons that this is the Kirakiraru within the cake, and she must complete it now. Ichika is surprised by such a command, but she agrees and starts, only for the cream to come out in a pile, worrying Pekorin until she tells her that her overwhelming feelings mean more than that. Just then, she sees a flash of a bunny and becomes inspired to decorate the cake so that it looks like one. She asks that her feelings reach her mother, and the kirakiraru filling it becomes so strong that the cake transforms into an Animal Sweet and summons a Sweets Pact.

Ichika transforms into Cure Whip, much to her shock. Gummy attempts to attack the girls and when Whip goes to dodge it, she finds herself extremely high up in the sky and she starts to panic while falling back down. But with some flexibility and quick feet, she manages to save herself. She also uses her new bunny ears to sense where Gummy is and manages to dodge every attack from him. But she starts wondering how to fight back and the Sweets Pact starts glowing. She opens it up and gently plays with the glittery cream inside with the small whisk-like pen and this causes the surroundings to become pink as she uses this magical cream to beat Gummy up, then repeating Pekorin's words, she summons a cream shortcake that explodes and reverts him back into his smaller size before throwing him from the area.

As everything reverts to normal Pekorin compliments Ichika until a strange, decorative box falls to the ground near them. It begins to talk, which panic Ichika as Pekorin recognizes the owner of the voice.

Major Events

  • This episode marks the debut of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode.
  • Usami Ichika appears and transforms into Cure Whip for the first time.
  • Pekorin, Chourou and Gummy appear for the first time.
  • Ichika's parents, Satomi and Genichirou also appear for the first time.
  • Arisugawa Himari, Tategami Aoi, Kotozume Yukari and Kenjou Akira also appear for the first time, although they are short cameo appearances.


Pretty Cure



  • Gummy
  • Pulupulu (cameo)
  • Hotto (cameo)
  • Choucrea (cameo)

Secondary Characters


  • A cooking segment is played over the episode preview. All subsequent episodes follow up on this.
  • Cure Whip's character song, Add The Berry To My Big Love was played during the episode.
  • A free DVD with background info, toy advertisements and a dance lesson was again given away at toystores. To receive it, customers had to say the codeword shown at the end of the first episode.


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