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The Small Genius Is Cure Custard! (小さな天才キュアカスタード! Chīsana Tensai Kyua Kasutādo!?) is the 2nd episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 637th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ichika gets to learn more about being a Pretty Cure and the Sweets Shop, but along the way she comes across a quiet classmate who really likes pudding. She tries to get to know Himari but finds it's more complicated than she imagined...


Ichika freaks out hearing the box talk as Pekorin attemps to open it, causing it to transform into a large building. Ichika is amazed by how cute it is and she runs inside to find a fully equipped kitchen; including a frightening, fluffy ghost-like figure. Pekorin introduces him as Chourou, a spirit bound to the Sweets Shop.

Chourou explains that the "Kira-kiraru" within sweets is a power to make people happy and lively. The Pretty Cure can harness this power to bring happiness to the world; before he can finish his explanation Ichika eagerly agrees to be a Pretty Cure if it means she can eat lots of sweets. She attempts to use the Sweets Compact to make a cheesecake, only to be told that she will need to make it first, the compact doesn't work like that.

At school, Ichika is playing basketball with some classmates when she goes to take a shot for the hoop- only to misstep and run headfirst into a shy girl who was reading nearby. She tries to check to see if the girl is okay but she feverishly backs away to hide behind a tree nearby. When she sees Ichika holding her book she quickly runs past to grab it and head for inside. Ichika is confused by what just happened as her classmates bring up how unsocial that girl is. She heads home after school to observe the mail box, where she finds a letter from her mom; and a flyer for a pudding sale.

Ichika changes clothing and chastises herself for forgetting as she runs into town to the sweets shop. One last pudding is in the display case, but as she asks for it, her shy classmate from before does too. The girl panics and hides nearby and Ichika backs away, allowing a little girl to step inside and purchase the pudding for herself.

While they are disappointed, they are glad it was a little girl who got the last one as they leave the shop. Ichika uses this to make a connection with Himari by asking if she likes pudding, and Pekorin -from inside her bag- suggests she make some. Ichika momentarily panics until realizing she has all the means to, and she asks Himari if she knows how to make it. Himari says that she does, but points out that she has cram school in the evening. Ichika reasons they got loads of time then, and leads her through town to gather the necessary ingredients before heading to the Sweets Shop. Himari is surprised to see the building and much like Ichika, she's wowed by its cute appearance as they prepare to get started, shyly explaining that she has been learning about sweets making.

Ichika starts to prepare the pudding, but she proceeds to mess up and Himari is too reluctant to say anything. Until Ichika proceeds to burn the caramel multiple times and she's finally had enough, yelling out that she's letting it become crystallized. She takes out her baking science book and becomes excited, chattering away about the meaning of the word Purin and how it differs from the English variant Pudding, and how science is an important factor in baking to avoid making the same mistakes over and over. Her words not only end up causing Chourou and Pekorin to fall asleep, but by now Ichika is starting to realize how complicated this will be. It seems to don on Himari and she quiets herself as Ichika reveals cram school will be starting. She takes off after apologizing.

As she runs to school Himari thinks about the past and how she enjoyed sharing her knowledge of pudding with others. Originally everyone liked to hear about her facts she would tell them during class, but over time they lost interest and just began to ignore her because she didn't like the same things they did now. Even calling her weird for it.

Himari continues to feel depressed as she realizes her knowledge has isolated her once again. She remains saddened throughout the night at home as she looks through her book, and the following day she attempts to avoid Ichika after spotting her in the library at school. She heads home afterwards but finds herself near the Sweets Shop again. She attempts to leave until overhearing Ichika complain about messing up again, and she peeks through the window to spot her looking at the book she has, complaining that it's too difficult for her to make sense of. Himari calls out and startles Ichika, before joining her in the kitchen as she explains having found a copy of the book at school. Ichika pleadingly asks her to lend a hand and Himari does so, assisting her so that they can make caramel sauce.

Ichika introduces her to the magic words "KiraKira Kiraru, Kira Kiraru" and soon it finishes, causing her to happily embrace Himari. She asks to call her "Miss Purin" as thanks and Himari becomes withdrawn again. She begins to weep as she tells Ichika that she enjoys sweets because of the science that goes into making them, but she's unable to understand other’s feelings. She really wants her own feelings regarding how much she loves pudding to reach others, something Ichika can agree with. She can tell Himari loves sweets, and while she might talk a little too much about them, she is very thankful to her because it was her help that taught her how to make the pudding. She suggests they get to decoration and together, they create a bucket-sized pudding.

Once it comes out from the pan the girls celebrate, which flusters Himari as Ichika decorates a smaller pudding to look like a squirrel in honor of Himari. She hands over the pudding while explaining that Himari reminds her of a squirrel and brings up how bunny-like she is, and Himari happily mentions that she likes squirrels.

As this is going on, a strange monster known as Pulupulu appears and sucks the Kirakiraru from the pudding at the supermarket. He leaves and senses the overflowing Kirakiraru within the pudding the girls made and heads to the location, frightening the girls; along with Chourou and Pekorin as they join them outside. He transforms the large pudding into grey, then he prepares to take away the pudding from Himari but Ichika comes to her defense. She refuses to let Pulupulu have the pudding they made together, and she transforms into Cure Whip to protect their sweet and Himari.

Unfortunately, as Himari asks Pekorin for an explanation Whip struggles to fight the large monster, whose squishy body causes her to stick to him and allow him to throw her around. Himari pleads for Pulupulu to stop and a light forms around her, the squirrel pudding transforming into a decoration piece and sweets compact. While she doesn't entirely understand, she grasps them both and announces her refusal to lose her precious new friend, transforming into Cure Custard.

Custard is alarmed by how fast she can run as she dodges an attack from the humongous Pulupulu, with Whip coming to her rescue to stop her. She starts apologizing for what she said about friendship but Whip assures her they are friends, cheering her up. As they prepare for the fight, Custard realizes how squirrel-like she actually is, so she puts this to use to distract Pulupulu by running circles around him until he's so dazed that she can use her pudding magic from the Compact to bind him. Ichika uses her whip cream to help and soon, a large glowing pudding surrounds him, releasing all of the Kirakiraru and returning him back into his original, small form.

With everything back to normal, the girls sit down and eat their delicious pudding.

Major Events

  • Arisugawa Himari transforms into Cure Custard for the first time.
  • Pulupulu appears for the first time.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Custard's character song, Petit*Party∞Science was played during the episode.
  • Coincidentally, this episode aired on national Plum Pudding Day.
  • The Cures' school uniforms are shown for the first time.
  • The conversation during Himari's flashback mentions an idol named "Ranko", possibly in reference to Ichijo Ranko from Go! Princess Pretty Cure who dreamed of being an idol after graduating from the Noble Academy.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第2話予告 「小さな天才キュアカスタード!」

Episode 2 Preview

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