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Shout Out Loud, Lion! Cure Gelato! (叫べライオン! キュアジェラート! Sakebe Raion! Kyua Jerāto!?) is the 3rd episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 638th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ichika finds out that Aoi, the singer she heard at the park, is a student at her school and is trying to think of lyrics for the upcoming concert on Sunday. However, Aoi is struggling to make perfect lyrics for her song, so Ichika and Himari decide to create a lion ice cream to cheer Aoi on.


One day, Ichika and Himari are preparing to head out to the market when she hears a familiar song, and rushing to the nearby stage she locates that it's Tategami Aoi and her band "Wild Azur". Ichika is a big fan and she can't help being amped up by the crowd's excitement.

As it's a warm day, Ichika and Himari decide to grab some ice cream when a pair of high school boys cut in front of them. Ichika attempts to say something, but she and Himari are too frightened to respond. Aoi steps in and makes a commotion by loudly making fun of them for doing something like that, and the guys take off to avoid unwanted attention. She chats with Ichika for a moment before heading to the back of the line.

Later, Aoi becomes excited after realizing a "Battle of the Bands" is approaching, and one of the judges is her idol; Ayane. She pleadingly asks her band-mates to agree and offers to compose the lyrics for the new song they have been preparing. They know of its importance to her and agree. But as Aoi attempts to think up lyrics the following day at school she gets interrupted by Ichika, whose delighted to find out she also attends her school. Her excitement -and Aoi yelling out when she forgets her lyrics- forces them to quickly retreat from the Library when their fellow students become angry.

Aoi explains to Ichika what was going on as they make their way through town. Ichika apologizes but Aoi insists it's alright, but in hopes of encouraging her thoughts she suddenly breaks out into a run. Ichika is surprised, but she follows her all the way back to the stage until they become so tired that they collapse. Aoi brings up how Ayane, from G A N A C H E will be a judge during the band competition, so this is a big opportunity for her to show something fresh to the musician she loves the most. But as she tries showing Ichika her various ideas for a surprising performance, Ichika remarks that none of them seem like Aoi, which frustrates her to the point of claiming her mind is overheated.

Ichika suggests they get some ice cream as a refresher, but at the Cow's Ice shop, the man informs the girls that all of the ice cream has vanished. Pekorin suddenly appears to remark on this, and as Ichika tries to write off her appearance, Aoi feels disheartened and she excuses herself, saying that she needs to focus on her lyrics. She runs off as Ichika expresses concern. Unknown to them, the empty ice cream cartons are spread across the top of the shop, with Hotto having stolen it and it's Kira-Kiraru to cool down. He eats it and grows in size before deciding to seek out more.

Aoi longs to put on a great performance, but try as she might to come up with great lyrics she's become further away from what she wants. As she recalls her band-mates disappointment with her work the prior evening, she is surprised when Ichika appears on the school roof top to speak to her. She ignores Aoi's plea that she go away so that she can focus, pointing out the nearby clouds and how they resemble various sweets; like a shortcake and cream puff. She tries to encourage Aoi to join her, commenting on how they look delicious, which suddenly causes her to recall a memory from youth, when she was observing the vast sky above. She comments "sky", which confuses Ichika as she runs off again, saying she has no time for this.

Ichika wonders what she was thinking, and in this time she thinks up a new recipe, a blue sky themed dessert for Aoi. Himari looks through a book and suggests they make a sorbet, which impresses Ichika. They begin to bake, with Himari reminding Ichika not to stir too fast as ice cream has to remain cool or else it won't set, and after pouring it into the pan they add some blue hawaii syrup to another pan before inserting them both into the freezer; but not before Ichika repeats the magic words to ensure it's deliciousness.

Hotto has stolen many sweet, chilling goods to cool himself down. But having eaten them all, he still desires more.

On the day of the band content Aoi is very distraught over letting her band down, having not been able to come up with lyrics she can be proud of. While they aren't too disappointed they can see how sad she is. Just then, Ichika and Himari arrive with the blue sky sorbet, revealing that it has been styled to resemble a lion, just for Aoi. As she stares at the dessert Ichika explains how watching Aoi sing reminds her of a lion, roaring out into the clear blue sky. These words and this treat cause Aoi to recall that memory from the past more clearly, back when she first witnessed Ayane performing. Her feelings rang out so clearly, that it awoke something in Aoi that day and she became inspired to ring freedom across the sky, just as Ayane did. Recalling the lyrics deep within her heart, Aoi asks that they still go out to perform, assuring her band-mates that everything will be fine. They cheer up seeing her good mood and head out on stage, with Aoi asking the girls to let her finish the sorbet afterwards.

But just as Wild Azur goes on to perform, Hotto interrupts having set his sights on the ice cream. As the audience panic and flee in alarm, Ichika and Himari transform into Cure Whip and Cure Custard, quickly using their cream and purrin skills to subdue Hotto. But he's so large that he pulls them towards the stage, where an angry Aoi quickly blocks the ice cream from him. She yells at him for ruining such a big moment and how she refuses to let him have the dessert her friends lovingly made for her, and yelling out that it's precious to her causes it to transform into an Animal Sweet. Without thought Aoi transforms into Cure Gelato, much to the girls' surprise.

While confused by the turn of events, Gelato quickly gets used to being a Pretty Cure. She physically attacks Hotto, but when this doesn't work she pulls back and uses her ice to surround her hands and lets him chomp down on one of them, causing him to get brain freeze. This allows Whip and Custard to use their abilities to hold him down again, and after getting a tighter grasp on him with some help from Gelato's scream, she rushes up to him and blasts him with ice cream. She freezes the sphere, then smashes it with her ice encased fist, forcing Hotto to return to normal and be thrown several miles away.

Having returned to normal, the girls express disappointment for Aoi as she was unable to perform for everyone. But she's not sad at all, saying that she feels like singing regardless. She's joined by her band-mates, and her singing manages to attract the audience, along with Ayane as Ichika happily chats with Himari, comparing Aoi to a lion.

Major Events

  • Tategami Aoi transforms into Cure Gelato for the first time.
  • Hotto appears for the first time.
  • Wild Azur appear for the first time


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Aoi's character song, Blue Sky Alright is played during the episode, along with two different versions of Soul Believer sung by both Aoi and Ayane.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第3話予告 「叫べライオン!キュアジェラート!」

Episode 3 Preview

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