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With Three Girls, Let's・La・Mix It All Up! (3人そろってレッツ・ラ・まぜまぜ! San'nin Sorotte Rettsu・Ra・Mazemaze!?) is the 4th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 639th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ichika, Himari, and Aoi find out that the ballerina, Mariko, is about to have a recital soon. So the three girls decide to make cream puffs to thank her for the tickets she gives to them, but when they attempt to make the cream puffs, they realize that it isn't as easy as they thought...


Ichika and Himari are enjoying some cream puffs at the local pastry store when the daughter of the shop, Mariko turns up. She thanks them for their lovely compliments and elegantly poses, easing their moods further before bringing up that she will be practicing ballet at the park. There, she amazes the gathered crowd, and to Ichika and Himari's surprise they discover Aoi after she cheers loudly for Mariko. Once she finishes, Mariko is thankful that the three girls turned up to watch her, so she gives them tickets for her upcoming recital.

At KIRAKIRA Patisserie, Ichika suggests they make cream puffs for Mariko -something Aoi is concerned with as its her family shop's specialty- to repay her kindness. But after they come to a mutual agreement that it's the thought that counts, they begin baking. Unfortunately this is easier said then done, when they struggle to properly crack eggs, measure ingredients, and spill flour all over Himari. They laugh it off and try again, leaving their previous mess until they get a set into the oven to bake. All seems well until Himari suddenly recalls that cream puffs are notorious for being delicate, meaning that if they chose the wrong moment to open the oven, they will deflate. They quickly back away from the oven, only to bump a washed bowl that rolls along the floor and knocks over a broom, which lands on the handle of the oven. Just as they breath a sigh of relief, it opens the door and the pastries lose their puffiness. After a moment of disappointment the girls encourage themselves to keep trying, spending the next few hours making a new batches that proceed to explode, not rise at all, burn, and grow in various shapes.

Worn out and with the kitchen disarray, the girls take a break feeling defeat. Ichika really wants to keep trying but by now, none of their hearts are in it, not only that, but Himari has cram school while Aoi has band practice. She sadly tries to convince them to reconsider, as the recital is tomorrow, but the girls won't listen. As evening rolls along, Ichika leaves the shop as Pekorin awakens to see the mess, wondering where everyone went.

Ichika can't understand what went wrong with the three of them doing something they loved together for someone they cared about. Just then, Mariko spots her while on her jog and seeing her distress, she offers to speak with Ichika. Ichika asks her what she does if she feels like she can't dance well, only to apologize under the assumption this probably never happens. Mariko surprises her by saying that she encounters this all of the time though, and when she does she just remembers those feelings of love back when it began; when she fell in love with dance, and wanted to become a ballerina. Precious feelings like this are what make a girl strong, and in this moment, something resonates within not only Ichika, but Himari and Aoi. Ichika thanks Mariko and rushes back to the shop, where she encounters her friends. She happily begins to weep as the girls express their desires to see this through, and everyone returns inside to try again.

This time the girls work together to get everything right, and this time their batch of cream puffs come out of the oven perfectly. They are elated to have come together successfully for the first time -with Pekorin eagerly joining them- as Ichika comes up with an idea on how to make a special one for Mariko after observing one of the puffs.

Choucrea is nearby, having eaten a lot of boxes of cream puffs. He craves even more but he's too tired now from all of the eating, so he decides to wait until tomorrow.

As the girls prepare to leave with their cream puffs the following day, he appears and swipes both Himari and Aoi's boxes and sucks up the Kira-Kiraru from them, turning them grey and lifeless. He demands they hand over the last box after growing in size but the girls refuse, transforming into Cure Whip, Cure Gelato, and Cure Custard. However, Choucrea's quickly manages to overpower them, concerning the girls as it dons on them that it's very strong now because of their feelings imbued within the cream puffs. Ichika is delighted as she thinks back to what Mariko told her the previous evening and she rises, telling the girls that it was their precious feelings that helped them come together to give them the strength to make the cream puffs, so they must use this to unite as a proper team and gain further strength. They rise into the air to summon a large swirl of cream, ice, and purrin magic that transforms Choucrea back to his original size and releasing the Kira-Kiraru he stole.

The girls rush to the recital hall and present their lovely creation, a cream puff swan filled with pink and yellow cream, topped by a blue star. She happily thanks the girls as she goes on to say how much she enjoys cream puffs. Then she goes on to ask if the girls know what make them rise; expressing that it's the makers love and feelings that puff them up, which is why she likes them so much. She goes on to say that she loves the girls, and they head out to watch her performance on stage.

Afterwards, the girls make their way home in high spirits. Ichika is so happy that she wants to bounce, which she proceeds to do. But while passing a purple haired girl, she becomes curious as she gently laughs at her.

Major Events

  • Choucrea appears for the first time.
  • The girls encounter Yukari for the first time.


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Secondary Characters



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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第4話予告 「3人そろってレッツ・ラ・まぜまぜ!」

Episode 4 Preview

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