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The Moody Older Sister Is Cure Macaron! (気まぐれお姉さまはキュアマカロン! Kimagure Onēsama wa Kyua Makaron!?) is the 5th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 640th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ichika, Himari and Aoi encounter Yukari one day when they are trying to pat a three-starred cat. The next day, they find out that Yukari is a girl of many talents, who Ichika just happens to come across again that very day. However, when Yukari takes her to different stores in town, Ichika realizes that Yukari isn't enjoying it at all...


As the beautiful Kotozume Yukari walks along a path, Ichika, Aoi, and Himari come across "three-star cat", a special stray that is saidd to bring good luck to the establishments he visits. Hearing this, Ichika attempts to pet him but he dodges every one- proceeding to kick her in the face after spotting the curious Yukari approaching. She is left awestruck by her radiance as she effortlessly pets the cat. Yukari takes off after commenting on how she hears words of adoration so often, and confirms that she likes nor dislikes cats when asked by Ichika.

Himari believes she has seen this girl before, and to the girls surprise she confronts them during school break the following day with an article about Yukari. She's actually very famous around here, because not only is she talented at everything, but her good looks and personality make her extremely popular. She even has a secret fan-club.

Meanwhile, in class Yukari boredly gazes out of a nearby window as some classmates approach her to invite her to a macaron shop after school. She politely turns down their offer.

In town, the greedy Maquillon observes the macaron shop. She must get every last macaron she can in order to become beautiful.

Later that day, Ichika attempts to get the three-star cat to let her touch it. It fights her off and when Ichika attempts to pounce on it, she dives straight into a bush as Yukari appears. She is very disappointed when Yukari seems not to recall her from their prior meeting, but she is impressed while watching her pet the difficult cat once more. She asks how she does this and Yukari proceeds to stroke under her chin, which causes Ichika to feel at ease. Yukari asks if she likes cats and Ichika explains that from felines, she feels a sense of defiance, and she can't just turn away from a challenge. Yukari finds this to be very amusing, and charmed by Ichika's behavior, she gets up and grabs her hand to take her into town. She also grants Ichika permission to call her by her first name.

They visit various clothing shops, where Yukari uses Ichika to ask for her opinions on various clothing items. But Ichika's fawning over how perfect she looks causes her displeasure. They head out to play a crane machine, where Ichika fails to grab any of the cute fruit plush, while Yukari effortlessly gets one; followed by several more, which she gives to Ichika after informing her that she has never played this before. While walking through town they come across the Macaron shop, Mou Meringue, but after Ichika suggests they grab some seeing her longingly gaze into the window, she is disappointed upon finding out the shop is all sold out. Yukari thanks Ichika for joining her today, saying it was a lot of fun, but Ichika isn't so sure, asking her if she really had fun, because it didn't look that way. Yukari insists that she did and she prepares to leave, only for Ichika to stop her and suggest they make macaron together.

Bringing Yukari to the shop, Ichika explains what their plans were to Aoi and Himari as she pets Pekorin. However, they point out that making macaron won't be very easy; it's something even professionals some times struggle with. Yukari feels intrigued with this, swiping the book from Aoi without her notice and she overlooks the recipe. Ichika is very excited but Himari and Aoi are concerned as they grab their aprons and get started, but as she sees the girls having trouble stirring she steps in to lend them a hand. She comments on how she wouldn't have guessed they were baking professionals, then she asks why they bother to begin with. Ichika expresses how much fun she thinks baking it, and says that by doing it together, even the smallest little thing they make can be fun. While Yukari mixes, she begins to think about the past when she would mix tea for her parents. They called her an obedient girl who was very strong and independent.

After being snapped out of her daze, the girls move onto the next step, where they add some food coloring, pipe out little mounds onto a pan, and get them into the oven. After they have cooled, the girls each try one half of the macaron; but for as amazing as they look, they have little taste and an off texture. Yukari is triggered by such results, and she storms back inside to try making new ones, which turn out to be less pretty and are covered in cracks. Yukari wants to make a new batch but Ichika stops her to reveal they no longer have the necessary ingredients, then she goes on to say it's been a lot of fun having her there. Yukari is surprised as Ichika explains that watching Yukari work hard like this has made her love these macaron, even if they might not be ideal.

Inspired, Ichika pipes on some purple colored cream and uses chocolate, cream, and a candy star to transform a macaron into a cat. She wraps it up for Yukari and explains that by decorating the macaron like this, they will be wonderful. Touched by Ichika genuine kindness, she begins to laugh again while observing the macaron given to her.

Just then, the girls are startled upon discovering the kira-kiraru has been stolen from the rest of the macaron. Maquillon complains over the strange taste until she spots the one overflowing with Kira-kiraru, the one Ichika made special for Yukari and prepares to take it. The trio quickly come to her side refusing to let this happen, and they transform into Cure Whip, Cure Custard, and Cure Gelato. Yukari is surprised as she observes them, and Pekorin yells out, alerting her that she can speak. Gelato grabs Maquillon by the tongue to spin her around, into a web made by Custard's purrin. Whip uses her cream to bind Maquillon, but to their alarm she reveals this was only a trick, easily bursting out of captivation.

Whip stands despite the pain caused from this, refusing to let Yukari's macaron be taken. It was made to make her smile, and it belongs only to Yukari. Yukari stares at the macaron before running to protect Whip from Maquillon, who she teasingly claims to be out of her league. Whip asks Yukari why she would get involved with something dangerous like this, and Yukari claims to be unsure. Whenever she's around Ichika she gets thrown off from the expected, and this bothers her. But it's because of this that she also likes Ichika.

Suddenly, the Macaron begins to glow, and it transforms into an animal sweet and summon a Sweets Pact, allowing her to transform into Cure Macaron. While the girls are shocked by this revelation, Macaron goads Maquillon into attacking her, and with feline reflexes she effortlessly disorients the monster and uses the bubbles from her pact to daze her. She even rubs beneath her chin to momentarily ease her, then when Maquillon attacks by throwing pieces of ground and rock at her, she uses her cat-like claws to slash the air and destroy them. Then, with the cream from her pact she summons two large macaron halves that close around Maquillon and form a large macaron, transforming her back into her original form and releasing the kira-kiraru she stole.

As the sun sets, Ichika stands outside of her home with Yukari and apologizes to have gotten her mixed up in something like this. She claims not to mind before teasing her, saying that it wasn't fair to have not been involved on something as fun as that was. She heads off after giving Ichika one last chin rub, saying that she wants to make perfect, delicious macaron.

Just then, Ichika spots three-star kitty and she attempts to pet him. But once again she ends up in a bush. Hearing someone unfamiliar laughing nearby, she pulls herself out to find a handsome young man observing her while carrying a box. He offers her a hand while introducing himself as Kenjou Akira, and explains that he just moved in. Ichika deeply blushes and begins to smile.

Major Events

  • Kotozume Yukari transforms into Cure Macaron for the first time.
  • Maquillon appears for the first time.
  • Ichika encounters Akira for the first time.


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キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第5話予告 「きまぐれお姉さまはキュアマカロン!」

Episode 5 Preview

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