The Moody Older Sister Is Cure Macaron! (気まぐれお姉さまはキュアマカロン! Kimagure Onēsama wa Kyua Makaron!?) is the 5th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 640th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ichika, Himari and Aoi encounter Yukari one day when they are trying to pat a three-starred cat. The next day, they find out that Yukari is a girl of many talents, who Ichika just happens to come across again that very day. However, when Yukari takes her to different stores in town, Ichika realizes that Yukari isn't enjoying it at all...

Major Events

  • Kotozume Yukari transforms into Cure Macaron for the first time.
  • Maquillon appears for the first time.
  • Ichika encounters Akira for the first time.


Ichika, Himari and Aoi are playing with Three-star Kitty on their way back from school when they meet a beautiful girl. This girl is known as Kotozume Yukari, who is rumoured to be the most beautiful girl at the local high school. Her looks even allows her to pat Three-star Kitty, which Ichika failed to do earlier. The next day, Ichika comes across Yukari again who finds herself liking Ichika's personality. Due to this, she takes Ichika to town to go shopping, try on clothes and other fun stuff.

Ichika notices that Yukari isn't enjoying herself after they look at the macarons, so Ichika invites her to make macarons at the patisserie. At the patisserie, Ichika, Himari and Aoi attempt to make the macarons but they just couldn't get them right. So Yukari decided to make the macarons herself, and did so easily.

However, the macarons didn't taste nice and the texture was a little odd. Yukari becomes a little frustrated and tries again, only to come back with cracked macarons. As Yukari walks away to try again, Ichika tells her that she can fix the macarons by decorating them. So Yukari watches as Ichika decorates it to look like a cat, making her smile as she looks at it. But then, Maquillon appears.

Ichika and the others transform to protect the macarons as Yukari stands besides Pekorin, who she discovers can talk. But then, Whip gets into a pinch when fighting Maquillon. Yukari can't stand watching this any longer and decides to protect the macarons, causing the cat macaron to glow. This allows Yukari to become Cure Macaron, who uses her cat like abilities to get rid of Maquillon. Afterwards, Ichika is walking home when she bumps in someone called Kenjou Akira, who makes her heart beat faster than usual.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第5話予告 「きまぐれお姉さまはキュアマカロン!」

Episode 5 Preview

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