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Is This Love!? The Gorgeous Cure Chocolat (これってラブ!?華麗なるキュアショコラ! Kore tte Rabu!? Kareinaru Kyua Shokora!!?) is the 6th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 641st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ichika is head over heels in love with her next door neighbour, Kenjou Akira. When Akira and Ichika go shopping to buy chocolate, it is taken by Bitard. So Ichika takes Akira to the patisserie to make their own chocolate for Akira's younger sister.


Ichika is in a love-induced daze as she eats with her father. He seems to notice something is off, but gets little response until he explains that their new neighbor is the grandchild of someone they know. He's happy when Ichika reveals that she met Akira already, and he expresses that Tomi was hoping they would get along with one-another. She heads outside to hang the laundry when she becomes distracted spotting Akira outside doing some stretches. She doesn't notice Pekorin until a strong gust of wind suddenly picks up the sheet she was hanging, sending it towards Akira's yard.

Ichika runs after it and leaps into the air, but her foot collides with the railing, properly her for the nearby sidewalk separating their homes, but with some quick thinking Akira is able to grab her before she can get hurt. He appears relieved after Ichika feverishly claims she is fine.

At the sweets shop, Yukari is filled in on what being a Pretty Cure entails. But the girls become concerned by how quiet Ichika has become, which is very unlike her. Himari worries she might be sick and offers her an ice pack to cool down after realizing she's burning up, but as she explains how she began to feel weird since her handsome new neighbor moved in the girls quickly deduce she has her first crush. Ichika is extremely flustered as it dons on her.

At the Kenjou household, Akira is chatting on the phone with someone. He confirms their plans later that day.

Ichika curiously invites the girls back to her place and they take a moment to observe her cute bedroom. They explain their intent of getting a look at her "prince charming" when Yukari recalls never asking his name. After revealing his name to be Kenjou Akira, Yukari seems momentarily surprised, but she begins to smile as Ichika leads them out to her balcony to admire the view of the ocean. Seeing Akira outside on his balcony, Ichika begins to observe him with Aoi and Himari until he spots them, and they shyly greet him. He asks Ichika if she knows of a good spot in town to purchase chocolate, and with some quick thinking Aoi asks Himari, who finds a shop called Cacao Cacao. Aoi suggests Ichika take Akira there while leading Himari away, and they take off with Yukari to give them some alone time.

Ichika is very nervous, but she offers to take Akira to the shop. Akira is glad as he doesn't know much about the town yet, but Ichika is so anxious that she's unable to speak- until a shop owner she knows spots her and begins teasing her a little. Ichika gets flustered and complains after leading Akira away, explaining how she knows everyone due to growing up here, and Akira comments that he can see why things would be awkward, given that he's older and they just met, but when she acts naturally like this, he likes this part of Ichika the best.

Arriving to the shop, Akira is surprised by the many different possible chocolates the shop selling, and after making his choice he offers to pick up something for Ichika; who nervously picks something up at random. He gently laughs and agrees to purchase it for her, and they head out, stopping by a hill to overlook the view. He's become fond of this town, and he thanks Ichika for her help, asking that she show him around again some time. She agrees and thanks him for getting her the chocolate, and she attempts to say something until Akira brings up a girl named Miku.

Ichika is momentarily alarmed until Akira clarifies that Miku is his little sister. She resides in the hospital because she is ill, and chocolate makes her so happy that he likes buying some whenever he can visit her. He goes on to say that their parents moved recently to be closer to the hospital, but because this location is close to his school, his grandmother is helping them out by letting him stay there. Ichika asks if Akira misses them, but he assures her that he sees them at the hospital enough. Besides, when he thinks about Miku eating the chocolate he gets for her, he feels nothing but warmth. His heartfelt feelings manage to attract a winged reptile-like monster to the bag of chocolate overflowing with Kira-kiraru.

Ichika grabs Akira's hand in a desperate attempt to escape, but it sends out a gust of wind throwing them forward. She lands in a bush and quickly uses this chance to transform into Cure Whip to protect the chocolate and Akira, but her cream isn't strong enough and with her chocolate heart battered and her on the ground, Bitar steals the bag of chocolate and flies away, just as everything returns to normal. Aoi and Himari rush to Ichika's side to make sure she is okay, but she feels terrible as they return to town to discover all of the chocolate has been robbed of its Kira-kiraru.

Akira assures Ichika that he'll think of something, telling her not to worry as he begins to leave. But as she grasps the chocolate heart he bought for her, she rushes to him and tells him of how difficult it can be expressing her love for someone else. She asks him not to give up hope, grasping his hand once more to lead him to the shop, suggesting they make some chocolate instead. Akira is surprised as she asks Himari for a recipe, and she sets down her chocolate heart, having decided to use it as the only chocolate that has yet to have been touched. Akira is touched by her generosity and they begin by cutting it into pieces, which they then melt down on the stove. Ichika offers to let him help, suggesting they put his feelings for Miku into the chocolate. He mixes the gooey substance and pours it into silicone chocolate molds they have, then they set it aside until it hardens.

After the chocolate has cooled enough, Ichika de-molds all of it and inspiration strikes, so the girls ask her what animal represents Akira. Akira is confused as Ichika puts the chocolate in a house-shaped structure, with a large strawberry, almonds, and cream shaped to resemble a dog. Akira overlooks the design Ichika came up with and remarks on how cute it looks, catching them off-guard, as one would expect a boy to say "cool" instead. Aoi and Himari begin to chatter over this but say nothing, heading outside with Ichika to say goodbye to Akira. He thanks them before taking off, only for the girls to spot an enlarged Bitard flying overhead. They quickly transform into Cure Whip, Custard, and Gelato and give chase as he confronts Akira.

He demands the chocolate and the girls appear as Akira helplessly watches from behind, and together the girls use their ice, purrin, and cream to defend him and themselves from Bitard's attacks. He manages to get in a hit, but Cure Macaron arrives just in time to protect the girls and blast him with her macaron magic, but the wave from it colliding with his own attack sends the four girls to the ground. Whip de-transforms and Akira is shocked upon realizing that she was really Ichika, who begins to weep and tell Akira to run away for safety. Akira wipes her tears away and rises, refusing to leave her like this. He takes the attack meant for Ichika, refusing to hand over the chocolate she worked so hard to make for Miku. She helped him so much, even willingly sacrificing her own time and chocolate to ensure he had something for her, and she was trying so hard to protect it.

His passionate feelings cause one of the chocolate dog's to transform into an Animal Sweet and summons a Sweets Pact. To everyone's surprise, they observe as Akira becomes the dashing Cure Chocolat. Ichika is amazed as Chocolat uses his dog abilities to keep up with the monster, sniffing him out and using his chocolate powers to fight Bitard. He encases Bitard and transforms him back to normal, sending him flying off and releasing the stolen Kira-kiraru.

That night, Ichika is disappointed over never getting to tell Akira how she truly felt. But to her surprise, he calls her from the balcony and she steps outside to chat with him, where he thanks her for her help and explains how much Miku enjoyed the chocolate. Ichika becomes flustered as she attempts to ask if they could go out a date, just in time for her dad to show up and express joy to see them getting along so well. He asks Ichika if she likes to have a "big sister" around, which confuses Ichika. She asks if he meant "big brother", which causes Akira to reveal she's actually a girl. She assures Ichika it's fine because it happens a lot, unaware of her distress as she bursts into tears.

Major Events

  • Kenjou Akira transforms into Cure Chocolat for the first time.
  • Bitard appears for the first time.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The opening features scenes from Pretty Cure Dream Stars!, focusing on Go! Princess Pretty Cure.
    • The ending also featured scenes from Pretty Cure Dream Stars!, depicting all three teams along with Sakura and the Mofurun Cupcakes that the current Cures have baked.
  • Cure Chocolat's character song, Chocolat・Etoile, is heard in this episode.
  • In the episode preview, Ichika's face is red but in the actual episode, she has a blush on her face instead.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第6話予告 「これってラブ!?華麗なるキュアショコラ!」

Episode 6 Preview

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