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Pekorin, Makes Doughnuts peko~! (ペコリン、ドーナッツ作るペコ~! Pekorin, Dōnattsu Tsukuru peko~!?) is the 7th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 642nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


When Ichika, Himari, and Aoi makes donuts to welcome Akira to the team, Chourou is reminded of how life was at Ichigo Mountain. He tells the girls how the Kirakiraru Thieves one day attacked them, scattering them all over the town. Pekorin becomes saddened and runs away in search of her friends!


In order to celebrate Akira becoming part of the Pretty Cure team, Himari, Aoi and Ichika are making donuts for a tea party. Pekorin is overjoyed, as those are her favorite sweets. As Ichika chastises Yukari for not telling her that Akira was a woman -as they attend the same school- Chourou begins to overlook Ichigo Mountain from the window, recalling this familiar, lively feeling.

Unfortunately the donuts don't go exactly as planned, when Ichika forgets to add the baking powder to make them rise, rendering them hard and flat. Their lively chatter makes Chourou reminisce of making sweets together with other fairies at Ichigo Mountain, unaware of how sad Pekorin has become. He explains how the explosion caused all of them to be scattered around this land, and the girls realize that this was the very one they all witnessed. Ichika asks that Chourou tell them more about this incident and he agrees.

One day, the fairies were working together in their sweets workshop, happily creating many sweets. Like Ichika, Pekorin often made mistakes but she was encouraged by the others to keep trying. One day she wishes to make sweets just like the legendary patissiere Pretty Cure. Chourou is sure that as long as she keeps putting her love into the sweets to make others smile and feel the same joy that she does, they will one day come in handy. They finished baking and were enjoying their snacks when the topic of some bad guys stealing kira-kiraru as of late came up, and they were alarmed when the Kirakiraru Thieves suddenly showed up. Chourou defended the others and the large ball of gathered kira-kiraru became too strong, and exploded as a result.

He explains that this was what led to him losing his physical body for the time being, and suddenly, Pekorin becomes even sadder. She runs away and seeks shelter elsewhere, so the girls attempt to locate her. Upon doing so, they sadly watch as she hides on the ledge of a window. Ichika feels especially worried, but she gets an idea and heads into the kitchen, were she attempts to make some donuts. Pekorin notices the smoke rising from the window nearby and Ichika cries out, saying that she can't make them without Pekorin by her side. She pleadingly asks Pekorin to assist her after she falls through the window just then, but Pekorin sadly refuses. She wasn't good at making sweets, but Ichika claims this isn't the case. She helped her when she made the shortcake, so she's sure things will be fine. Pekorin remains unconvinced but she agrees to try.

They start by gathering the necessary ingredients and mixing them up, with Pekorin reminding Ichika not to forget the baking powder again. While preparing the donuts Ichika repeats kirakira kirarun until they get them into the boiling pot of oil to cook. She's delighted seeing them puff up and sets them on a nearby plate to cool down, with Pekorin's mood having been uplifted as they begin to wonder how to decorate them. Ichika gets sudden inspiration, and she arranges a donut to resemble Pekorin, which makes her even happier. She asks to help Ichika and they decorate the rest in likeness of the workshop fairies.

Pekorin decides she wants to bring the donuts to the abandoned workshop at Ichigo Mountain, where she sadly observes the destruction left behind from the explosion. They set down the plates of donuts and Pekorin calls out to her friends in hopes they will hear her, but nothing happens. They begin to glow and Ichika experiences a vision that allows her to see a memory of the workshop fairies making sweets together. She eases Pekorin's concern by suggesting they keep working hard, and Pekorin agrees so that some day they can return to work here.

Pekorin's stomach growls and she eats one of the donuts, unaware of the overflowing kira-kiraru attracting Fueru, one of the Kirakiraru Thieves to their location. He demands that they hand over the donuts and sucks up all of the kira-kiraru to power himself up. Pekorin refuses to hand over the last donut as Fueru harasses her, preparing to attack. Ichika steps in and transforms into Cure Whip to protect her precious feelings and efforts. She blasts large amounts of cream at Fueru, who barely dodges as she angrily proclaims that his actions are unforgivable. He splits into several clones whose combined power overwhelm Whip, but the others show up in the nick of time to save her and they work together as a team. Chocolat protects everyone from Fueru, while Macaron distracts him and his copies to let Custard and Gelato use their ice and purrin to surround them and shoot them high into the air. Whip uses her cream to surround Fueru and transforms him back to his original size, sending him flying away while releasing the stolen Kira-kiraru.

As they observe the destroyed sweets workshop, Whip becomes inspired again. Returning to the building where they make sweets, she suggests they use the large, empty space she found earlier to open up a shop. She wants to make sweets that make their customers smile and attract the lost fairies. The girls agree, loving this idea and she dubs their new project the "KiraKira Patisserie".


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  • Gummy (flashback)
  • Pulupulu (flashback)
  • Hotto (flashback)
  • Choucrea (flashback)
  • Fueru

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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第7話予告 「ペコリン、ドーナツ作るペコ~!」

Episode 7 Preview

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