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The KiraKira Patisserie...Cannot Open! (キラパティオープン…できません! Kira Pati Ōpun...Dekimasen!?) is the 8th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 643rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls prepare to open the KiraKira Patisserie, but after a cake explodes in the oven, covering everything in soot, they realize how unprepared they really are. Suddenly a strange man appears in the doorway...


The Cures are baking a sponge cake, but unfortunately the oven temperature was set too high. An explosion causes the KiraKira Patisserie -KiraPati- kitchen to get covered in soot. Spongen is looking for Kirakiraru outside the KiraPati but with the scent of burnt failure in the air he takes off.

Pekorin worries over the shop's success as the girls frantically clean up. But after Himari brings them to the main area of the shop to see it's been dirtied as well, Ichika begins to worry that they won't be able to open the shop in time. Suddenly, a stranger appears at the KiraPati's front door; a stylish gentleman who Pekorin recognizes as Chourou. The girls are surprised as he explains that he's using this body to supervise them properly.

In the kitchen, Chourou shows the Cures a secret staircase leading to a large vending machine-like object; the Kirakiraru Pot. It stores all of the Kirakiraru they gather until they are remade into dreams. After he says that only Pretty Cure can use it, Ichika turns the large knob on the side, causing it to glow and release pink clouds of Kirakiraru. Chourou tells them to collect it and the girls take out their tiny whisks from the Sweets Pact, coloring the cloud-like substance as they play with it. But as they begin to take various shapes, Chourou tells the girls that they can make anything with the Kirakiraru as Pretty Cure, reshaping it to suit whatever need they may have. Ichika asks if they can use it to make the shop cute, and once he agrees she suggests using it to help the shop. The others agree and get to work.

With that, Aoi decides to make some tables, while Chourou suggests the handsome Akira become a garcon to serve the customers -which he attempts to show the girls until the tray Pekorin hands him slips through his hand- and Himari decides to purchase the ingredients. Yukari uses the fluffy kirakiraru to make large sweets and Pekorin asks Ichika what she plans on doing. Ichika returns to the cooking room to make lots of sweets they can put on display. But a loud bang outside startles them, a big hole was put through the wall by Akira and Aoi who were trying to fix the legs of a table. Yukari continues making large sweets and has a whole pile of them. but the girls have no clue what to do with them. Himari has also returned, reduced to a crying mess by the large crowds when she attempted to go shopping, so she wasn't able to get anything.

By now the girls are beginning to feel discouraged. Akira attempts to keep their spirits up but Yukari's cryptic responses confuse everyone. As this is going on, a little girl and her pet dog spot Three-star Kitty and reasons that for him to be outside of the KiraPati, it must be a good shop. She steps inside and Ichika approaches her, assuring her that they can still serve her even though the shop isn't quite ready yet. Emiru explains that she will be going to a tea party the following day, but she isn't sure of what to bring; Ayumi likes tarts, while Micchan likes cookies, and Mai-tan likes cream puffs. Ichika suggests they make some donuts, which Pekorin agrees with. She quickly pretends to act like a normal dog after the girls panic.

By now, Emiru isn't very convinced. After a moment she apologizes for bothering them and is about to leave, but Ichika assures her that everything will be fine. She promises to bring some sweets everyone will love for the tea party, which perks Emiru up and she takes off. The girls are concerned over this decision and join Ichika in the kitchen as she attempts to think of something to make, informing them that she doesn't have any ideas yet. But that little girl is their first ever customer, and she would be so happy if they could make her smile, words that give the others some time to think.

Later, as Himari is walking home she comes across Akira, who asks her if she would like to go shopping together the next day. She knows it's scary for her, so with her there it should be a lot easier. Meanwhile, Aoi passes by Yukari, who asks Aoi if she thinks the shop needs something more. Aoi is confused, reluctantly agreeing, so they begin to make conversation.

The next morning, Ichika and Pekorin tiredly make their way to the KiraPati. She stayed up all night trying to think of the perfect dessert and hasn't been able to do that just yet, but to her surprise she discovers Aoi and Yukari decorating the new front counter. Yukari points out how essential a front counter is and Aoi reveals that that the countertop was the table she messed up on yesterday. She's been using her strength to decorate the stand with the various sweets Yukari was making. Yukari goes on to make a whisk, which she then hands to Ichika while calling her "my reckless little manager" with full confidence. Impressed, Ichika thanks them and turns to find Himari and Akira with crates of apples. They explain how they told the merchant about the shop, with Akira pointing out that Himari seriously spoke in order to show them the importance of sweets, and she also went out to purchase more recipe books.

Excitedly the girls resume work, with Yukari and Aoi returning to decorations while Himari and Akira use some kirakiraru to clean up the kitchen. Ichika is overflowing with happiness and this inspires her to make animal sweets for Emiru; something colorful and wonderful, full of personality to represent how they as a group were able to come together. After they prepare the sweets they take the package to Emiru, who is very happy as she notes how like her friends they are.

Unfortunately, Spongen appears to steal the Kirakiraru from the animal sweets. He then converts the Kirakiraru into power to transform, and Emiru worriedly begins to cry until Ichika assures her that everything will be fine. The sweets will turn back to normal soon enough, and the group takes off to transform. They begin fighting him together, with Gelato grabbing him and throwing him around after he blows a large gust of wind in their direction, then Whip and Custard use their kirakiraru cream and purrin to bind him, allowing Chocolat and Macaron to strike. Together, everyone uses their kirakiraru to make a large shortcake around Spongen to return him to normal and send him flying away.

The Cures de-transform and return to the KiraPati, where the girls observe the colorful shop sign they worked on making. Ichika then gets a flash of inspiration and quickly whips up some patisserie outfits for everyone, which pleases them all. The girls are encouraged to get to work, but Ichika feels momentary sadness when they remind her that they still have their plans, so they won't be able to always be there. Just then, Emiru and her friends then come in. The Cures welcome them to the KiraKira Patisserie.

Major Events

  • The KiraKira Patisserie is opened, and the Cures gain their patisserie outfits.
  • The Cures pose as a group for the first time.
  • Chourou's human form is seen for the first time.
  • Some of the purposes of the Kirakiraru is explained.
  • Spongen appears for the first time.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第8話予告 「キラパティオープン…できません!」

Episode 8 Preview

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