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KiraKira Patisserie Will Make Your Love Come True! (キラパティがあなたの恋、叶えます! Kira Pati ga Anata no Koi, Kanaemasu!?) is the 9th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 644th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Patisserie has finally opened! But with no customers in sight, the girls tries relocating the bakery. When it's first customer finally shows up, he is looking for cookies to confess his love with, but the Patisserie doesn't have any cookies for sale!


Ichika is running happily from school to meet up with the other Cures and Pekorin, who releases the KiraPati. It turns into the shop and the girls change clothing, it's bright atmosphere and stocked display fills everyone with hope. But nobody shows up, much to their annoyance. Ichika gets an idea.

A teenage boy makes his way through the streets trying to locate something and he complains over his bad luck. Just then he spots the KiraPati and attempts to run over to it, only to trip. By the time he recovers he finds the shop has gone missing.

At the park, Ichika is convinced their business will explode here. They offer free samples to a group of preschool children as the boy from before begins walking by the shop. He stops upon realizing it's nearby, but before he can head up to the girls the children nearly trample him. They are too excited for the Cures to handle until a girl named Nakamura Midori, a worker at Strawberry Hill Preschool stops them and commands they return to her. The children run back -with the samples entirely gone- and she apologizes on their behalf. Midori spots the boy -Tatsumi Daisuke- and their behavior implies they know each other. He nervously runs off.

The Cures attempt to locate the KiraPati in various other locations, such as the middle of a road with heavy traffic, a high mountain nobody can reach, and a farm full of cows. The Cures are beginning to feel discouraged.

Meanwhile, Daisuke has began to relax while walking through the street. It's then he spots the KiraPati in the middle of town and heads inside while wondering if it's a chain store. Ichika welcomes him upon recognition, but they don't have any cookies for sale, which is the only thing he's been in search of. She attempts to persuade him to try something else, but it's no good. Daisuke worries that at this rate he won't be able to confess to Midori anytime soon, and he ends up eating several of the sweets offered to him.

Ichika asks if he likes sweets and he confirms that he does, and by now he's beginning to feel a lot better. Yukari brings up the remark he made earlier and although he denies it initially, Daisuke confirms that he's had a long friendship with Midori. They went to primary school together and aren't able to see each other very much now, but they are still friends. They went out once sometime back to the zoo, where they watched the pandas together; but this was a field trip, and they were kids then. The memory means a lot to him though, as he recalls looking at the panda alone until she joined him. She offered him a cookie from the pack she brought, but there was only one left, so she split it. Then she held his hand. Because of this precious memory, he really wanted to get cookies that would give him the courage to confess to her.

The girls feel concerned for Daisuke as he takes off, and Ichika suggests they make him some cookies. The girls point out how hard this could be, considering he was unable to find the exact cookie from childhood, and they don't know anything about it, but she remains convinced that they should at least try, suggesting they just make their own, special cookies.

In town, Cookacookie begins to steal all of the cookies from various shops around town to take away the kirakiraru within them. He grows in size but demands even more.

In the kitchen the girls quickly through together some cookies, which come out great- but they expanded during baking and got stuck together. They try again and fix this issue, creating many cute and fun shapes on the tray. Ichika comes up with an idea and quickly throws together some frosting to decorate the cookies.

As this is going on Daisuke begins to consider heading to the next town to locate the cookies he desires when Ichika calls out to him from the KiraPati. Daisuke expresses surprise, considering there wasn't supposed to be a shop there, which Akira quickly writes off as them owning a pop-up store. Ichika hands over the boxed cookies and explains that while they may not be exactly like the ones he was in search of, they put their hearts into this batch and hope it will give him the courage he needs. Himari hands over one of the cookies for him to try, and Daisuke remarks that for as simple as they look, he senses familiarity and warmth within them. He decides that he is going to try his best and thanks the girls for their efforts before leaving.

Just after he runs off, Yukari spots Cookacookie flying in the sky. He flies down to Daisuke and tells him to hand over the cookies, shooting out cookie projectiles when Daisuke attempts to run away. He chases after him and steals the box after Daisuke trips, leading him to give chase. Just as Cookacookie is about to reach the mountain, the Cures appear and transform. Custard blasts him with her purrin kirakiraru, followed by Whip and her creating a large sphere for Gelato to throw. But when Cookacookie cuts right through it with his rolling pin tail, Chocolat creates a wall to protect her from his attack and Macaron uses her kirakiraru to make a rope around Gelato to pull her from harms way.

The Cures continue to fight Cookacookie back, refusing to let his strength get the better of them. Daisuke arrives in time to find the Cures fighting when they yell at Cookacookie for getting in the way of love, and deem his acts to be unforgivable. Custard and Chocolat blast him with their kirakiraru once more and Whip creates another large sphere while Gelato summons ice around her fists, which she then uses to transform the sphere into ice and rams it into the large monster. He transforms back to normal and makes a quick escape. Whip begins to worry after realizing the cookies are gone.

Later that day, the girls locate Daisuke to see he still has the cookies. He's worried over how things will go, but as he recalls her feelings of kindness that day and how he received them, he wants to return them with these cookies. He goes out to find Midori and hands them over, but he chokes while making his confession so she doesn't realize that was his intention. He becomes flustered while the girls watch with surprise. Just then, they make the shop appear, much to Daisuke's surprise and Midori's delight.

They head inside to find out that it's been entirely decorated to look like a zoo. Akira shows them to a table they set up and Midori opens the box of cookies, but they are disappointed to learn they were broken. However, she smiles and begins putting the pieces together to make a panda with them, which reminds them of their field trip together. Daisuke feels at ease realizing she also thinks of it as something special to her, and she suggests they share the cookies still. As they eat, she comments on how inviting this strange, new shop is and Daisuke agrees, glad they were able to find it. While he may not have confessed entirely, Ichika finds their mission to have been a success.

Major Events

  • Cookacookie appears for the first time.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第9話予告 「キラパティがあなたの恋、叶えます!」

Episode 9 Preview

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