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The Decisive Battle! Pretty Cure VS Gummy's Group! (決戦!プリキュアVSガミー集団! Kessen! Purikyua VS Gamī Shūdan!?) is the 11th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 646th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It is the day of the annual Sweets Festival, and the KiraKira Patisserie has a booth set up with the fruit tarts as their main dish. However, while Ichika deals with regret after telling her dad off, a mysterious young boy sends all the Kirakiraru Thieves to ambush the festival, stealing the kirakiraru from all the sweets and leaving the Cures up against a more formidable enemy when the evil fairies combine...


Ichika is preparing to leave for the Sweets Festival when her dad sneaks up on her. She grumpily informs him that he will not be coming with her this year -much to his upset- as she already has plans. He begins to worry she may have found a boyfriend.

Arriving to the festival, Ichika sees that the stall has been set up already and she changes into her patisserie outfit as the Festival officially begins. The girls begin to attract attention, coming across Tatsumi and Midori, along with Emiru and her friends; who all purchase tarts from them. Just then Yukari shows up, bringing along with her both her fanclub and Akira's, giving them more customers. Ichika is overflowing with happiness seeing the many customers enjoying the tarts they worked so hard to make.

At least until the girls spot her father hiding nearby. Ichika becomes flustered as he approaches to happily take notice of her working this stall, and he offers his own help. She tries to get him to leave and when they begin arguing, Pekorin uses the KiraPati bag to summon Chourou, who transforms into his human form and introduces himself as the dandy owner of the establishment. He attempts to defuse the situation but Ichika feels so embarrassed that she yells at her dad, causing him a great deal of shock as he recalls how happy she used to be whenever they came to the festival. He sadly leaves and the girls express concern, Yukari remarking on how he's a normal parent who cares about her. Ichika begins to feel remorse but she remains there.

As this is going on, a mysterious boy appears and raises the wand in his hand. The area changes around everyone and people begin to panic as the Kirakiraru Thieves appear in their large transformed states. They begin stealing the various sweets and Kirakiraru and the girls use this time to transform into Pretty Cure. Quickly they attempt to fight off the monsters while protecting the innocent bystanders still trying to escape or protect their things, but Whip becomes distracted after seeing her dad, and the oncoming Fueru and she begins to panic. To her shock, he manages to protect himself, Midori, and Tasumi with ease and she approaches him to make sure everything is okay. Her dad doesn't recognize her though, instead commenting on her flashy outfit and how she must be one of the performers for the festival.

Gummy appears and demands that Ichika's father hand over the sweets he has in his pack. He refuses and he attempts to take them, but Whip uses her cream kirakiraru to grab onto him and slam him into the ground. She moves aside as her dad stares in surprise at the display. The mysterious boy -who has been watching up until now- uses his magic once more, freezing each monster in place as their belts start glowing, then they come together and transform into one large, combined monster. With it having the abilities from each thief, it manages to withstand the girls attacks and catch the off guard within seconds.

The frightened festival-goers watch on as Ichika's dad attempts to check on Whip. She tells him to leave but he is grabbed by the monster, who tells him to hand over the sweets once more. He refuses, saying they are very important to him, then he bites into the monster's arm until it throws him to the ground, crushing the box the shortcake he purchased was in. The girls try to purify the monster as Whip runs over to her dad to make sure he's alright, then she tearfully yells at him for getting involved. She begins to weep after opening the package to find the shortcake, and Genichirou explains that he would come to this festival each year with Ichika, until this one. He's happy that she made friends this year to make sweets with, but as her father he can't just not get involved with her life. So he purchased this cake to bring it to her, so that she could share it with her friends; so he had to protect it.

Whip begins to cry as she takes a piece of the cake to eat. She recalls telling her dad that she loved him when she was little, and she assures him -now unconscious- that she still does. Suddenly, the Kirakiraru from within causes her to brightly glow, and she rises as everyone observes her. Whip tells off the monster for ruining a special day for everyone, who came together to share their love of sweets with each other; while sweets may come and go, the precious memories baked within them will last forever.

Everyone begins to glow like Whip, the Kirakiraru within their hearts reacting to her strong feelings to protect the Festival. Pekorin yells out for everyone to send their feelings to the girls, who become more determined to defeat the monster as the mysterious boy watches with curiosity. The girls come together and gain the Candy Rods, allowing them to perform three two Wonderful A La Mode. This purifies the Kirakiraru Thieves and release the Kirakiraru, returning the surrounding area back to normal, the Cures make a quick escape so that nobody sees them return to normal.

As the Kirakiraru Thieves awaken and wonder what happened, Ichika checks on her dad. As everyone enjoys some shortcake, Ichika hands him a tart she made earlier and he's so impressed that he starts to cry from joy. He promises to keep it back at the dojo but Ichika becomes flustered again, telling him that it's fine to eat and to stop crying.

Major Events

  • The Cures receive their Candy Rods to perform Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode for the first time and purify the Kirakiraru Thieves, who had fused to create one giant monster.
  • Julio attacks for the first time, but does not confront the Cures.
  • The stars on the belts of the Kirakiraru Thieves break and they return to normal.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The regular sponsor cards have been used for the first time.
  • The ending card features Cure Custard in honor of her birthday, which coincided with the air date.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第11話予告 「決戦!プリキュアVSガミー集団!」

Episode 11 Preview

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