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The Enemy...Is The Popular Transfer Student!? (敵は…モテモテ転校生!? Teki wa...Motemote Tenkōsei!??) is the 12th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 647th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


There's a new transfer student who quickly gains everyone's attention, but he takes a special interest in Ichika. Is there more to the handsome young man then meets the eye?


KiraPati is alive with business, but by now the topic on everyone's mind has been Pretty Cure, after the legendary heroines came to their defense at the Sweets Festival. Hearing about how cute and cool they are encourages Ichika to tell them that they are Pretty Cure, but the others put a stop to it by reminding her that not only would it become a hassle, but it could put innocent people in harms way.

Meanwhile, the mysterious boy from the festival -Julio- overhears some girls and observes them to take notice of their overflowing KiraKiraru. As they discuss Ichika being one of the staff members at the sweets shop, he decides to observe Ichika more closely.

The following day, Ichika is very tired from working so much as of late. But to her surprise, she spots a handsome young man nearby. He is later introduced as Kuroki Rio, a transfer student who will be joining her class, and he quickly gains a swarm of fans around the school; mostly girls. While jealous boys hide around corners and glare. Ichika would like to speak to him about earlier, but she isn't given a chance because of how popular he is. By the end of the day, he even manages to win over some male classmates by encouraging and helping them out.

During lunch, Ichika heads to the roof top when she comes across Rio. She asks him how he already seems to know her, but his cryptic responses -and sudden closeness- leave her confused as he heads off a moment later.

After school the girls are taking a break with some cooling macaron, about to discuss Rio when a group of familiar looking creatures show up- the Kirakiraru Thieves that they purified back at the festival. They wanted to apologize to the girls for what they did, explaining how they used to be like the girls, in that they lived peacefully and all had their own hopes and dreams. Someone came to them, saying that by collecting the Kirakiraru they could obtain their dreams. He offered them belts promising to help them, and these caused each of their feelings to overwhelm them, causing them to act like the monsters they fought.

The girls feel empathy and invite the group back inside, where they give them the finished macaron. Initially they hesitate, but the girls and fairy convince them to try. Eating sweets filled with ones whole heart will bring smiles, and the group become very happy.

During break, Ichika is attempting to brainstorm some new sweets they can try to make when she overhears some boys discussing something that occurred with a fellow student. She panics and drops her notebook, which Rio comes by to pick up and return to her. He seems to know more than Ichika believes she mentioned but she becomes distracted when Risa suggests they add cupcakes to the shop. Ichika likes this idea and invites her to join them at KiraPati so that she can be the first to try them out, and she invites Rio as well.

Heading over to the shop the girls are surprised upon seeing Rio -with Aoi and Himari embarrassing themselves- and they head inside, where Ichika brings up the cupcake idea. She shows Rio and Risa the various spots around the shop and brings them into the kitchen, and they prepare to get started. Risa decides to sit out because she's quite clumsy, while Rio claims not to be good at making sweets. Ichika notices that he seems sad but he reminds her of Risa having cram school later, so she quickly gets to work. She prepares the batter and fluffy pink whip cream, but as she struggles to get it just right Rio offers her some tips, which seem to work. They exchange a sudden high-five, greatly confusing him as Risa brings up his claims of not being good at baking. He manages to remind the girls that the cupcakes still need decoration, and after Ichika puts on a lot of cream Risa remarks on how floofy it looks. This inspires Ichika and she makes the cupcake resemble a sheep.

Rio admires the kirakiraru within the cupcake and compliments Ichika. He leaves the shop with Risa after Ichika packs up some of the cupcakes for her. She complains because while she would like to eat it, she doesn't want to spoil her dinner, and she has cram school to get to now, but Rio manages to persuade her to give into the adorable sweet and they sit down. But as she takes a bit, he observes the glowing Kirakiraru within her and pulls out his wand to steal it all away. Risa screams before losing consciousness, alerting Ichika back at KiraPati that something is wrong. She runs out of the shop in a hurry.

Rio remarks that because of allowing the kirakiraru to grow throughout the day there has been an increase in the amount, not only that but it's much stronger, and Ichika seems capable of making very special sweets, which means there will be a lot of it to collect down the line. He pulls out a gold mask and transforms back into Julio, just as the girls arrive to find him wielding the kirakiraru. The girls waste no time transforming into Pretty Cure. Cure Whip rushes to Risa's side to make sure she's alright before using Noir Decoration, turning the kirararu dark and summoning a sword from it.

He rushes foward Whip returns with her own cream kirakiraru and she takes notice of the star on the sword, recalling the belt worn by the kirakiraru thieves. He goes on to introduce himself as Julio and resumes fighting, effortlessly keeping up with the girls as they each try to attack; the darkness from him proving to be much stronger than their past battles. Despite numerous attacks Whip keeps running back to him to fight, demanding a reason for why he would do horrible things to others. He plainly explains how he is conducting an experiment to learn everything he can about the Kirakiraru.

To his shock, Ichika manages to break through his darkness just then and she angrily chews him out for thinking that's okay; to use sweets, a warm and gentle thing for this cause. Her words enrage Julio, as he dismissively tells her that sweets are nothing of the sort, the dark kirakiraru within him cause the sword to grow even larger and he sends out a blast of darkness. Just as it's about to hit Ichika, she suddenly recalls Rio's words from earlier and begins to spin around her Candy Rod to make the cream kirakiraru lighter, which fills up her wand as Julio takes notice of the technique. Ichika then goes on to cast Whip Decoration to break through the darkness, and with each girl wielding her wand they cast Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode!

The area returns to normal and the stolen kirakiraru rains down as Risa awakens. The girls return to normal to check on her as Julio leaves, with Risa being unable to recall what happened. The girls express concern over someone who has the ability to manipulate kirakiraru in such a way.

The following morning Rio is observing the area as he thinks about Ichika using that technique again. As he spots her, he heads down to the school entrance to meet with her. She happily greets him and he returns the sentiment.

Major Events

  • Julio's human alter ego, Kuroki Rio, debuts.
  • Cure Whip uses Whip Decoration for the first time.
  • Noir Decoration appears for the first time.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第12話予告 「敵は・・・モテモテ転校生!?」

Episode 12 Preview

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