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No Way! Himari's Unexpected Debut! (ムリムリ!ひまり、まさかのデビュー! Murimuri! Himari, Masaka no Debyū!?) is the 13th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 648th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ichika, Himari, and Aoi are participating in PR video's for Ichigozaka's shopping district; but Himari is so shy that she struggles when it comes to doing her job as a reporter.


Ichika, Aoi, and Himari are enjoying some churro at the market. They're so delicious that Himari eagerly begins to talk about how wonderful they are and how their rides work for shaping. Her chatter is overheard by the shop owner, who comes out and startles Himari. He explains that he was going to be making some PR videos for the shopping district and he believes the girls would be perfect for the job. While Ichika and Aoi eagerly accept Himari anxiously agrees to help out too.

Unknown to them, Rio was spying from the roof above.

Ichika is disappointed after being forced into a strawberry mascot costume, while Aoi will be recording the video. Himari is very nervous because she can't handling reporting, being in front and watched by so many people, it makes her too worried. She begs Aoi switch places with her but Aoi refuses, saying that while she doesn't mind being watched, being filmed is different. The shop owner pleads with Himari to try it out anyway, bringing up how passionate she was speaking earlier and how this would be perfect for promotion.

She agrees, but when it comes time to begin she can barely get through a self-introduction. She nearly goes on to reveal her identity of Cure Custard until the girls stop her. They head to a shop and encourage her to hold an interview, but in the process of attempting to ask she nervously trips over her feet. Meanwhile, everyone adores Ichi-gon. Just then, a couple approach Himari to ask for some recommendations, but she's too nervous to reply and they head off as Ichigo watches with concern.

Back at the shop, everyone overlooks the website to see that their video only received one viewing. This disappoints them and Himari instantly blames herself for clamming up on camera. Aoi suggests they add in some idol-style photography and head back out, but Himari once again falters when some guys approach, and their views go up to three. The shop keeper suggests they try to do a dance, then sumo wrestle- which actually has nothing to do with sweets.

Himari sits alone while Ichika continues to dance with some children as Aoi and the owner watch. She wishes she could talk about sweets as openly as she likes doing so in private, but it's very hard. Rio approaches to bring up how he's been observing the girls throughout the day. He mentions that Pretty Cure would probably get a lot of attention, momentarily alarming Himari until he suggests that if she's having so much difficulty then she can quit. She isn't being forced to do this.

Himari suddenly gets up to return to the others, when Ichika makes a suggestion for where they should go for the next video. They return to KiraPati and she explains that they were in need of a refresh. Akira checks on Himari as their customers and the shop owner enjoy their brand new flamingo churro, and Ichika is delighted to see she's began to smile again, happy with how much enjoyment is filling the room. Just then, a little girl asks her mom about the shape of a churro, and why it looks so pointy. She confesses not to knowing, but she would like to- words that ignite something within Himari. She attempts to approach but they decide to leave as she flashes back to a past incident, sadly remaining in her spot while Ichika watches with concern.

Himari heads outside and begins to read through her book, but as she thinks back to when she was little again she realizes how much getting an answer meant to her. She used to wonder much about the purrin she loved so much, that she spent a lot of time doing research to get answers, and when she tried her purrin once more she loved it even better. She wants to express the knowledge of sweets to others, and realizing this, she quickly runs off to catch up with the pair, gathering up her courage to yell out to them. She becomes flustered realizing she is now being watched by everyone else, but she quickly tells the little girl that she has an answer for her.

While having them sit, she is observed by Aoi and Ichika as she explains that because of how firm churro dough is, there is a big risk they could fracture. But by letting it extrude into its star shape, there are less chances for that to occur. This answer leaves the girl and her mom a little confused, so Himari apologizes before taking a deep breath. She re-words her statement by using a shorter, clearer explanation; if they aren't star shaped, they could explode. This shape helps it absorb the heat. As the little girl holds her flamingo churro in observation, Himari suggests she take a bite. The little girl agrees and she happily comments that by understanding this, it tastes much better, and she has her mother try a bite.

Himari feels so happy seeing their enjoyment that Kirakiraru is overflowing. Just then, Julio uses his wand to steal all of it away and as they lose consciousness, she turns to find him there. The other join her as she demands he return it, but when he refuses the girls transform into Pretty Cure. Julio transforms the Kirakiraru into a dark bow, and he fires darkness at them while commenting on the increased strength since last time. The girls can barely dodge the arrows tailing them, and he is very amused by how well his experimentation is going. This causes Cure Custard to angrily tell him off for using sweets knowledge in such a way, and corrupting the Kirakiraru born from the mystery of wanting to know more about them.

She blasts him with her Kirakiraru magic and blocks the arrows he shoots her way as the others join her, saying that Himari worked very hard to try getting her feelings to reach others. They refuse to forgive him for being so selfish. Julio angrily shoots up a beam of darkness that transforms into several arrows and begin to rain down, but Custard quickly asks that the girls leave everything to her. She gains access to her new ability, Custard Illusion, which summons a large cherry that bursts into fragments of light to deflect the arrows and break them apart. The girls then go on to use Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode!.

The Kirakiraru returns to the mother and daughter and Julio takes off, believing his experiment was a success. The girls return to normal to check on them before Ichika, Aoi, and Himari return to the shop to see how many counts their video has now. To their delight they find it's gone up to 318, and they congratulate Himari for doing so well. Aoi suggests they film another video and Himari happily goes out to do her job as a reporter.

Major Events


Pretty Cure


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  • Himari's character song, Petit*Party∞Science, plays during the episode.
  • This is the first time a Cure other than Ichika is in the center for the transformation sequence. In this case, it's Himari.
  • This is the first Pretty Cure episode where the fairy mascots made no appearance.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第13話予告 「ムリムリ!ひまり、まさかのデビュー!」

Episode 13 Preview

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