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Rock n' Roll, Young Lady! (お嬢さまロックンロール! Ojōsama Rokkun Rōru!?) is the 14th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 649th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls are shocked upon learning Aoi is wealthy when she is suddenly taken home while performing on stage. They learn how the butler, Mizushima wants her to give up rock-and-roll and her friends to focus on becoming a proper lady.


Aoi is out performing with her band one day when a mysterious man wearing a butler uniform appears to confront her. He unhappily takes her into his arms and throws blue smoke out to distract everyone while he escapes, leaving behind her guitar as everyone begins to worry.

Ichika remains distracted the following day when Aoi fails to show up for school, due to "home circumstances". Himari is also concerned as they recall what happened to Akira and Yukari. Yukari suggests they go to pay Aoi a visit, but the girls are alarmed when they arrive to a large mansion and fancy gate. She confirms that this is the Tategami residence and they are granted access to come inside, but as the girls head inside they overhear a commotion coming from the floor above and witness a girl wearing a big, fancy dress slide down the railing of the stairs and onto the floor.

Ichika, Himari, and Akira are very surprised to learn this fancy girl is actually Aoi, while Yukari teases her a little as several maids and butlers swarm around them. They are brought to another room, where Yukari fills in the girls on the Tategami's past until the man who kidnapped Aoi -Mizushima- returns. He comments on how he left for a rare vacation to come back and find her in a rock band, and he points out how unrefined this is for someone of her status. She attempts to plead with him to listen to how much it means to her but he refuses, telling her to endure this path she must walk on. She can't escape, regardless of how many times she tries. Aoi storms off to the restroom and in the awkward silence, Ichika asks if Mizushima's past with Aoi.

When he was younger and orphaned, the Tategami's took him in. Until becoming an employee of their latest Konzern he lived there, where his time was spent playing with the much younger Aoi; he was like part of the family. He says no more, other then asking that the girls let her quit working at KiraPati so that she can focus on growing refined.

Later, Aoi angrily changes clothing as Mizushima explains that she will be having a lesson in not running while donning a dress, and he brings up the party that will be held tomorrow. He takes off and she sadly collapses on her bed to think about everyone she's been forced to leave behind.

The following day, the girls are trying to determine how they can fix things back at the Patisserie. They don't want her to lose the things so precious to her, but Yukari reminds them that each family has their own circumstances and the freedom she loves may be harder to obtain. Just then, Rio shows up having overheard them. Pekorin and Chourou panic and go into hiding as he joins them to explain that Yukari has a point. Even if they have good intentions they could be overstepping their boundaries and their help could end up backfiring on them. One can never truly tell how another feels. Despite this Ichika still wants to try to get Mizushima to see how Aoi truly feels. As Rio attempts to gently discourage this the other girls agree to join her, and they head back to the kitchen to do some baking.

At the party, the girls sneak onto the Tategami grounds as Aoi attempts to be more formal with her guests. They open up the KiraPati and bring out their brand new sweets, blue gelatin with a dolphin inside and cream on top and offer them to the various party-goers. The girls continue serving while Ichika heads off to try to help Aoi, giving her one of the sweets after locating her hiding out by a statue. She takes a bite and loves it, but she still feels sad. She explains to Ichika that growing up living a routine full of strict rules and formalities made her feel pain, she wanted to play with the other children and to do things she loved. After witnessing Misaki's performance she desired to reach for freedom and perform on stage, to share her feelings with others.

Ichika comes up with a plan after convincing Aoi they should try again, having contacted her band-mates prior to coming. Aoi modifies her long, fancy gown and prepares to join them as Mizushima chews out the girls for interrupting the party, giving her a chance to put on an impromptu performance; with him being unable to stop her because they already asked the staff members of the home. They want to hear Aoi's music too. While angered by the display, Mizushima slowly begins to listen as he realizes everyone else is enjoying themselves. He is offered one of the gelatin sweets and takes a bite, which seems to trigger something within. Ichika is happy as she realizes this.

Rio is spying on the party from nearby and he sees the vibrant Kirakiraru within everyone.

After finishing her performance, Aoi asks Mizushima for his opinions. But despite how much he seemed to enjoy her music, he bluntly stats how unfitting it is for a lady. Ichika and Aoi are very disappointed, but when Julio appears to steal away all of the Kirakiraru they aren't given much time to linger on it when everyone at the party starts to lose consciousness. They transform into Pretty Cure and Julio uses the Kirakiraru to summon a large sphere. He releases several dark spheres which all transform into large spikes that rain down on the girls that they barely manage to evade. As he attempts to tell them its futile to keep fighting, the girls are shocked upon realizing there's still some Kirakiraru remaining; coming from Mizushima.

Gelato rushes to his side to realize that her music really did get through to him, and the Kirakiraru flows into her Candy Rod, allowing her to use Gelato Shake. The girls use Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode! to return the Kirakiraru back to normal and to their original owners. Julio is impressed to see that despite how much he gathered prior to this moment, one persons was still enough to overcome it.

Later, Aoi returns to the KiraPati much to the girls relief. Aoi explains how he chewed her out for making a mess of the party, but when she teased him over knowing how much he actually enjoyed it he agreed to lighten up on her. So he will let her perform in band and remain at KiraPati; as long as her grades stay high. Initially this makes Ichika worry, but she becomes distressed after Aoi reveals she already has high grades. She teasingly offers to tutor Ichika, and seeing her less-than happy response causes everyone to laugh.

Major Events

  • Cure Gelato uses Gelato Shake for the first time.
  • Aoi gets permission from Mizushima to stay with Wild Azur and KiraPati


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters



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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第14話予告 「お嬢さまロックンロール!」

Episode 14 Preview

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