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It's Because Of Love! The Furious Cure Chocolat! (愛ゆえに!怒りのキュアショコラ! Ai Yue ni! Ikari no Kyua Shokora!?) is the 15th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 650th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Miku is free from the hospital for a couple of days and she decides to spend time with Akira. But when the girls are forced to protect her Kirakiraru she becomes enraged to the point of performing badly; will she give into this anger?!


Akira is busy preparing some chocolate for Miku, who she will be going to see later. She is very excited, but while the girls wonder what she is like they are caught by surprise when a little girl suddenly appears in their kitchen; one Akira addresses as "Miku" causing the girls to realize this must be her. As the little girl fills the others in on how she was given a day pass to leave the hospital, Akira converses with her parents on the phone.

After finishing the purrin made for her, Miku happily reveals to have learned about everyone in the shop; with Ichika being so flattered she offers her several more sweets. She quickly becomes attached to Pekorin when she joins them in the room, then goes on to make a request.

Akira returns with concern, when she suddenly spots Miku donning an outfit much like their own. She's worried as Miku explains how she would like to help out, but with some convincing from the others she agrees on the condition that Miku tell her if she feels unwell. Miku assures her it'll be fine, but she soon becomes overwhelmed while trying to help out by taking customer orders. By the time she returns she forgot most of them, but Akira was listening in on her so she remembered everything, and once collected she takes the sweets to the customers. Miku is disappointed so Ichika suggests she help in the kitchen; where she struggles to properly ice the panda cookies Himari was making.

While she's further displeased the others assure her its fine, and Ichika lets her come shopping with her to give her a break. Things go well but Miku still seems saddened, so as they hang out at the park she opens her pouch to pull out "Akira's lucky charm", cute dog-shaped chocolate's she made that always make her feel better when she eats them. She offers Ichika one and explains that because of Akira giving her chocolate since she was younger, she really loves it now. But she really wants to repay her big sister somehow. Ichika suggests they make a brand new sweet that will make Akira smile, so Miku asks if they can make a chocolate cake.

Just then, Rio appears, startling the girls until he explains that he was napping in the tree and overheard them. He goes on to say that he likes this idea, and he gives Miku support before agreeing to keep it a secret. As Akira comes to find the girls, she feels a bit suspicious upon seeing him, but he takes off so they return to KiraPati. Ichika asks Yukari and Akira to go out for a bit while she works on something. Initially, Akira seems unsure but Yukari convinces her it will be fine, so she leads her out to the nearby park while the girls get to work in the kitchen.

At the park Akira wonders why Miku wanted to help out so much, and she recalls the past when a dog scared Miku when she was much younger. She was able to raise her spirits by presenting her with a chocolate, and since then she has always been keeping a close eye on her to protect her smile. Yukari remarks that Miku seems to be a lot like Akira then, because she thinks she is trying to do the same for her right now.

Setting up the cake, Miku begins to work on decorating it. She has an idea in mind already, but as she struggles a little Ichika steps in to help guide her hands so that the frosting looks more like what she was going for. They head outside hearing Yukari and Akira return, and in her hurry to meet up with her big sister Miku suddenly trips. Luckily, Akira catches her and ensures she is okay, and they bring her over to the table to reveal the cake she made, one covered in fluffy chocolate cream to resemble the dog from the past. She happily asks Akira what she thinks of it after she takes a bite, and as Akira thinks about how she watched Miku throughout the day, she earnestly smiles realizing that her efforts were for her sake. Miku recalls the same memory from her past as Akira had done earlier, enjoying the cake with Akira.

Just then, Julio appears to steal the empowered Kirakiraru from the sisters. Akira rushes at him to knock his wand off-target, but when he knocks her away he still manages to obtain that from Miku. She falls unconscious and transforms his wand into a new weapon to fight the girls. They transform into Pretty Cure and instantly, Chocolat begins with a barrage of attacks that barely phase Julio, and in return he effortlessly manages to attack her and wraps the others in darkness so that they can't move to help her, allowing him to take Chocolat captive.

It's then something within Chocolat begins to awaken, and she realizes that Miku's feelings have been with her this entire time. She wanted to make Akira genuinely smile because of how much she worries over her. As Chocolat rises to break out of her prison, she's surrounded by Kirakiraru that grants enough power to her Candy Rod to let her use Chocolat Aromase. With this, she easily restores the corrupted Kirakiraru and frees the other Cures so that they can use Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode!.

Julio storms off after he observes Akira check on Miku, wondering how their sisterly bond could have increased the Kirakiraru's strength like it did. He can't understand how it was capable of defeating his power like this.

Later that day, Akira and Miku board a bus that will take them back to the hospital. The girls encourage Miku to come back and visit them again, and she asks that they keep looking after Akira. Yukari begins to teasingly wonder if maybe Miku has been the one protecting Akira all this time and they share a laugh. As the bus leaves, Akira asks Miku to make more sweets for her some day.

Major Events

  • Akira's sister, Miku makes her first full appearance.
  • Cure Chocolat uses Chocolat Aromase for the first time.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第15話予告 「愛ゆえに!怒りのキュアショコラ!」

Episode 15 Preview

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