The Dangerous Fast Approach! Yukari and Rio! (キケンな急接近!ゆかりとリオ! Kiken'na Kyū Sekkin! Yukari to Rio!?) is the 16th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 651st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


As she gets to know Rio and casts suspicion, Yukari feels perturbed by her lack of having a specialty to call her own. But with some help from Ichika, she begins to realize there is something beautiful that only she can bring after all.


After hours at the shop the girls are stumped as to why Julio attacks people they associate with or know. They have no idea what he could want, but they theorize that because of who he's been choosing as his victims, Yukari is the only girl he's yet to personally strike.

The following day Yukari is leaving for school when her grandmother stops her to bring up their upcoming tea time on Sunday. Yukari's mind becomes so engrossed with this and other thoughts that she's too preoccupied to focus on work afterwards, which is very busy. Despite seemingly not paying attention she steps in to help Akira serve before disappearing; the girls taking notice once things calm down again. Ichika worries she's to blame since she messed up so much.

As the sun sets Yukari walks along while thinking about a past event. Her grandmother laid out various sweets and told Yukari to take whichever one she liked. Just then, Akira joins her to ask if she's alright, wondering if something happened earlier. Yukari remains quiet until Rio suddenly appears to ask if her problem is that everyone has their own special attribute at KiraPati that they enjoy, while she does not. He introduces himself to them after realizing he hasn't done so yet, and points out how each one of them does something special, while she does not. Akira quickly comes to her defense but Yukari tells Rio not to bother. He suggests that she confide in him if she would like, and she agrees, on the condition it's a secret. She asks how he seems to know so much about them, but he simply states that he's become a fan of the shop.

Ichika calls out to them and becomes nervous as she asks Yukari about hanging out on Sunday. Yukari is intrigued, and knowing that with Ichika there it will probably be interesting, so she invites everyone to come over to their Tea House. As they walk through the grounds, Aoi remarks with surprise that Yukari even included Rio, and she mentions having been wanting to get to know him. With everyone dressed up -with a confused Akira donning a hakama- they sit down for tea. Shino explains the importance of repetitive gestures when serving tea in order to turn it into a form, as well as assure Ichika that her etiquette slip with the sweets isn't a big deal, because the most important part of a tea ceremony is to enjoy it.

Yukari has finished with the tea, and she hands it to Rio, who amazes the girls with his proper etiquette and the fact that he somehow knows how to make and serve tea. Yukari seems concerned but she says nothing other than thanking him, then when Ichika prepares to have some tea her feet suddenly become numb and she falls over. Shino laughs and mentions that she had an idea that the girls would be amusing as girls who work together in the sweets shop. Ichika feels embarrassed but nobody really minds.

Yukari steps outside with some flowers when Rio returns, claiming to understand how she feels. She can do anything she wants, but she lacks a special skill to truly call her own, and this takes the enjoyment out of everything. Yukari comments that he may understand, and she brings up her older sister. Because of her being the heir to their family, she's always been allowed to do as she pleases. By now this only serves to bring her pain, and she's been left behind. Rio seems to feel empathy, and he assures her that she can speak to him whenever she would like.

A bit later Yukari is preparing for their next guest when Ichika stops by, to thank her for use of the kimono. She's surprised to see her making mochi and notes how different the tea room looks. Yukari explains how even the tiniest of details can change how one enjoys themselves, so it's important to pay attention to details like this. At least, her grandmother would say this. Ichika begins to smile and she comments on how she enjoys watching Yukari serve, because she treats them with care and it looks so pretty. She then says that tea and sweets are friends, words that genuinely touch Yukari. Just then, Ichika gets an idea, but before she can say anything she bumps her head on the overhead passage of the room.

She suggests they bring this hospitality to the KiraPati, and takes Yukari there later to reveal the "Dee-sea Tea House" they set up for her. It's a special collaboration, and they prepared white whale strawberry daifuku for the occasion. She's also made several other variants with other fruits, each one based on each of them. The girls each try their unique sweet, Himari's using apricot, while Aoi guesses that they used a blue gummy in hers, since they couldn't get an actual blue fruit. The girls love this concept and they think everyone else will too, which is why Ichika went ahead and make invitations for everyone.

The shop becomes alive with guests, and everyone loves what the girls did. Yukari seems to be in higher spirits as well, after Ichika responds by saying that only she could bring in this pretty hospitality. Yukari thanks Ichika and notes that perhaps she truly does enjoy tea ceremonies after all. It's then Ichika realizes that Rio never showed up.

Outside, Yukari's fanclub is making their way home when they find themselves confronted by Julio. He pulls out his wand to steal away their Kirakiraru.

At KiraPati, Akira locates a handkerchief one of the girls left behind. She decides to return it but Yukari feels so much better that she decides to do it instead. The girls are surprised, but Ichika suggests they wait for her to return so that they can try to make more unique daifuku. She is caught off-guard after locating Julio surrounded by her unconscious fanclub and she wastes no time transforming into Cure Macaron after he teases her. Using Noir Decoration, Julio transforms his weapon into a double-sided object with spheres of shadow on each side.

As this is going on, the girls begin worrying over Yukari as it's been some time and she isn't back yet.

Julio quickly manages to turn the tide and binds her hands, hanging her over a building while complaining that she didn't put in much effort. Macaron says nothing as he goes on to remark that her friends won't be coming for someone so fickle, who does whatever she pleases. She becomes sad as he brings up that only her sister is cared about, while she was forced to endure feelings of loneliness. However, he is thrown off-guard when Yukari effortlessly empowers herself to rejoin him, revealing that she actually doesn't have a sister, she lied to Rio in order to confirm her suspicions. She admits that while she does feel pain from her lifestyle at times, she blames nobody else for the path she chose to walk, nor would she allow darkness to control her. She also points out that imitation will only let one get so far, without spirit it doesn't mean anything.

Macaron goes on to cast Macaron Julienne by imitating Julio's own move, with enough alteration to surprise him as the others arrive and use Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode!

Yukari presents the whale daifuku and tea to Shino. She asks how the tea is and begins to laugh after she makes a comment, explaining that by needing to improve she can still enjoy herself while preparing it. Shino understands, and she goes on to remark on the tea Rio made, Yukari already well aware of what she was going to say.

Major Events

  • Yukari's grandmother, Kotozume Shino, appears for the first time.
  • Cure Macaron uses her attack, Macaron Julienne, for the first time.
  • Yukari figures out that Rio is Julio.


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キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第16話予告 「キケンな急接近!ゆかりとリオ!」

Episode 16 Preview

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