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The Final Experiment! Cure Whip Can't Transform! (最後の実験!変身できないキュアホイップ! Saigo no Jikken! Henshin Dekinai Kyua Hoippu!?) is the 17th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 652nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ichika becomes disheartened after a talk with Rio and her Kirakiraru is stolen away, causing her to lose her love of sweets and the ability to transform!


Mrs. Usami is writing to Ichika from the location where she is currently working. She has prepared a gift for her and hopes that she likes it.

Meanwhile, Pekorin has come to school to inform Himari and Aoi that Yukari wants to meet up with everyone afterwards in order to talk about something important. It's then she notices Ichika isn't there, and Himari brings up that she had to take care of something before school began.

Ichika makes her way to the shop after school, unaware of Rio observing her. He decides that because of Yukari knowing who he really is, he must conduct one last experiment before being outed; he plans on targeting a Cures heart. He follows Ichika to find her worked up over which flour to purchase, the reliable brand she always buys or this new brand, which could end up being better or worse. She proceeds to get both, then drags him around the store with her as she faces the same predicament with the eggs, butter, and so on.

After leaving the store he correctly deduces she is making cookies, and Ichika explains how it's for a private event. She wants to send them to her mother after getting her package today, which will contain some sweets she made recently. Realizing she must hurry up home, Ichika prepares to go when Rio offers to carry her bags for her. She gratefully accepts and hands the bags over.

At KiraPati, Himari explains to Yukari and Akira what was going on with Ichika. However, Yukari prefers they wait until she is there with them.

Ichika and Rio arrive to the Usami house to find her dad isn't home as they head into the kitchen. They unpack when he spots a photo of her mom, and Ichika explains that she usually isn't home because she is a doctor who works in remote locations without hospitals. Just then the package arrives, and Ichika runs off to get it, opening it to discover some madeleines. She shares them with Rio and happily devours one as he observes her shining Kirakiraru as she goes on to find a letter. She's extremely joyful to discover that because of her mom transferring to a new location, she might be able to stop by home to visit during travel. She will let Ichika know when it's been finalized.

Seeing how happy she is causes Rio to think of someone. He goes on to ask her why she's so happy, since her mom is selfishly off doing whatever she wants. Ichika comes to her defense by saying this isn't true, and he brings up how lonely she must feel. Ichika confirms that she does feel lonely, but she can't be mad at her mom when she's working hard for the sake of helping people in need. She thinks it's amazing that she puts in this much effort, and her mom knows how she feels as well; which is why the madeleines are so delicious. Rio angrily asks Ichika how she can't be angry when she's being neglected, his frustrations confusing her as he asks how she could possibly understand the feelings put into sweets. He goes on to say that he hates them and begins to reach out to her.

The girls worriedly knock on the Usami's front door out of concern and they find Ichika on the other side with a gloomy expression. She seems confused as they bring up the sweets she was going to make and to their alarm, Pekorin announces her Kirakiraru has been stolen. Rio reveals that he has stolen it and reveals the gathered Kirakiraru before teasing Yukari, whose words cause the others to realize what she wanted to tell them. He uses it to transform his weapon into a shadow version of their Candy Rod, granting him access to abilities like their own and easily overpowering the transformed Cures.

Inside, the empty Ichika observes the letter and box of madeleine. She startles Pekorin after reading over the letter to ask what love is, to the point that she drops the KiraPati and Chourou. She tries to explain but Ichika doesn't understand, causing Chourou to worry that if this keeps up for much longer she'll lose the love for her mother entirely. He then spots the ingredients she purchased for cookies and they try to convince her to make them, but Ichika could care less. Pekorin is convinced that Ichika wouldn't just completely forget these precious feelings though, recalling all of the effort she put into making a yummy shortcake for her back when they met. Something seems to react within Ichika and Pekorin suggests they make the cookies to help her remember.

As the battle outside continues, Ichika begins to make the cookies. As Pekorin assists her, Ichika begins to recall various past memories spent with her mother. As she makes many cute shapes with the dough, the Kirakiraru slowly begins to return. She warmly asks Pekorin if they can make some icing -as Cure Macaron gets thrown to the ground battling Julio- and hurriedly decorates after the cookies have finished baking.

With the Kirakiraru entirely restored, Cure Whip joins everyone on the battle field, much to Julio's shock. A battle ensues between them and she tells him that regardless of how much he takes away she will always keep making more love. There's no conditions or expiration date between her and the Kirakiraru. She unleashes a large blast of her cream and they attack each other with Whip Decoration as the others rise, relieved to see their friend back to normal.

They come to her side and they use Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode!. With Julio unable to move from his spot the girls overpower him, the blast shattering his mask. As angry as she is, she offers to let him come bake cookies with them as they discuss lovely things, earning an angry rant from him. Feelings can't be conveyed through sweets, and he hates them as much as he hates her. He storms off and Ichika sadly observes him, wondering what could have happened to make him like this.

As this is going on a mysterious girl holding a stuffed doll was watching the battle. She decides that with his defeat it's now her turn to begin.

At the Usami house, Ichika attempts to write a letter for her mom. But as she recalls what Rio said she becomes lost in thought.

Major Events

  • Ichika temporarily loses the ability to transform when her Kirakiraru is stolen.
    • Julio remembers a girl connected with him while working to take Ichika's Kirakiraru.
  • Julio is defeated by the Cures, destroying his mask and breaking his rod in two, but he retreats.
  • Bibury makes a brief appearance toward the end of the episode.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • A new insert song, Courage Is Waiting For You, plays during this episode.
  • Kirahoshi Ciel is seen for the first time in Rio's flashback.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第17話予告 「最後の実験!変身できないキュアホイップ!」

Episode 17 Preview

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