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The Lady of Rumours is the Strong Enemy, Bibury! (ウワサの主は強敵ビブリー! Uwasa no Nushi wa Kyōteki Biburī!?) is the 18th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 653rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Suddenly, business for KiraPati has gone down due to rumors of bad luck and unfortunate events occurring to anyone who goes there. It's up to the Cures to track down the mysterious culprit to put a stop to them!


Ichika arrives to class to see that Rio hasn't shown up yet. Her friend Risa comes by to mention that he might have gotten sick and Ichika begins to feel sad as she recalls learning he was actually Julio the prior day.

Meanwhile, at a cold snowy-esque location is a house. This house hides the frustrated Julio as he thinks about the fight and his broken rod, which the girl observing him begins to tease him about. The girl -Bibury- decides that because of how lame he is to have gone against Noir's orders and fail, she will take his place. She takes off after annoying him some more.

It's been raining and the girls discuss Rio's disappearance at KiraPati. Chourou reminds them to focus on the shop though, hoping to raise their spirits. However, business has been down recently and they have no idea why that is; even by the third day when the rain clears, nobody has shown up.

While walking through the school hallway, a cup on a string suddenly drops by Akira. She curiously picks it up after realizing it's coming from her fanclub, who are standing on the row of stairs above it holding the other end. One girl asks if she is going to KiraPati, and Akira stops to speak with them before heading to the shop, where she produces more cans on string to hand to the girls while explaining to them the nasty rumors someone began to spread about the shop. It's been said that by eating their sweets, you will be left by your lover, you'll fight with loved ones, and your jokes will do poorly. The girls initially panic, only to rationalize how dumb this sounds. While they can't ignore the fact that several people seem to have listened to these rumors anyway, Ichika encourages the others to remain hopeful that their customers will return soon enough.

As this is going on, Bibury complains while observing several outfits in a clothing shop. Nothing suits her tastes, it's all lame. Iru -her doll- agrees with her and she picks him up as one of the workers come by to offer her some assistance. Through Iru, Bibury tells the woman of how eating sweets from KiraPati will ruin ones fashion sense. Before leaving, she spreads this rumor to the surrounding and passing residence of the area.

A few more days pass and still no customers. Despite this Ichika still heads back into the kitchen to prepare sweets, seriously working hard to produce some crepe as she thinks about how their feelings were baked into their sweets to reach others. She's sure they can do it again. The others appear to worry for Ichika as she's been gone for a while now, and when she exits the room later to announce she has failed, Akira suggests they call it a day.

Everyone takes off noting how upset Ichika was while trying to ponder what they can do about their tough spot they have suddenly been put in. They pass right by Bibury without a second glance, unaware of the big smile on her face.

At the Usami house, Ichika and her dad are watching a program about an upcoming patisserie prodigy from Parais named Kirahoshi Ciel. Ichika becomes troubled as she learns that this girl is thirteen, her age, and the shop she works at always has a huge line. She's come to Japan now, so everyone will get a chance to try her famous sweets. Depressed by the turn of events -and the belief they can't keep up with Ciel- Ichika mopes around in her bedroom, blaming herself for not being a better sweets chef. She strongly believes that if she was, then the rumors might not have mattered.

The following day, Ichika gloomily walks around town until she spots Akira nearby, handing out some fliers for their shop. She also discovers that Yukari has asked her fanclub to investigate, and when she heads to KiraPati she's greeted by Aoi wielding a large amount of KiraKiraru, explaining how she was cleaning the Pot it resides in earlier. She heads into the kitchen to find Himari preparing a mille crepe, believing that their feelings will reach the customers with as many layers as it has. Chourou spots Ichika and pulls her outside to reveal what Aoi was working on: large figures of their Animal Sweets.

As she thinks about everyone's efforts Ichika realizes that she too must keep trying, and she suddenly has a flash. She transforms Himari's crepe into giraffe and decorates the shop outside, using the fliers and figures, along with a big giraffe. She compares their group to the tall standing giraffe, who remain together and always look ahead, ready to shout yippee. With the shop reopened, the girls prepare some of the Giraffe crepe for sampling and head out to try to drum up business, but nobody seems interested.

Until Ichika spots a young boy who is observing the giraffe in admiration. He goes on to ask if her sweets will really make him tell bad jokes, and Ichika tries to explain that it's only a tall tale while offering him a crepe while making giraffe puns. Her pun's aren't very funny but they manage to please the child, who accepts the sweet and loves it very much. Ichika begins to cry as he tells her that the rumors shouldn't matter when the sweets taste as good as they do, and this inspires the girls to keep trying. Customers soon begin to trickle in as they observe the display the girls prepared and see the boy enjoying himself.

Meanwhile, Bibury is greatly displeased by this harmonious return. She prepares to spread more rumors when Yukari suddenly grabs her hand to stop her, then she pulls her over to the others to reveal her as their culprit. The girls express shock as Yukari takes out a drawing her fanclub made based on the descriptions people gave to them earlier, the girls on it resembles Bibury. They demand an explanation but she complains over their fun before raising Iru to suck out the Kirakiraru from the shop, the young boy, their mille crepe, and the surroundings. He transforms into a large monster and the frightened citizens run away as the girls transform into Pretty Cure.

Bibury sends the larger Iru towards the portal she summoned and tells him to return to Noir to deliver the Kirakiraru. Whip demands he stop as they block his path, but in her haste to attack it she's quickly overtaken. Gelato and Custard use their Kirakiraru to try to hold it back while Macaron attacks Bibury directly. They try to get answers but Iru breaks free and leaps up to approach the portal, only for Whip to break free from her binding and cast Whip Decoration, throwing Iru to the ground. Bibury is surprised by this as Whip tells her off for thinking the harassment would be enough to stop her from making the sweets she loves so much. If they want to be the ones who steal Kirakiraru, then they will be the ones to defend it. The girls proceed to use Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode!.

Things return to normal and Bibury tells the girls that she will be back. They aren't enough to stop her love for Noir, and she only came by to greet them for now. She takes off and the girls are forced to let things go for now, returning to normal.

The following day is very sunny and Ichika stands with Pekorin outside of the shop, delighted to get to work.

Within town, Ciel stands in observation and she takes off her sunglasses with a smile.

Major Events

  • Bibury makes her first full appearance after her cameo appearance during the last episode.
  • Ciel makes a cameo appearance during a TV segment and at the end of the episode.
  • Noir is mentioned by Bibury for the first time.


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キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第18話予告 「ウワサの主は強敵ビブリー!」

Episode 18 Preview

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