The Genius Patissier! Kirahoshi Ciel! (天才パティシエ!キラ星シエル! Tensai Patishie! Kirahoshi Shieru!?) is the 19th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 654th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls decide to scope out the competition when famous baking prodigy Kirahoshi Ciel decides to set up a shop in town. Meanwhile, Ichika comes to the conclusion that she would like to be taken on as a student by Ciel.


Ciel takes a bus to Strawberry Hill and she makes her way through the mountain path. She checks to make sure nobody is nearby and transforms into a fairy mascot, where she locates the place she used to bake sweets with the others. Seeing its dilapidated state she helplessly wonders what happened.

Meanwhile the Cures are in town shopping for ingredients. Ichika is completely determined to improve her sweets and the others have taken notice, and just as she chooses which melon to purchase, Ciel shows up and startles her. She compliments Ichika for her selection and goes on to make her own, wowing everyone with her knowledge until it occurs to them she's the Prodigy everyone's been speaking of lately, Kirahoshi Ciel. Her reveal quickly draws in a crowd and Ciel takes this time to reveal that for a short while, she's set up a shop on Strawberry Hill and encourages everyone to visit.

Ichika is very excited as the girls arrive to find the massive line heading into the chic Patisserie. They admire its beauty as they are taken up front where Ciel awaits, and they notice she's lacking a display case. Ciel explains that they make "Assiette Desserts", meaning that they prepare their elegant eye-pleasing sweets before their guests, which she demonstrates to the girls. Ichika admires its sparkle and Ciel compliments her again, although she refuses to elaborate to let the girls try their dessert. They love the taste and quickly take note of the unusual, but pleasant item combinations put into it. By the time they finish they are overflowing with joy as Ciel explains her goals of being part artist and part entertainer, and Ichika announces that she would like to be trained by Ciel.

The girls are shocked as Ichika goes on to introduce herself formally to Ciel and brings up KiraPati. Himari and Aoi call her out on being so ambitious and making a snap decision such as this but Ichika doesn't see any harm in it, since she seeks improvement. Ciel refuses initially, but when Ichika pleads with her and offers to do anything she would want, Ciel laughs and agrees to give her a chance. For her entrance exam, she tasks Ichika with making a sweets representing herself. This makes Ichika extremely nervous as they return to the shop, but while Pekorin is happy for her, the others seem anxious as she struggles to think up what Ciel is asking her for. She makes a simple shortcake and draws her image and name in chocolate, but as they assure her that this wasn't what she meant, and remind Ichika that she has to impress a professional she becomes even more flustered.

That evening, Bibury complains over all the lines she's been seeing wherever she goes today. Learning that this is one singular line she overhears some girls chatting about Ciel's patisserie and comes up with a plan.

The following day, the worn out Ichika shows up at the shop with her patisserie outfit. She's startled momentarily after thinking she saw Pekorin peeling fruit, but the strange figure vanishes. She's approached by Ciel who leads her to the counter, and looks around to see Pekorin isn't there while Ciel explains having prepared some new sweets. She invites Ichika to try them out after mentioning how kiwi was the theme for today, and as she listens to Ichika's praise for each one, she takes notes after taking a bite as well. Ichika is impressed to learn how frequently Ciel does this, with Ciel stating how necessary it is because there are several factors one must consider for each food item that will change the final result of a dish. Such as where it's grown, the variety, location, and harvest. She wants to create sweets from this infinite world of possibilities; but she decides to let Ichika show her what she's got.

While Ichika attempts to emulate Ciel's grand gestures from the prior day, the girls seem concerned for her back at KiraPati. With nothing to lose, Aoi suggests they go take a peek to satisfy their curiosity.

Ichika presents Ciel with her cake and explains what everything means; like it's shortcake base representing her love for her mom, who inspired her fondness for sweets in the first place. She also made a berry sauce to represent her deep admiration for Ciel, who looks at it sternly before trying a bite. She criticizes the dish for being unbalanced and having a broken sauce, but individually the components aren't bad and it's inspired her to create a new dish. She runs off to fetch the necessary items and comes back with a sweet dish resembling a fluffy pink rabbit jumping over a small cake with berry sauce, which she decides to name Rondeau de lapin, or frolicking rabbit. She has Ichika try a bite and reveals that as the rabbit was made from cotton candy, the cake is made from fromage blanc to balance it out.

She goes on to reveal that she was hoping Ichika would make something like this, so she will not be accepting her as an apprentice. While she's sad, Ichika tells Ciel it's alright since she knows she still has much to learn. Ciel heads off to make some tea for them while Ichika gloomily begins to observe her cake, complimenting Ciel's prowess for having created something so amazing from it. Spotting her sweets notebook nearby, Ichika takes a quick peek to see how much time and effort she's put into studying everything she does. She's left further impressed, and seeing how Ciel shares her same dream of bringing happiness to everyone through them causes her to become determined once more.

Just then Bibury shows up, and she uses her doll to suck up the KiraKiraru and they take off. Ichika tells her to stop and gives chase as Ciel returns having heard the commotion, and she follows behind to observe Ichika transform into Cure Whip. She barely manages to avoid being crushed by the large, fluff-covered monster after Bibury makes a hole for it to transport to Noir, and when she gets tossed aside Whip quickly comes to her defense to fight it off by using Whip Decoration. But in a surprise twist, they grab her and toss her against the building, stuck by her kirakiraru cream.

Bibury is delighted by how strong Ciel's sweets kirarkiraru is and she prepares to go again until Whip yells at her for trying to steal it away. She knows she isn't nearly as good as Ciel but she won't let them ruin her image of a happier world that she works so hard for, and with some help from Chocolat and the other girls, she manages to get free. Together they cast Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode!.

Ciel slowly loses consciousness as she witnesses Pretty Cure return Bibury's doll back to normal and return the stolen Kirakiraru. She awakens later on Ichika's lap as the sun begins setting and in a panic, quickly sits up trying to locate the magical girls she saw earlier. Ichika becomes nervous and quickly claims they left before getting up to announce she'll be heading home also. She thanks Ciel for what she did today and promises not to give up, then she runs off to join the girls, once again in high spirits and determined to get back to work.

Major Events

  • Kirahoshi Ciel makes her first full appearance, and her fairy form Kirarin also appears for the first time.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • The ending card features Cure Macaron in honor of her birthday, which coincided with the air date.


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キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第19話予告 「天才パティシエ!キラ星シエル!」

Episode 19 Preview

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