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Stop Julio! Kirakiraru of Hatred! (やめてジュリオ!憎しみのキラキラル! Yamete Jurio! Nikushimi no Kirakiraru!?) is the 22nd episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 657th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Julio arrives before the Cures again in a last-ditch effort to defeat them once and for all. After he attacks the Cures, Kirarin reveals that he is her twin brother Pikario. She tries to stop him but he pushes her away before sending the Cures to an underground cave. While there, the girls learn about how Kirarin and Pikario studied sweets while visiting France, but one day Pikario tells her that he hates sweets...


Julio releases the hatred and shadow within his heart, repairing his broken wand and unleashing a strong blast rendering the many fairies helpless. Whip manages to protect the other Cures with Whip Decoration, followed by them using their own attacks to fend him off. He effortlessly blasts them to the ground, but before he can attack the girls Kirarin yells out her brothers name, bringing him to a halt.

Recognizing his hair decoration, she can tell he's actually Pikario, and she begins to weep as she tells him how worried she was. Julio refuses to listen and tells her to stop, he doesn't care about her. He uses his rod and slashes at her, throwing her back to the girls before releasing a large blast of power that causes the girls to de-transform and fall through a large hole in the ground.

Sore and confused the girls discover they are now underground, but they begin to feel at ease surrounded by kirakiraru. Chourou admits to not having known about this location -and gets dropped by Pekorin in the process- as Kirarin begins to helplessly cry. He asks if something happened while they were in Paris, and Kirarin claims not to know. They went to a patisserie to study sweets making in secrecy from the humans and were very excited. They found an attic they could practice baking in and while it was hard at first, they had a lot of fun. But one stormy night she returned home just as he had taken off, declaring his hatred of her and sweets. She attempted to follow him but he was gone before she knew it, which is why she came here to Ichigo Mountain.

As Ichika now understands why Rio behaved the way he did, the girls are confronted by the irate Julio. He releases the shadows once more to entirely cover their surroundings and prepares to attack, forcing the girls to transform again by summoning five, large hands made from shadow power. He accuses Kirarin for being the reason he's like this as she tries to convince him to stop, then he easily overtakes the girls once more and he ground breaks beneath them, causing them to fall even further. Kirarin continues to try to break through to her brother as she reminds him of their precious memories; like the time she was upset her favorite whisk had broken, and he made waffles to cheer her up. Julio dismisses this and says that she is ignorant. She never cared about him.

She began studying under human's and with each passing day was improving, but every time he tried he was met with failure. Then one day she showed up suddenly as a human, and bragged that becoming a Pretty Cure would be really easy. She then went on to see the waffles he made and tried one, but she didn't like them as much as the ones he made back at home. She ignored the sadness brought to him and left again, and it just kept happening until he couldn't take it any longer. But it's fine, because while he was despairing, Noir appeared to encourage him to keep going. He sensed the strong, beautiful shadows within him and used dark kirakiraru to summon a wand for him. After he took it, he became Julio.

It's because of Kirarin that he now has the power to surpass both her and Pretty Cure. He prepares to attack her when Whip comes to her defense, but she begins to feel weakened as she takes note of a strange power within Julio she keeps sensing; one that seems to be reaching out to Kirarin. The others appear and help her steady and she tells them that within his heart, his feelings of Pikario are trying to hang on. Those who love his sister and want to be with her again, and to earn her approval, the feelings of pain that she withstands against his attacks knowing he's been in more pain for a long time. She tries to break through to him by telling him that when the power of shadows are strong, ones feelings must remain even stronger to withstand the pain. The feelings of love that the shadow's turned against him.

Julio's attack comes to a stop as he attempts to figure out how the girls can remain standing, and they use this time to use Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode! With it, Ichika manages to surpass the shadow barrier that remains, convincing him that she can feel those feelings he forced away. He wanted to put his feelings of love for his sister into the sweets he made, and those feelings will always live on. Julio weeps and tries his best to deny her words, but he weakens and the girls finish their attack, completely purifying him.

The Kirakiraru returns to the cave as Kirarin sadly acknowledges that even though she was always with Pikario she failed to see the pain he was in. She wasn't able to understand him the way Ichika could. She isn't able to embrace ones feelings and return their sparkle within like she can, and for that she feels heavy remorse. As this is going on Pekorin and Chourou comes across a glowing, unfamiliar location. Chourou remarks that the powers of the ancient Pretty Cure are located here.

Unknown to them all, Noir has been observing what went on from the entrance hole.

Major Events

  • It is revealed that Julio is actually Pikario, Kirarin's twin brother.
  • Kirarin and Pikario's backstory is also featured, explaining how Kirarin and Pikario became Ciel and Julio respectively.
  • Julio is purified with Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode thanks to Cure Whip and turns back into Pikario.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The animation of Custard, Gelato, Macaron and Chocolat's attack resembles the one the Cures use in the opening with the only differences being the background and the absence of Cure Whip.
  • This is the last episode to have Let's・La・Cookin'☆Showtime as the ending as it will be replaced by Shubidubi☆Sweets Time in the next episode.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第22話予告 「やめてジュリオ!憎しみのキラキラル!」

Episode 22 Preview

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