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The Transfer Student is the Fairy, Kirarin!? (転校生は妖精キラリン!? Tenkōsei wa Yōsei Kirarin!??) is the 24th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and is the 659th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


When Ciel is asked if she became Ichika's friend at school by Ichika's father, Ciel gets the idea to transfer to Ichika's school. However, things don't quite go to plan when she suddenly gets hungry...


Parfait is devastated to see Pikario in such a state as Chourou says that the ancient Pretty Cure has protected Pikario's spirit with the power of Kirakiraru. He will awaken some day, and with that Parfait promises that by the time this occurs, she'll work hard to show him how much better she's become as a person. Suddenly, the colored candle flames extend and transform into six orbs, one for each Cure. Chourou deems this a sacred message and Whip asks Parfait to join them, not just as a Pretty Cure, but friends. Parfait happily agrees.

At the town square, Ciel plans to give everything her all. But unsure of where to start, she becomes very impressed upon spotting Ichika's dad leading his karate team on a run and she asks to join in. At the Usami residents she trains with them until Ichika comes out to announce their curry is finished, and she's surprised to find Ciel there. Ciel's stomach grumbles and seeing her begin to worry, Ichika suggests she joins them for lunch. Ciel eagerly accepts -and eats several helpings- before Ichika's dad remarks on the coincidence that they know each other already. Ciel is happy because she wanted to learn more about Ichika, and she decides that attending school would be a good start, since they are Patisserie friends.

Ciel arrives at school the following day and instantly wows everyone with how smart she is; with the exception of a phrase she gets wrong during Japanese. She studies to learn from the mistake until lunch arrives, and because of her not realizing this, she didn't bring anything. Her tummy begins to grumble again and she suddenly transforms back into Kirarin. The students are shocked at this and proceed to chase her after she quickly runs away, taking shelter in a box Aoi happened to have. From above, Ichika gathers material vaguely resembling Kirarin and throws it past the window where Himari is outside waiting. As Aoi directs the girls outside, Himari picks it up and the girls are forced to give up, no longer seeing anything.

Kirarin flies outside safely when the Principal happens to spot the box she's in. The girls panic until Ichika's able to distract him by making a joke, allowing them to retrieve the box while he laughs and run away. Once in a safe location, Kirarin tells the three girls about how she can't maintain her human form with an empty stomach. They gently scold her for not saying anything before but Kirarin explains that it's never been a problem before, and it embarrasses her. They assure her it's alright though, because they want to learn more about her as well. Kirarin cheers up and the girls invite her to have lunch.

After lunch, Kirarin changes back into Ciel. Suddenly, Grave arrives and steals the Kirakiraru. The girls see this and transform, with Macaron and Chocolat arriving just as they finish to join in. Grave brings Nendos to life and Parfait leaps into battle, quickly binding its hands to keep it from attacking. But before she can finish, she's forced to let go, Macaron quickly catching her to keep her from harm. Whip reminds her that they are also there and they perform their attacks, allowing Parfait to use Parfait Étoile on Nendos.

With the battle over, Grave takes off in a grumpy mood. The girls take this time to observe their opponent, until Parfait's stomach grumbles again and she turns back to Kirarin. The girls decide to have a snack and head over to KiraPati, where Ciel has been given a uniform to match theirs. They quickly prepare some cupcakes, with Ciel showing off her decoration skills with the frosting. But just as she finishes, Ichika gets a flash, and she puts some little candy chicks on top to turn it into an animal sweet. Ciel compliments this and the girls happily observe their new creation.

Major Events

  • It is revealed that Pikario is resting at the shrine in Ichigoyama.
  • The Cures receive some special orbs from the legendary patisserie.
  • Ciel enrolls in Ichika's school, and it is revealed that whenever she gets too hungry, she reverts back into Kirarin.
  • Grave and Elisio make their first appearance. In addition to that, Grave attacks the Cures for the first time.
  • Parfait uses Parfait Etoile for the first time.
  • Ciel receives her Kirakira Patisserie uniform and makes her first sweet with the other Cures.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The opening is updated to include Ciel/Cure Parfait.
  • The Cures except Ciel started wearing their summer clothes in this episode. In addition to that, they all switched out to their summer school uniforms.


Risa's hair colour is wrong

  • In one shot where the students sees Kirarin, Risa's hair colour was mistakenly colored dark brown instead of brown-auburn.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第24話予告 「転校生は妖精キラリン!?」

Episode 24 Preview

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