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A Blazing Live Battle! Aoi VS Misaki! (アツ~いライブバトル!あおいVSミサキ! Atsu~i Raibu Batoru! Aoi VS Misaki!?) is the 27th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 662nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Aoi is thrilled to be able to perform at the Blue Rock Festival, where she meets her idol, Misaki Ayane. However, when their showtimes overlap, Aoi is discouraged by the incredibly small crowd. Her friends try to cheer her up, but a failed attempt drives Aoi away. Suddenly, Elisio shows up to draw Kirakiraru, he happens to stumble upon Aoi...


Aoi is practicing with her band one day when it's been revealed that Wild Azur was invited to perform in the upcoming Blue Rock Fest. Aoi is very excited as she recalls Ayane will be performing there too.

Meanwhile, the group is at KiraPati trying to determine why Ciel's sphere became an animal statue. They don't have any ideas as they compare it to their own, which are still spheres. Aoi bursts into the room just then to reveal the good news, but when Ciel expresses confusion they explain what a rock festival is before congratulating her. Aoi claims they were only accepted due to another band breaking up, but she's happy regardless.

Come the first day of Blue Rock Fest, Wild Azur arrives just in time to spot Ganache arrive. Ayane begins speaking to the flustered Aoi while revealing it was she who chose them to replace the other group, as she's had her eye on them since seeing their battle performance. Aoi is very excited, and before Ayane goes she asks for her autograph, leaving Ayane curious as she brings up how performing on the same stage as her was her dream. She takes off and Mizushima goes on to tell her group something troubling; the same information Himari reveals to the other girls after they show up for support: Ganache will perform twice, once of which will take place at the same time as Wild Azur. They will both be performing on alternate stages in a battle to see which group garners more attention from the fans.

Wild Azur is beginning to feel the pressure of having to go against Ayane's group while Aoi remains hopeful things will work out since Ayane approved of them anyway, but after stepping out on stage to find a handful of fans awaiting, she starts to feel hopeless as the girls try to cheer for her. She does her best singing until overhearing the audience from Ganache's stage, which causes her to freeze up, and seeing some people leave causes her further anxiety. After finishing the song she thanks those who remained there and abruptly leaves the stage, where the group sadly stand feeling defeat. Mizushima attempts to help Aoi realize that she still got a precious memory from this event, in that she was able to stand on stage along with Ayane, and Aoi attempts to put on a smile and agree with him. She acknowledges that they were up against a tough opponent, so they couldn't have expected to win. The others agree but none of them are able to shake off their feelings of disappointment.

That evening, Aoi heads to the KiraPati while the other girls discuss how the day went. They wanted Aoi to succeed and thought she did well, but Yukari brings up that comparing her group to Ganache left them feeling the way they did now because they focused on it so much. But this is why they want to make sweets for Aoi to encourage her. Aoi forces another smile before entering the room, and she acts like her normal self as the girls become flustered by her sudden appearance. Ichika quickly claims they were going to make some juice and gummies and she decides to stick around to lend a hand. They prepare several gummies with heart and spherical molds, but once they finish the girls note that while they taste good, they have a tough and chewy texture. Ichika happily remarks on how it reminds her of Aoi, but she mistakenly takes this the wrong way as the others comment as well, leading her to think that just being her -a failure- isn't good enough. She cries and runs from the KiraPati.

Meanwhile, Elisio begins sucking up Kirakiraru until he spots Aoi running from the rock fest grounds until she collapses in grief. Weeping while asking for answers. He approaches her to claim she is feeling envious, and he wants to cultivate the shadows within her. Aoi barely manages to dodge the first card he throws at her, but he throws several more that grab Aoi and force her to stand still. She tries to ignore him as he brings up her lack of skill in being able to keep up with others, even her friends. He takes out another card and manages to brainwash Aoi, making her transform into Cure Gelato as the others arrive. He leaves after telling her to destroy those who hurt her, and she heads back to the rock fest grounds, destroying whatever gets in her path.

The others attempt to snap her out of it after they transform and Elisio summons a popsicle monster to stop them. He encourages Gelato to destroy the stage but Whip yells at her not to; she loves the stage more than anything, and she'd never resort to something like this. Gelato slowly snaps out of her brainwashing as she envisions herself singing, and she remembers how much the stage means to her and her dream. She wants to keep reaching further, so she must keep going. Gelato weeps as her ambitions reach out to her sphere, transforming it into a lion statue. She turns back into Aoi and thanks the others for their help, then she turns to Elisio and tells him that all of her feelings that she has, those of envy and likewise, are what need to be put into her music.

Encouraged once more, she transforms back into Cure Gelato to use Gelato Shake to freeze the monsters arms together. The other four use their Kirakiraru to toss it into the air, followed by Parfait purifying it. With his defeat, things return to normal and Elisio takes off. Aoi happily tells him that she'll perform the best song for him next time, and Macaron makes a comment that brings inspiration to Whip.

The following day, Wild Azur return to the audience to watch Ganache perform, then they head backstage to personally visit Ayane when she finishes. Aoi presents her with a chewy whale gummy and explains how she aspires to be this way. She then exchanges hands with Ayane while promising not to lose next time.

Major Events

  • Wild Azur meet Ayane for the first time and Aoi declares herself Ayane's rival.
  • Cure Gelato's sphere turns into a lion-shaped glass statue.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Both versions of Soul Believer sung by Aoi and Ayane respectively are played during the episode.
  • Aoi's character song, Blue Sky Alright, plays during Aoi's transformation and the battle against Elisio's monster.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第27話予告 「アツ~いライブバトル!あおいVSミサキ!」

Episode 27 Preview

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