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Make It Rise! Himari's Great Sweets Experiment! (ふくらめ!ひまりのスイーツ大実験! Fukurame! Himari no Suītsu Daijikken!?) is the 28th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 663rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Himari gets a chance to assist Tachibana Yuu -author of her favorite book series- with a live experiment! But will she be able to get past her shyness and tendency to hide in the background to focus on creating the tricky cake he plans on making?


It's a fairly normal day at KiraPati, with the exception of a strange man who eagerly devours the sweet he purchased after taking a small bite.

Meanwhile, Chourou notes that the Kirakiraru possessed by CIel and Aoi was what caused their crystal's to change shape. Himari takes a spongecake she cooked from the oven and happily takes note of how successful her theory was regarding it. She was able to make it raise more because of preparing the eggs over warm water. The girls compliments her efforts and she shyly tries to dismiss it as Ciel arrives to reveal that not only was she put onto the cover of a magazine, but their shop got featured in it. As the girls admire their group photo that was taken for the article, they note how Himari is shyly hiding behind them. She insists she's alright with this though, because she is just happy to get to explain the science behind sweets to them.

The others try to tell Himari that it's because of her efforts their sweets come out so well, but she becomes distracted when a slip of paper falls from the tray of used plates Akira brought in. She recognizes the paper as a note the strange man from earlier wrote, and to Himari's surprise she notices it's covered in sugar-based equations. Just then the man shows up and determines it's Himari who must be focusing on sweets science in the kitchen, and he makes a remark that she recognizes. But before she can say anything he launches into a sudden quiz to test her. Seeing how nervous she is, Aoi attempts to come to her aid by asking the man who he is, and just as it dons on Himari, the man reveals he's none other than Yuu Tachibana, author of the Science of Sweets books she loves so much. He came in search of an assistant for a live he'll be doing tomorrow and he's decided to make it Himari; after he asks some questions.

Himari can hardly believe her luck, and while she's nervous she agrees to this and they sit down. He starts by asking for the temperature one should cook sugar for the caramel sauce on pudding, what the whiteness on room temperature chocolate is, and lastly the ideal temperature for butter to put on spongecake, and she answers each one correct. He decides to take Himari on and hands over the flyer for tomorrow's event, but she becomes anxious and asks if she is okay for this important role he's given her. Before going, he asks Himari what the most important thing one must keep in mind when making a spongecake rise, but Himari fails to give him the correct answer, leaving her feeling concerned as he suggests she show up tomorrow to find out.

The following day the "Giant Sweets Science Experiment" begins and Himari has become a bundle of nerves. As she silently panics she and their goal sweet to bake are revealed to the audience; they will be attempting to make a large spongecake. Ciel expresses concern and explains to the girls that when cooking something large, it's important to make sure it's thoroughly cooked without ruining the outside. Tachibana is confident they will succeed though, revealing the brand new "Tachibana Ultra Power-Cooking Mega-Oven" that they will be using and they get started. Tachibana has Himari crack several eggs and put them into a large bowl, then they put the bowl into a large container of hot water and Himari uses a large mixer to combine sugar with the eggs. He explains the process of allowing the eggs to relax but Himari starts to become flustered as temperature continues to rise unexpectedly, and she yells out to Tachibana when he gets distracted.

They resume and by now Himari is beginning to feel a bit more confident. She suggests they add a little more milk than what was calculated because otherwise it might get dry around the edges. He agrees and they continue to mix, eventually adding in the butter and flour and putting it into the large oven to bake. Ciel determines that the baking step is the most difficult, because even the smallest screw-up can ruin the cake, and everyone watches anxiously until it finishes. It comes out spotless, but after a moment it starts to deflate and crack down the center.

Tachibana quickly deduces that the lift had a hard time dealing with it's heavy weight. Himari apologizes after assuming she's to blame for their mistake, but he reminds her of his question from the other day and asks her for an answer again. He tells her it's the feelings the baker has for their product, how they must put in courage and earnestly take care of every detail. Himari's desire for knowledge is what led them this far, and their experiment was still a success even if it didn't come out perfectly. Tachibana calms Himari down as everyone applauds their efforts, and he encourages her to interact with their audience.

As she begins by thanking everyone for attending, Grave suddenly shows up having sensed Kirakiraru. However, he complains that their cake is a big mess and not worth any attention. He goes on to scold his minions for their failure to do their jobs, then he transforms them into a cake monster after stealing away all of the Kirakiraru from the audience and Tachibana. Himari refuses to let him take away the happiness instilled upon her from his event, and together the girls transform. However, the cake monster withstands their attacks and Grave attempts to discourage Custard by saying someone like her can't do anything. She refuses to listen as she thinks back to the times past when she came Cure Custard, and how she managed to surpass her weakness before; because it's not something she can do, but something that can be one because of who she is.

She instructs Whip and Gelato to combine their kirakiraru to form a large cream dollop, which Parfait then kicks into the monster to knock it down and release Chocolat and Macaron. Then with them, she prepares a large kirakiraru ball of batter to hold the monster in place, allowing Parfait to purify it.

Things return to normal and Tachibana awakens to discover the girls in the middle of baking for the audience. Himari explains that Ichika had an idea so they decided to repurposed the spongecake by crumbling it up, then they combined cream cheese with it to make several cake balls, which they then decorated to resemble baby birds. Everyone applauds once more and Himari feels relief to know that she has become a little more positive in regards to herself today, and she's very happy to see them enjoying themselves. Just then she feels something and she removes her sphere from her pocket to witness it transform into a crystal statue of a squirrel with Ichika.

Major Events

  • Tachibana Yuu, the author of Himari's sweet science books, first appears.
  • Himari's crystal sphere turns into a squirrel-shaped crystal statue.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Himari's character song Petit*Party∞Science plays during a montage of Himari helping Yuu bake the giant sponge cake.
  • This is the first episode were all six cures transform together.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第28話予告 「ふくらめ!ひまりのスイーツ大実験!」

Episode 28 Preview

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