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The School Festival Is Targeted! Chocolat・In・Wonderland (狙われた学園祭!ショコラ・イン・ワンダーランド Nerawareta Gakuensai! Shokora・In・Wandārando?) is the 30th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 665th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Akira is tasked with leading her classes attraction for the upcoming School Festival. But when she finds out Miku will be visiting, she becomes consumed with worry and isn't able to focus. Then she is forced to make a tough decision when both the festival-goers and Miku are taken captive!


The girls arrive to observe the large Alice In Wonderland themed cultural festival set up by Akira and Yukari's class. Akira joins them to reveal she's been elected chairman of the committee and the "King of Hearts". With her is Miku and their grandmother, Tomi, who thanks the girls for being their friends. Akira confesses that she really wanted to be with Miku today, but because of her position she'll be forced to run around a lot. Miku assures her it's fine though, and to ease her concerns Ichika invites her to join their group.

Inside, the girls go over the special tradition that states ones feelings will be returned if they make cookies and gift them to their beloved. But before they can talk more Akira gets called away, and after taking another step one of the students donning a cat costume invites them to experience the full festival by dressing up as fairy tale characters; Ichika the white rabbit, Himari an egg, Aoi a lion, Ciel is a gyrphon, Pekorin has been given a pink Mad Hatter hat, Tomi is a mouse, and Miku is Alice.

Akira arrives to find her fanclub members trying to calm down a little girl who has been crying. She easily assures her that everything will be fine and asks the girls to begin searching.

Meanwhile, the others are sitting down for a tea party, where it's mentioned that Akira put a lot of effort into making this festival a good one. She suggested making chocolate sweets because of happy they make others, with Miku feeling at ease because she's reminded of her sister.

Akira helps to reunite the little girl and her mother, but before they go she gives the girl a dog-shaped chocolate for behaving. The little girl loves it and thanks her, but her response causes Akira to think about Miku and she feels a little saddened.

The girls decide to make some cookies when they discover Yukari has been given the role of "Queen of Hearts", who is given a ride around the festival while advertising various attractions. She decides to join the others in baking after they tell her their plans, and upon arrival everyone puts on an apron while being instructed to think of their most precious person while working. While some are unsure, Miku seems to have already made up her mind when she begins decorating them once they cool down, using a chocolate pen to make doggies. But she expresses a desire to make them even more special, so the girls come to her side to decorate them further with cute things like flowers and ribbons made of chocolate. She runs off to fetch cute wrapping but she begins to cough, so Tomi escorts her outside.

Akira is preparing to head elsewhere until she spots them, and she worriedly runs over to check on Miku. She begins to blame herself after they explain what happened and attempt to ease her mind by saying a little cough is nothing to worry over. She's forced to leave due to how much she's needed right now.

As this is going on the little girl from earlier wants to give some cookies to Akira as thanks but Elisio shows up, intending to strike Akira. He uses his cards to suck up all of the Kirakiraru from the sweets and festival-goers. Akira attempts to locate Miku when he summons a sphere of shadows that send her to another location as the others try following after her, only to be stopped by a large card monster. They transform into Pretty Cure as Akira gets confronted by two of them, and she transforms into Cure Chocolat just in time to find out she's been placed at a trial bench. As she witnesses everyone from the festival has been placed in one mirror, and Miku in another, Elisio accuses Chocolat for caring more about them then her sickly sister. He plays evidence of the days events before asking her who she would save, everyone isn't an option though, she must choose one side.

He summons a large scale-like device that draws out the Kirakiraru from each mirror until there's nothing left. Chocolat attempts to break the device using her Kirakiraru, but this provides no use and she can only helplessly watch as it continues to pull in the Kirakiraru from everyone. She fights off the large card monsters as the others attempt to break through the shadow sphere to reach her, but Elisio prevents her from helping the victims by throwing her attacks back at her. She demands to know his reasons for why he's doing this and he explains that by protecting something, other things are put at risk. The hardships of trying to protect a loved one eventually chips away at a person; so he thinks she just needs to save her sister and let everyone else suffer.

Chocolat rises while telling Elisio that sometimes she may have contradicting feelings. But she refuses to let anyone suffer for it. Her resolve to protect everyone despite the toll it takes on her causes her crystal sphere to transform into a dog statue and she releases her Kirakiraru onto both sides of the machine, causing it to overload. Everyone gets released from their prison, but with Chocolat weakened now, Elisio criticizes her decision and prepares to attack. To their surprise, Kirakiraru begins to surround Chocolat and they come to the realization that everyone wants to give her their support. She thanks them and rises with her strength returned, and Elisio summons an even larger monster as the others break through the barrier to join her. They quickly grab onto it to allow Ciel to purify it.

With everything back to normal, the girls begin to worry for Akira's health until they spot her handing out cookies nearby. She apologizes as she rejoins them and explains her reasons for wanting to thank everyone as Yukari teasingly points out that one can make multiple important persons. Ichika, Himari, Aoi, and Ciel eagerly run off to go make more now that they know they can make a lot for others, and Akira approaches Miku to exchange cookies with her.

Major Events

  • Akira's crystal sphere turns into a dog-shaped glass statue.
  • Akira and Miku's grandmother, Kenjou Tomi, appears for the first time.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Akira's character song Chocolat・Etoile plays while she tries to save her sister and the townspeople from having their Kirakiraru drained.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第30話予告 「狙われた学園祭!ショコラ・イン・ワンダーランド!」

Episode 30 Preview

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