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Holding Back The Tears! The Reason Ichika Smiles! (涙はガマン!いちか笑顔の理由! Namida wa Gaman! Ichika Egao no Riyū!?) is the 31st episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 666th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ichika has been taught to smile through her tears to avoid making others feel sadness. She is then forced to put this to practice when her mom suddenly shows up for a short visit, unaware that she may not be the only one hiding their pain...


Ichika recalls a memory from childhood as she sees a little girl crying one day at the KiraPati. She offers some sweets to the little girl to calm her down, and as the mother and daughter leave they come across a woman holding a picture. She smiles realizing she has the right place and steps inside, where she proceeds to embrace Ichika after surprising her and the other girls. Ichika is so happy that she wants to cry, but she forces herself to awkwardly try to calm down as her mom goes on to introduce herself to the girls.

It's then Genichirou joins them to reveal he had no idea she would be stopping by, and Satomi explains that she had some free time. She admires the shop and it sweets while wondering what Ichika made recently, impressed to learn that she handles decoration for everything. Yukari seems to notice how stiffly Ichika interacts with her mom and she asks when she will be leaving. Ichika is saddened to learn she can only stay until tomorrow afternoon, but she smiles as the others let her leave early.

The Usami family head out to a cafe for some food when Satomi appears momentarily troubled after Ichika remarks on something. She suggests they get some cake ingredients, causing Ichika to recall the shortcake she worked so hard to make for her mom a while back when she was supposed to visit. She quickly lies by saying she has some business to do when her parents question her odd response, and she starts bickering with her dad when he brings up making dinner for everyone later.

After dinner Ichika begins to feel a little down seeing as it's now 8pm, and when her mom gets a concerning call she'd led to believe it's an emergency. Even when it turns out everything is fine, Ichika's father notices she looks tired and asks if she is okay. Ichika takes notice as well and quickly forces herself to shake it off, and she heads into the restroom to prepare a bath for her mother. Satomi seems to be worried, and once Ichika goes to bed she comes to her bedroom to pay her a visit before she tucks herself in for the night. She's come to realize that since she's been gone, Ichika has grown a lot.

As she sleeps, Ichika recalls the memory of when her mom told her that she would be working overseas. The medical staff she works with was willing to wait until Ichika graduated, and now that she has, she must leave. Ichika was sad but she perked up, excitedly chattering over how cool it would be for her mom to help those in need, unaware of how sad her mom looked. Ichika awakens just then and after observing her graduation photograph, she encourages herself to focus on baking a great cake.

She heads straight to the kitchen to get started, not noticing Kirarin and Pekorin spying on her from the window. When they see her struggle to get it to rise properly they join her to lend a hand, it's almost 8am. Ichika is starting to become distressed as the cake continues to fail with each try she makes, Kirarin deducing that the Kirakiraru isn't staying in the cake because of her feelings. As this is going on Genichirou speaks with his wife to ask when her flight will be, and she suggests they leave by noon. They are joined by Ichika, who can hardly speak as she holds her deflated shortcake helplessly wondering why it isn't working now. She attempts to smile despite the tears that fall, and apologizes for not making something good as she starts to cry again.

Genichirou seems to be aware of what she's been doing and he encourages her not to be so hard on herself before leaving her with Satomi, who expresses displeasure with herself for having taken their time apart for granted. She begins to weep while embracing Ichika, saying that she's grown to become a very kind and considerate girl, and she apologizes for making her feel so lonely all this time. Ichika begins to cry as she tells her that she isn't alone, and she feels bad for knowing that this whole time she was only putting on a brave face for her sake. They cry together as the fairies take off, and with her feelings of love restored Ichika returns to the kitchen to whip up a shortcake for her mom. She then joins her parents as they make their way to the airport to see Satomi off, but just then she senses something and looks up to find Grave stealing Kirakiraru. She hands over the cake while telling her mom she won't be able to make it, but she'll always continue to support her work. As someone who puts in so much effort at the KiraPati she feels like she can understand her a little more now, and she's learned that she has things she must take care of too.

Ichika runs after Grave and transforms into Cure Whip, where she makes her presence known and is joined by the others. Grave summons a large cake monster that shoots out flames from its candles at the girls. But they work together to stop it, with Whip standing against the large flame aimed at her as she uses her Kirakiraru to send it back.

As this is going on Satomi is at the airport with Genichirou and while waiting they open up the cake box to see that Ichika wrote a message for her mom and drew a design based on her above it.

Grave is confused by how happy Whip looks, and she tells him that she's smiling for victory. She wants to make everyone in the world smile, which gives her the strength to keep fighting. She blasts the cake monster away and with the girls they cast Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode!.

With things back to normal, Whip happily sees that her crystal sphere has become a rabbit statue now. Hearing a plane fly overhead, she turns with a smile to watch it.

Major Events

  • Ichika's crystal turns into a crystal rabbit.
  • Ichika's mother, Usami Satomi, appears in person for the first time.
  • Bibury is powered up and brainwashed again by Noir.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第31話予告 「涙はガマン!いちか笑顔の理由!」

Episode 31 Preview

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