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With 6 Shining Personalities! Kirakiraru Creamer! (キラッと輝け6つの個性!キラキラルクリーマー! Kiratto Kagayake Muttsu no Kosei! Kirakiraru Kurīmā!!?) is the 32nd episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 667th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls get sent back in time while battling with the brainwashed Bibury, seeking help from the legendary Cure Lumiere!


The Cures return to the cave where they first got their crystal spheres and take them out hoping for answers on why they have all changed shape recently. In a dark flash Bibury appears and they can tell she's been overtaken by Noir as she unleashes a blast of dark magic. They attempt to break through to her but she refuses to listen, forcing them to try using their Candy Rod's to try to purify her. However, this causes a strange reaction and the girls get thrown through a portal -along with Pekorin- as they see Cure Lumiere momentarily appear.

In the strange version of Strawberry Hill the girls become uneasy as they witness the thick shadow covering the town and everyone has become sad and angry. They quickly determine they must have been taken back to the past after spotting the clock tower is in the process of being built. Several shadow wolves appear to attack, but to their surprise they spot Cure Lumiere, who shows up to fight them off. They lend her a hand with their own attacks and after disposing of the wolves, they introduce themselves to her. But, Lumiere is very confused because she doesn't recognize the girls, nor can she recall giving them their crystals. She brings the girls back to the KiraPati she runs and after the girls see she's trying to help all of the towns people with her sweets they offer to lend her a hand. She accepts and they get to work.

Meanwhile, Bibury is in a poor mood because of being forced to stop fighting the Cures and losing Iru. Seeing how depressed everyone is, she slowly begins to realize this setting is familiar, and she remembers her youth when she had been abandoned. She was alone and scared, surrounded by those shadow wolves. As she looks on to see Noir in the distance it dons on her that he had been the cause of her loneliness and is very shaken.

As they bake cupcakes for the towns people, the girls get to know Lumiere while explaining that they handle the KiraPati in their time currently. She shows them her favorite, old-fashioned piping tool and after giving everyone their cupcakes to restore their happiness, Ichika becomes inspired while she explains their happiness is why she keeps fighting. She decorates the cupcakes with cream and decorative pieces resembling a mother and baby kangaroo, explaining that Lumiere is like a mother watching over town.

Suddenly, the girls and their crystals begin to glow and Lumiere believes she now understands. They are momentarily interrupted by a distraught BIbury, who runs into the shop for safety and cries, explaining that she understands the truth now. She tells them of how Noir to blame for her past and with empathy they allow her to remain in the shop with them as Noir approaches, angered that Lumiere would rid of his shadows. Lumiere transforms and touches her piping tool and before flying off, she tells the girls how their animal statues represent each of them and what makes them unique, and their new powers are reawakening. They must protect the future, while this time is hers and with her strong shine within, she has the power to do so. She entrusts her precious memory to them and returns them back to their time.

Holding Iru, Bibury sadly begins to cry again while the others attempt to get her to understand that they want to help her. Even if their sadness is different, this is what allows them to help each other recover, and they can understand her feelings. Bibury can't understand why they would be so kind to her though, when Iru suddenly comes back to life to announce how angry Noir is. He latches onto her face and she can't get him off, forcing the girls to transform as he uses her to become a large, new monster. The girls easily manage to fight him off and work their way to his body, but their combined purifying attack with Parfait barely phases him, throwing them back.

They try to reach Bibury from within Iru but the darkness overtakes her as she begs for their help. Their animal statues appear and begin glowing again, with Cure Lumiere sending the last of her help to them. Pekorin appears with her piping tool and with each girl giving it their unique Cure traits, it transforms into a new item, the Kirakiraru Creamer. It splits into six separate weapons and they insert their statues into it, powering up the weapon to allow them to use their new purifying attack, Animal Go Round!.

With the shadow entirely gone, Bibury weakly loses consciousness as Iru fades away. The girls rush to her side and Pekorin reveals to Chourou that she met Cure Lumiere and he comes to the conclusion that this location must be the resting site of Lumiere's spirit.

Major Events

  • The Cures travel back in time and meet the legendary patisserie Cure Lumiere.
  • The Kirakiraru Creamer appears for the first time and the purpose of the Crystal Animals is revealed.
  • The Cures perform Animal Go Round! for the first time.
  • Bibury is purified and is freed from Noir's influence. Iru is destroyed in the process.


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Secondary Characters


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第32話予告 「キラッと輝け6つの個性!キラキラルクリーマー!」

Episode 32 Preview

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