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Sweets Are Dangerous!? Resurrect, Dark Animals! (スイーツがキケン!復活、闇のアニマル! Suītsu ga Kiken! Fukkatsu, Yami no Animaru!?) is the 33rd episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 668th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With the newly purified Bibury working at KiraKira Patisserie and the Cures getting to know their Crystal Animals, a new servant of darkness appears. Soon, hatred takes over the town and the girls are shocked to discover their sweets are the cause of it!


The girls admire the transformed animal statues as they spring to life and greet their partners. But as they recall Cure Lumiere's plight to protect the world from Noir's darkness and how she has been guiding them even now, they stand in admiration.

Back at the shop the girls are busy at work serving customers and baking cupcakes, which they are running low on for some reason. Ciel has come by to lend them a hand and explains her shop is closed today. Akira brings up the cupcakes when the girls are surprised to find the guilty party responsible for eating so many: Bibury. She continues to stuff her face -and feed Pekorin- and complains over their initial suspicions as they approach her, and after calling them out for determining how old she really is, she asks for forty more cupcakes. The girls are alarmed by such a high number, but Ciel comes up with a solution that satisfies them; if they are going to keep feeding Bibury, she should help them out.

With no other choice Bibury agrees, and Ciel helps to guide her prepare a batch of cupcakes. The girls are initially concerned until they see everything is going alright, and they are happy to see Kirakiraru forming from her efforts. Seeing it for the first time since her purification Bibury warmly admires it.

Just then, a sound alarms the group and they rush outside to see it's suddenly become dark and dreary. They don't see anything out of the usual as a shadowy figure runs through the forest nearby, but they are concerned to see the couple who left their shop earlier is now feuding. Not only them, but the other people surrounding them have become hostile and are angrily berating each other or picking fights. The couple separate and the girls are shocked to discover the kirakiraru from their cupcakes has vanished.

A wolf-like creature of darkness appears before the girls and demands they hand over their sweets. They recall seeing creatures like this from the past recently and prepare to fight, but it refuses and takes off. Bibury informs the girls that this creature is Diable, a servant of Noir who darkens kirakiraru just being near it. It enters the heart and turns it to anger, which they have witnessed. Lumiere wasn't able to permanently seal away Noir, so they won't be able to stop it now. Ichika suggests they just keep making more sweets but Bibury assures them this won't work, leading Yukari to comment on how a lack of sweets would mean less-strength for Diable.

This causes the girls to begin to feel saddened as Himari brings up sweets lack of nutritional value, essentially meaning that they are useless and have no purpose or meaning. Ichika sadly realizes that the very thing they were making to help others feel happiness will lead to their suffering instead. As it begins to rain, the crystal animals suddenly take off. The girls attempt to stop them but their concern goes unnoticed to the little determined creatures, so they return to the shop to change and grab some umbrella, then they split up to search for them.

The girls remain hopeful as they search, with Aoi explaining to Himari that despite being "empty calories" shops still sell sweets, and there must be a reason for it. They make everyone so happy when they eat them.

Meanwhile, Ciel searches around the mountain and recalls how she used to lovingly prepare sweets with the other fairies. As this is going on, she happens to stumble upon something while Yukari joins Akira to ask her how things would be without having sweets.

Ciel runs back into the cave where the girls met Cure Lumiere to see Kirakiraru surrounding Pikario's unconscious body. Through this, he tells her to keep believing in their power.

Ichika sadly walks along the park as she thinks about no longer having sweets, but as she happens to spot the box of cupcakes the couple left behind, she recalls the precious memories she's had because of them. Without sweets she never would have met her friends, and she wouldn't have been able to express her true feelings to her mom either. The sun begins to shine as Ichika looks up to the sky to see the rain has stopped. She smiles and runs back to the shop to find the others waiting for her, along with the crystal animals.

When Diable reappears to confront the girls they stand against him, refusing to abandon the sweets that brought everyone so much joy. They transform into Pretty Cure and quickly bind Diable using their kirakiraru, but he effortlessly breaks it apart and dissolves its body into the ground, using what remains to form large clawed arms or legs to attack them. As they girls barely manage to dodge Diable's attack they happen to find their crystal animals trying to show them something. They follow them and lift them up to cast Animal Go Round!

As everything returns to normal the girls hold their crystal animals as the remains of Diable flee the area. Back in the shop, Ichika decorates her little crystal bunny with the special piping tool Lumiere left for them. The girls gently bond with their little animal friends -except for Aoi, who gets hurt by the little claws her lion has- and Ciel returns to Bibury to collect her before she leaves for her shop. They need to get ready for opening tomorrow. Bibury is frustrated until Ciel reminds her of what she said earlier and the girls decide to get back to work as the couple from before return to the shop.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Diable, a servant of Noir from the past, appears in the present for the first time.
  • The Crystal Animals are seen in-world for the first time.


  • From this episode onward, the Cures change back to their winter clothes, and Ciel's winter dress is seen for the first time.
  • The ending card features Cure Chocolat because the airdate coincided with her birthday.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第33話予告 「スイーツがキケン!?復活、闇のアニマル!」

Episode 33 Preview

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