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A Small Yet Big Fight! The Cat Yukari vs The Fairy Kirarin! (小さな大決闘!ねこゆかりvs妖精キラリン! Chīsana Daikettō! Neko Yukari vs Yōsei Kirarin!?) is the 34th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 669th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


After switching bodies with her crystal animal, Yukari learns about the sudden conflicts between the town's cats and fairies over who should use the lake. In their attempts to keep peace Yukari and Kirarin get involved when a dark force possesses both groups.


Yukari is enjoying the autumn breeze with her cat crystal animal. She uses the kirakiraru from the piping wand in her purse to give it a little macaron hat, which it likes very much. Suddenly, it hops out of her hand. It leads Yukari to the lake, where she continues searching for it until Ciel arrives with a basket of fruits. They awkwardly greet each other and make little effort to have a full conversation until Ciel decides to return to her shop.

The crystal kitty hops out of the bush after she leaves and resumes hopping around the area while Yukari curiously watches it. It launches itself at her and beams her right in the head, causing them to fall back. When she awakens to see her body before her, Yukari discovers that she's become a cat. She isn't very shocked by the turn of events though, in fact she seems amused.

Yukari walks along the brick fencing surrounding the school when she happens to overhear a commotion; some cats got into a fight with the fairies over the lake. The fairies didn't like them hanging around it and they started harassing them, but the lake belongs to everyone so it's no fair to exclude them. Three-Star Cat is very unhappy with this and Yukari decides to approach them also, where she quickly manages to charm the suspicious cats by rubbing their bellies the way she would as a human. Three-Star cat is aware something is off about her, and they ask for help leading them in battle against the fairies. She agrees since it sounds interesting.

Meanwhile, at KiraPati the girls are about to start thinking up fall sweets when "Yukari" arrives. They greet her but she hardly acknowledges them, approaching the table where she sniffs out a bag of dried sardines in Akira's bag. She takes them out and quickly downs them, then she goes on to meow, confusing the girls greatly. In the other room Pekorin and Chourou comfort Yapapa, who got attacked by the cats. He was collecting water with another fairy and for some reason everyone became on edge and a fight broke out. Chourou is very confused because prior to then, the cats and fairies have lived in harmony.

To assist in fixing the problem, Ciel joins them and transforms back into Kirarin. She gets together with Pekorin and the other fairies and they prepare sweets for the cats, who they then call out to the lake to eat together. Yukari feels a dark presence coming from the lake, leading her to recall what Diable's influence caused last time, but before she can say anything, it returns to warp the hearts of the fairies and cats. A fight ensues as Kirarin and Yukari attempt to stop it from the sidelines. Seeing as this won't work Yukari gets an idea, and she manages to stop them by issuing a challenge. She suggests that she as lead of the cats due battle with the lead of the fairies, which is Kirarin. The losing team will get out of town forever.

After taking a moment to wonder how she knows this mysterious purple cat, Kirarin accepts her terms seeing how hurt everyone is. They exchange rapid claw and paw punches but manage to evade each other, until Yukari leaps high into the air to blind Kirarin, allowing her to pin her to the ground. She holds her claws near Kirarin's face and pulls back after being declared the winner. She goes on to declare that because she was the lone victor, this entire town now belongs to her- which means all the fairies, and all the other cats, and even people, must leave. Everyone is shocked by this declaration, and Kirarin refuses to let her do such a thing, so they resume fighting.

Pekorin awakens from her temporary time knocked out to witness this, and she rushes to call Kirarin back when she rushes at Yukari and tumbles her to the edge of a cliff. After taking a moment to look behind her, Yukari proclaims she is the loser, so now she will leave town. Everyone is surprised as Kirarin offers her a hand in friendship, which Yukari rejects. Their feud would be meaningless if it was that easy to solve, so she will leave as promised. Before jumping off the cliff Yukari whispers to Kirarin to use this time to work on repairing the relationships between the two parties.

Kirarin desperately rushes after her and manages to snag her paw, hanging on to a branch as Pekorin flies over the edge to locate them. Yukari demands that she let her go, because her sacrifice will be for nothing if they both fell, but Kirarin stubbornly refuses. Kirarin realizes that Yukari purposely set herself up in order to fix everything. Yukari denies it but Kirarin continues to refuse to let her fall just for their happiness. Just then, Kirarin loses her grip on the branch, only to discover that the other cats and fairy have come together to form a long chain to grab the girls and pull them up to safety.

As everyone recovers they happen to notice Yukari has gone missing. They begin to worry that she chose to leap off the cliff, unaware that she is happily strolling along the nearby forest. She gets confronted by three Diable spirits, who begin to attack her until Cure Parfait comes to her side. The others Cures arrive having sensed the darkness from the shop, and the crystal cat in Yukari's body hides nearby. Parfait holds onto Yukari when the others are forced down, bound by darkness, and Yukari leaps into the air to protect Parfait, slashing at one of the spirits with her claws. As she is preparing to land, she happens to collide with her body, returning her and the crystal kitty back to normal. She transforms into Cure Macaron.

Suddenly it dons on Parfait that Yukari was the purple cat she met and realizes that she must have been aware that Diable was responsible this whole time. She complains over Yukari's secrecy but they share a laugh before the battle resumes. Parfait uses Parfait Étoile to bind the spirits, allowing Macaron to use Macaron Julienne to smash into them. Together the Cure use Animal Go Round! to dispose of the spirits.

The spirit fragments return to Diable, giving him a whole body from within his resting place as Grave watches.

Back at KiraPati, the girls, fairies, and cats have all come together to share the treats prepared earlier. When she sees the Three-Star Cat sitting out Kirarin floats over to him and encourages him to join them, which he does after observing Yukari eat a macaron. He eats one of the treats and makes a happy expression.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Yukari switches bodies with her crystal animal after bumping into each other's heads.
  • After his defeat in the previous episode, Diable sends dark shadow versions of itself to fight the Cures which are defeated.



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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第34話予告 「小さな大決闘!ねこゆかり VS 妖精キラリン!」

Episode 34 Preview

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