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Ichika and Akira! Ichigozaka's Sports Festival! (いちかとあきら!いちご坂大運動会! Ichika to Akira! Ichigozaka Undōkai!?) is the 36th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 671st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It is the Sports Festival at Ichigozaka, and Akira has been selected to represent Ichika's neighborhood in the competition. During the games however, Akira starts to show signs of sickness, presumably catching something from when she visited Miku earlier.


Ichika is tiredly heading home with Akira when her dad and some fellow residents appear, having been waiting for Akira. As it dons on Ichika that next week the sports meet will be held, they all request that Akira join in to participate knowing how athletic she is.

She goes on to reveal this information to Miku while visiting her in the hospital. She and Ichika will be on Team Central Strawberry Hill, while Yukari is on Team Western, and Himari is Team Eastern. Ciel will even be on the shopping districts team. Aoi won't be participating because she lives outside of the neighboring districts, but she'll be there to cheer them on. Miku asks that she come along too, but the nurse doesn't believe it's a good idea because she has a fever. After checking to see for herself Akira agrees that this is for the best, and she convinces Miku to get lots of bed rest.

That night Ichika is put through rigorous training by her dad, until she's too exhausted and hot to keep going. She goes up to her room and relaxes on the porch, where she finds Akira heading home. They stop to chat for a few minutes, where Akira explains what happened with Miku and Ichika explains what she was doing. Akira reminds Ichika to get plenty of sleep and she agrees, turning to head back inside. Akira is startled when she starts coughing.

The following day Ichika arrives to the sports meet with Pekorin to see many sweets stalls have been put up, including one from KiraPati. As they head to their stall, Ciel is making her way down another path when she reminds Bibury that as part of the team she must work hard as well. Yukari and Himari are in the process of baking some sweets when Chourou reveals he's in human form, and he offers to take over the shop for them so that they can do some exploring. Ichika arrives and agrees to help out, suggesting they all take shifts, but Akira asks to skip because she wants to focus on the events she will participate in. While the girls understand and agree to it, Ichika is concerned noticing that something seems off.

It's then Mizushima and the rest of the Tategami's staff arrive to the event, announcing that they will be participating starting this year. While this confuses everyone, they reason it's fine because there's enough people in the Tategami household to make a town, and this way Aoi can also compete. Soon the official announcements to start the sport events are held, and each team stands at their booth to await the first event, which is announced to be the woman's sprint. Akira lines up with four uneasy looking girls and the race starts, and she quickly takes first place. She also wins the donut roll against Himari and the chocolate tasting competition where the goal is to find the chocolate containing 89% cocoa against Ciel.

The girls chat about their exciting day thus far. Pekorin wishes she could participate too but Ichika goes on to tell her she cannot, but she gets an idea. With the Kirakiraru Creamer she summons the Crystal Animals to race with Pekorin. This seems to satisfy her.

Back at the hurdles, Akira and Aoi prepare to race against three other girls. Akira remains in top form, barely taking the win from Aoi. It's then Ichika's dad reveals the lavish, overly filling lunch he's prepared for Akira. Ichika scolds her dad and he leaves after accepting that she may be right, and she takes notice of how sweaty Akira looks. Akira claims she is okay and she leaves to clean her face, but Ichika begins to worry as the Crystal Animals and Pekorin find her to reveal crystal doggy isn't feeling well. She picks it up and realizes that because it's connected to Akira, she is sick like she was starting to worry.

Ichika locates Akira in a shady spot and confronts her with her concerns. Akira tries to deny it but Ichika brings up the evidence; not only is her crystal animal sick, but she went to visit her sick little sister. She also thought it was strange that Akira would ask to skip work earlier because under any other circumstance she wouldn't do that. Ichika apologizes believing that it was their fault Akira was pushing herself so hard but she assures them that this is untrue. When she first moved there she was feeling lonely without her family, but her lively neighbors and grandmother helped her feel like she belonged there and were so kind.

More than anything she wanted to use today to pay everyone back for this, so she's fine to keep going. Ichika doesn't think its a good idea though, so she asks that Akira leave the last remaining bit to the rest of their team. Akira begins to laugh and she agrees after seeing how passionate Ichika is being, and they go on to explain how she is feeling to Ichika's dad and the others. They feel bad for not noticing anything unusual but she insists its alright, and a bed is set up for her to rest before the events resume, with Ichika and her dad participating in the three-legged race.

They start out strongly but end up tripping, which costs them the win. During the woman's piggyback competition Yukari steps in to replace Akira, while Ciel and Himari arrive with some hot chocolate for her to drink. With that several more competitions are held, including the obstacle course and the macaron eating contest, which Ichika manages to win at the last second. As she celebrates her win, Akira expresses happiness in having moved to Strawberry Hill. Pekorin is also happy because crystal doggy feels better too.

Just then Diable appears to release his pent-up darkness in the area. Seeping up the kirararu from everyone causes them to become angry and bitter before they fall unconscious, and it's so strong that even Pekorin becomes ill, and the crystal animals are forced to revert to their original forms. The girls are confronted by Diable and Akira joins them, refusing to rest as everyone else suffers. They transform into Pretty Cure but are quickly overtaken by his darkness, which clings to the girls and causes them pain as it forces them down. Cure Whip stands against the force trying to pull her down, much to Cure Chocolat and Diable's shock as she expresses her feelings for the efforts Akira put into making everyone happy today, even though she felt sick. She can't let something like this stop her.

With her kirakiraru overpowering the darkness and making it vanish from her body, the other Cures are encouraged and manage to rid of it as well. Through teamwork and distraction they manage to attack Diable enough to give them an opening to use Animal Go Round!

What remains of Diable retreats back to Noir's world and takes shelter to regain his power. But Grave shows up wanting to take it for himself, so he steals it and what is left of Diable to strengthen himself.

The following day at the KiraPati the girls chat about Ichika's team winning the overall competition. However, Ichika isn't there and they manage to deduce that she's sick now.

At the Usami household Akira brings Ichika some food while she tends to her in bed. She feels bad for getting her sick but she will take care of her to make up for it. Ichika tries to say it's nothing but Akira checks her forehead by placing her own against it to see, and she notes that her temperature isn't high- in the process this causes Ichika to quickly overheat and temporarily lose consciousness, making her worry.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • The neighborhood sports festival for Ichigozaka is held.
  • Diable evolves into a humanoid form, but is defeated by the Cures.
  • As Diable prepares to evolve yet again, Grave steals his power for himself.



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キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第36話予告 「いちかとあきら!いちご坂大運動会!」

Episode 36 Preview

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