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No Way~! Pretty Cure's Enemy is Ichigozaka!? (しょんな~!プリキュアの敵はいちご坂!? Shon'na~! Purikyua no Teki wa Ichigozaka!??) is the 39th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 674th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


During a special ceremony where the Cures will be teaching fairies to make sweets, Grave takes over Ichigozaka and transforms the townspeople into his brainwashed minions! How can they fight the very people they have been protecting?!


Chourou informs the girls that because of Noir's growing power, fairies from all over the world will be coming together to discuss further strategy to determine what they can do to help out. Ichika is delighted when he goes on to ask the girls to attend also, and they bring up that Gummy and the other former Kirakiraru thieves will be attending; in fact they were instrumental in gathering the fairies. Hearing a commotion outside the girls rush out to discover several fairies are now surrounding KiraPati.

The girls transform into Pretty Cure and with the fairies, everyone gathers within the Strawberry Hill Cave to officially begin the Grand Assembly of Fairies. They begin with a small play to explain the legend of Cure Lumiere and how she defeated Noir, and how he has risen once more- in the process Chourou ends up frightening the other fairies, including Ciel. Pekorin is able to calm everyone by pointing out that they have Pretty Cure with them again, but everyone remains unimpressed. When the other elder fairies express disbelief the girls decide to give everyone some sweets to encourage them.

The kirarkiraru from everyone's warm hearts and hope lights up the cave, and it the elder fairies are amazed. They agree that for them to grow and learn from the girls they must learn to make sweets like them, and they request their help. The girls agree and summon the KiraPati. As this is going on, Ciel transforms back into Kirarin as she and Pekorin observe Gummy, who seems saddened to see the comatose Pikario. He recalls the past when his influence corrupted him, but Gummy holds no ill-will, admitting that there was already darkness within him. He puts down a donut and asks Pikario to wake up soon.

Everyone gets to work preparing several sweets together. The elderly fairies are very impressed as they admire all of their work upon finishing, and everyone is in high spirits. But just then, the Crystal Animals become frantic.

As this is going on, Grave drives to Ichigozaka while Bibury is returning to the shop with arms full of groceries. She is startled upon discovering a thick darkness enveloping the town and watches as the townspeople are overtaken by it, brainwashed to become his minions and donning nendo heads. She quickly runs in the opposite direction while searching for help and shelter from the darkness.

The girls are concerned and step out of the cave to discover the darkness covered town. They rush down the hill and into town to discover Grave, and they transform into Pretty Cure again, only for them to be bombarded by attacking brainwashed civilians. Their numbers make it hard for the girls to counter, and when Whip throws one of her attackers down, the head cracks to reveal the unconscious grocer behind it. She is horrified as the other girls go on to find more townspeople they recognize behind the cracking nendo heads, and Grave reveals his scheme to turn them into his puppets using darkness to corrupt the kirakiraru.

The girls don't want to harm the townspeople and can barely avoid getting hurt themselves, and they struggle attempting to fight off Grave and his Diable-powered car. The girls are appalled upon being told this and they assume Noir has been manipulating him as well, but Grave insists that he willingly joined Noir. Not everyone in a pure world is weak like Bibury or Julio, nor is everyone good. He steps out of his car and uses Noir Revolution to power himself up and the girls quickly try to stop him by performing Animal Go Round! But Grave easily blasts through it with his darkness, throwing them back and reverting the Crystal Animals to their original forms.

The girls are shocked by this display of power as Bibury rushes in to save Pekorin, reasoning that regardless of how much she wants to help, she has to know when to stay out of harms way. Pekorin refuses to abandon the girls, until they find themselves surrounded by the nendo headed townspeople, forcing them to retreat. They run back to the hill and point out the danger that followed them, and Chourou tells everyone to hide in the cave for safety. Bibury isn't surprised to see how worried they have become, and she expresses that darkness will do whatever it takes to get what it wants, but those full of love and kindness are always held back from fighting in ways that could be helpful. It's a burden they unfortunately inherited.

Suddenly a wave of the brainwashed townspeople rush into the cave, but before they can get the fairies Bibury puts up a shield against them. However, one manages to get past and attacks her, causing it to disappear. She is surprised when the fairies come to her aid and stand before her, preparing to fight when a burst of light shoots out from Lumiere's shrine. As the townspeople are blinded by this brilliance, Bibury turns to see a mysterious figure grasping a newly formed wand of kirakiraru.

As the Cures helplessly stare at the overpowered Grave, a burst of light disrupts his attempts to finish them off. The source of light is able to overwhelm Grave's darkness and dissolves it, and once the glow begins to fade the girls are shocked as the newly revived Rio stands before them. He teases the girls for not being able to fight as well as usual, but because he's been touched by darkness before he will gladly help them out now.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Grave takes over Ichigozaka, turning most of the townspeople into his Nendo soldiers.
  • Pikario awakens from his coma and gains new powers.



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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第39話予告 「しょんな~!プリキュアの敵はいちご坂!?」

Episode 39 Preview

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