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Let's・La・Get Changed! The Sweets Castle Is Ready To Serve! (レッツ・ラ・おきがえ!スイーツキャッスルできあがり! Rettsu・Ra・Okigae! Suītsu Kyassuru Dekiagari!?) is the 40th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 675th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Rio and Bibury attempt to hold off Grave as the girls work to produce Kirakiraru through sweets to counteract the darkness, but when Grave manages to overcome them once more and Ichigozaka remains shrouded in darkness, all hope seems lost... Or is it?


Cure Parfait embraces her brother until being reminded of the crisis at hand, in which Rio quickly uses his borrowed kirakiraru from Lumiere to block the darkness thrown their way. Grave uses the darkness to modify his brainwashed minions, causing them to pelt the group with spheres of darkness that they can hardly stand against. Rio suggests they retreat for the time being, and while the girls don't like it they realize they don't have much of a choice.

They return to Strawberry Hill where Bibury and the fairies remain and things are beginning to look hopeless. At this rate the darkness will entirely swallow up the land; or so they think, as Rio reveals he thought of a plan. The darkness surrounding them is nothing more than corrupt Kirakiraru, if they make a lot of sweets to release pure kirakiraru then it should return the townspeople back to normal and cut through this darkness. The girls agree and they spread off to take shelter in various shops around town in order to get to work, and while this is going on, Rio and Bibury work together to distract Grave and the giant fork wielding minions.

As the girls are finishing their sweets when they get confronted by the brainwashed citizens, and they are shocked upon realizing they are their family and friends. Whip is chased around by her brainwashed dad, and she becomes cornered; but just then Kirakiraru begins to flow out of the bunny shortcake she baked. For a moment it seems to work, but the darkness overwhelms the sweet to steal the Kirakiraru and warp it into more darkness. This happens as well at the other locations and the Cures are forced to flee, returning to Rio and Bibury to discover they too are unable to keep fighting them off.

Grave blasts the girls with darkness, causing them immense pain until Rio gets in the way to shield them with his kirakiraru. Grave overpowers the wand Lumiere's power granted him and it shatters, much to their shock. He goes on to demand that they bow down to him as servants, but they refuse. The girls desperately use Animal Go Round! but Grave absorbs the attack and blasts the girls and their crystal animals with darkness again, throwing them hard into the ground. Pekorin begins to panic as she, the rest of the fairies, and Bibury hide nearby.

Meanwhile, the cats around town begin to appear as darkness starts to surpass Ichigozaka. The Three-Star Cat happens to spot a fragment from the broken wand belonging to Rio, where he sees images of the growing despair. They gather items with the various wild animals around town and go into the tunnels to meet up with the fairies, where they reveal having gathered fresh foods for them to use to bake more sweets.

Bibury decides to confront Grave head-on, stepping back outside to tell him off. The girls come to her side to keep her from harm when he begins to get angry, and seeing the expression everyone is giving him causes Grave to recall his past as a normal human. He was thrown away like nothing, even though he did whatever he could to stay on top and take everything for himself. But Noir saw him, and he could see that he was different from everyone else.

Grave grabs the girls using the darkness to bind them in the air. As Whip sees her brainwashed father in the crowd of the townspeople, she begins to weep and yells out at Grave. Darkness may stain everything but it's not how to handle the differences. Grave doesn't want to hear it and he increases the darkness surrounding the girls, but just then, the special magic words kirakirakirarun kirakiran begin to ring out, and release a large amount of Kirakiraru that quickly rids of the darkness, returning the town to normal. Grave is shocked as he looks to see this new brightness, and Bibury informs him that he didn't bother to pay attention to his surrounding, Pretty Cure are not the only ones who can make Kirakiraru.

The animals and fairies come out to show the girls the sweets they put so much effort into making, and they reveal how everyone came together to help the Cures defend the town. The scattered shards remaining of Lumiere's light helped to keep away the darkness, giving them the opportunity to gather everything they needed, responding to their feelings to help them during their efforts baking.

Grave threatens to recover his darkness and surround the town, but seeing everything glare at him with disdain causes him to angrily absorb his Diable modified car, transforming him into a large monster. The girls stand against him and gather the kirakiraru, then they hop back onto their Crystal Animals to take flight, where they use the new magic to fight him off. Then, together they manage to use the Kirakiraru to summon the Sweets Castle. It splits up into six smaller castles, going onto their wands to transform themselves and use Fantastic Animale.

Grave lays in the ground, defeated, when Elisio shows up. Grave pleads with him to lend him a hand but he refuses, using his magic to suck Grave, his car, and Diable into his cards. He explains to the group that this is his power, to harvest the darkness collected. He warns the Cures that the real battle will begin and leaves.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • The Cures complete the Sweets Castle and unlock their À La Mode Style.
  • The Cures use Fantastic Animale for the first time.
  • Grave is defeated by the Cures and the townspeople are freed from his control.
  • Elisio absorbs Grave, Grave's car and Diable into his cards


  • It's a bit hard to read, but when Bibury is talking to Grave, a sign behind her is visible that says "mountain trail entrance", meaning that the cave the fairies are hiding in is in fact a tunnel. This explains how the animals could come to the fairies, and the fairies could go back to town without Grave noticing them.
  • Because the Crystal Animals were already in their large forms when Fantastic Animale was performed, the part where the crystals are filled with kirakiraru stars and the animals appear is skipped and the Cures shout "Go!" instead of "Shine bright!".


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第40話予告 「レッツ・ラ・おきがえ!スイーツキャッスルできあがり!」

Episode 40 Preview

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