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Dreams Will Forever Shine☆Bright! (夢はキラ☆ピカ無限大! Yume wa Kira☆Pika Mugendai!?) is the 41st episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 676th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ciel and Rio attempt to repair their bond as she helps him get to know the townspeople of Ichigozaka, but when Kirakiraru begins to go missing, he gets accused of stealing it!


Kirarin excitedly wakes up Pikario and they change to have breakfast, where she gently chastises him -now as Rio- and Bibury for the tension between them. Rio decides to go out for a walk and Ciel quickly follows after him, deciding that she can't pass up a chance like this to spend time with him. Along the way they come across Aoi, Ichika, and Himari, and Ichika's classmates, girls who really liked Rio back when they met sometime ago.

He recognizes Risa and recalls the time he used her Kirakiraru when he was Julio. He apologizes for this but Risa doesn't recall what he is speaking of, and she begins to notice something seems different about him. Just then the grocery shop owner comes by to tease Ciel, asking her if Rio is her boyfriend. They quickly reject this idea and reveal they are twins to the bewildered group. They point out their surnames are different, but they claim it's a "long, complicated story". Unknown to the group, Elisio is watching them.

That evening a mysterious figure resembling Julio sneaks through town, stealing the Kirakiraru from various sweet shops. After one of the owners happens to hear him enter the shop, the figure quickly takes off before he can confront them. He only gets a passing glance at him to see he has long blue hair.

The following day Ciel is busy preparing something when Rio comes by, happily noticing this as Bibury cleans the room. Ciel expresses her aspirations to keep growing by learning here in Ichigozaka, which is something that happened after she met the other girls. She is very happy, until she recalls the past when the darkness began to seep its way into Pikario's heart. She quickly offers to let him help her and he initially hesitates, but Ciel reasons that he's a different person now. He takes over mixing the bowl of dough she was working on, and seeing the Kirakiraru releasing from it, he is very happy to know he can make sweets once more.

However, a group of angry sweets shop owners show up to confront them. They point fingers at Rio after explaining how someone stole the kirakiraru from their confections, noting that he looks like the burglar they saw, not only that but their sweets haven't been touched. They go on to accuse him of being behind the monster attacks lately to ensure her shop's success. The siblings try to deny the accusations but they refuse to listen, forcing Rio to hastily run away.

Bibury runs to the KiraPati to catch the girls up on what just happened, so closing up the shop they run back to Ciel's to find her attempting to pacify the angry shop owners. They accuse her of helping him, leading her to run away too. Ichika, Himari, and Aoi run after her while Yukari and Akira stay behind and watch the angry residents return to their shops. They take notice of how hostile they appear to be, which isn't like them at all.

Together the girls locate Rio and they attempt to assure him that they will fix things, but he doesn't believe it can be helped. He terrorized this town in the past, it's unlikely that they would let it go so easily. He can't live in peace here. Ciel suggests they travel like they used to, but Rio doesn't want to get in the way of her dream. She refuses to lose him again though, saying that her other dream is to stay with him. Rio becomes angry and claims to feel pain being with her and asks if she is trying to make him fall into the darkness again, surrounding him with sweets. He runs away from them and the girls remain there, with Himari asking Pekorin to follow after him to make sure he will be okay.

As evening begins to set Ciel sadly attempts to determine what to do to fix everything as she sits in KiraPati. She doesn't want to leave Pikario, nor does she want to give up on her patisserie dream. Chourou comes by to bring her to the kitchen, where she sees the girls are about to make some waffles for Pikario, in hopes of him understanding their feelings. They want to get to know the true him, and they don't believe he truly feels the way he claimed earlier, but he's having trouble being honest.

Ciel feels a little better, but when she recalls Pikaro trying to make waffles, she requests taking over for them. The girls agree and she finishes the dish as Pekorin appears with a piece of waffle. She reveals that Pikario is planning on leaving Ichigozaka, and he made this waffle and left it at Lumiere's alter. Worriedly the girls take off to try to locate him.

In town, the mysterious figure appears to be stealing more Kirakiraru when Cure Macaron and Cure Chocolat get in his way. They remark on how similar he looks to Rio and a fight ensues between them.

Meanwhile, the other girls are rushing through the streets when they bump into Elisio. They send Ciel away to battle him so that she can find Rio before he leaves and transform into Pretty Cure.

Chocolat and Macaron blast the mysterious figure, which transforms into a nendo. Seeing the sweet shop owners come out to see what the commotion was about, Macaron and Chocolat stoically inform them that Rio was not the guilty party like they thought. They continue to fight off the nendo as the shop owners appear to be distraught.

Whip, Gelatto, and Custard tell off Elisio for hurting so many people in his scheme. He uses one of his cards to transform into an armored, winged creature and their battle begins.

Pekorin and Ciel discover Rio approaching the town exit and with some quick thinking, Ciel tackles him to force him down long enough for them to talk. She tells him that without her or sweets he won't have anything else, and running away won't solve his problems. Rio tells her that she can't understand how he feels, and how he can't take back the sins he has committed, and if he stays there then she will be a casualty. Ciel tells him that neither what he did, or her matter when it comes to this, what matters is what he wants, and how he will make it happen. She reveals the leaf that covered the waffle from earlier, and she goes on to say it was delicious. She knows that he loves sweets, and he wants to keep making them for everyone. Rio confirms she is right, and he tells her that he has loved making them since they were younger, and it's been his dream to make them alongside her. That was what led his jealous to get out of control, when it felt like he was being left behind, and he let the darkness overwhelm him.

Knowing her brothers true feelings, Ciel embraces him and tells him to work with her in the shop. It can be theirs and they can work towards their dream together. Rio refuses and tells her once more that if people were to discover his past it would only cause trouble, but Ciel promises to bear his sins with him. They can overcome it and grow, just as they did when she became Cure Parfait. Seeing the sincerity behind his beloved sisters words, Rio agrees.

The battle with Elisio continues and the girls struggle to reach him with their Kirakiraru. When Macaron and Chocolat arrive they give Whip a boost to give her enough height but he continues to evade them, blasting the group with darkness. Ciel arrives to inform him that Rio has chosen not to run any longer. As Rio remains a safe distance from them with Pekorin, she transforms into Cure Parfait and flies into the air to do battle. Elisio attempts to manipulate the siblings by reminding them that his darkness will always remain as long as she's around, but Parfait tells him that it's impossible when he's told her his true feelings now; she won't ever lose sight of them again. She manages to blast Elisio with strengthened Kirakiraru, and the girls summon the Sweets Castle to use Fantastic Animale to return him back to his normal form. Elisio takes off and the girls happily look to see Rio is in a better mood as he approaches them.

The next day at Ciel and Rio's shop, they hold a small get together with the girls and the other sweet shop owners. They feel terrible remorse for being so hostile like they were but Ciel assures them that there was things that she and Rio should have done to smooth things over also. Just then Rio appears with a plate of waffles he was making and he invites the others to have some. The owners of the shops compliment the warmth and delicateness of them, making the siblings very happy.

Ciel thanks them for looking after them while they are here and she asks that their wishes continue to live on forever. Words that seem to inspire Aoi as she observes the bright blue sky above them.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Rio's new civilian form is seen for the first time.
  • Elisio shows for the first time his ability to use his cards to transform.



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キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第41話予告 「夢はキラ☆ピカ無限大!」

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