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The Hidden Taste is Courage! Himari's Future Recipe! (かくし味は勇気です!ひまりの未来レシピ! Kakushi Aji wa Yūki Desu! Himari no Mirai Reshipi!?) is the 43rd episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 678th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Himari auditions for an assistants job on a cooking show, but she becomes very nervous realizing she has tough competition, and when her chatty side comes out during her turn the judges are left wondering if she is suitable for the job. Can she shows them her passion for sweets and pass the audition?


One day Risa and Junko visit KiraPati to purchase some sweets, but when they struggle to pick something Himari suggests they try the brand new Chestnut Squirrel Pudding. Risa and Junko agree, which makes her very happy since it was her idea. She remains in high-spirits as they go on to mention how quiet and unsocial Himari used to be, and how she has changed over time- which is why they think she would be perfect for an upcoming audition for a sweets program. She has done sweets interviews before, and she even participated on the stage show of this program, so it shouldn't be too hard.

After giving it a moment of thought Himari agrees. She goes off to visit Yuu Tachibana as he works on preparing a very delicate and soft cake, and Himari takes notes while jotting down some ideas of her own. Yuu happens to take notice of this and brings up that she mentioned a television program earlier. Himari brings up the auditions and her plans on entering it in hopes of being able to show everyone how wonderful sweets are, just like he is able to. She also hopes she can shed her timid side through this. Yuu agrees with her aspirations and leaves Himari with a vote of confidence.

On the day of the audition the girls show up to support Himari, and they step inside to discover the waiting room is full of idols. As an agent attempts to scout Yukari and Akira for modeling and various Producers chase after Ciel to ask that she appear on their shows, Himari is overwhelmed as she sees the sparkling, cute, frilly outfit wearing girls surrounding her. The others assure her that she will be okay though, because nobody loves sweets as much as she does. Himari agrees and forces herself to calm down.

The girl before Himari manages to delight the judges with her shiny presence and flair, but Himari remains confident as she steps onto the stage. She thanks them for allowing her to audition and introduces herself, and they explain how she will be pretending to cook, and as she does so they want for her to explain why she is trying out for this job. She begins to whisk as instructed and explains how she wants to show everyone her love of sweets- not just how good they are, but how much fun they can be to make too. However, Himari becomes distracted while she pretends to whisk, and she is about to explain how to change the texture of cream, only to freeze up.

She snaps out of it and asks them what this 'cream' was going to be used for and begins to babble about the science of sweets; her intensity ends up concerning the judges until they can remind her that this isn't what the audition was about. While her enthusiasm is appreciated, all these words are unnecessary. Himari becomes anxious as she remembers her past, when the kids of her class lost interest in her for being too chatty when it came to sweets. She holds back tears and apologizes to the judges before running off stage.

The girls approach Himari and attempt to help her feel better, but their words fail to ease her sadness. She truly thought she was changing, but it turns out she really didn't. She works so hard and puts all of her love into making sweets to make other people happy, but by remaining timid and shy like she is then it's meaningless. The girls try reasoning with Himari by telling her that its okay to want to change, but she can do it while still remaining who she is on the inside. But she can't bring herself to love someone who messes up all the time, she tells them. She gets up and sadly runs back to the other room to grab her things.

Elisio shows up in the hallway and with one of his cards, he unleashes darkness that quickly seeps into the hearts of the staff members and the idol girls who showed up for the auditions. Himari heads back into the room to discover the darkness wafting through it, and to her horror she sees Elisio is holding one of her notebooks. He burns it to nothing and attempts to manipulate her into giving in to the darkness. He changes into a film director using another card and brings Himari to an isolated auditorium, where a film begins replaying Himari's past as a child when the other students began to turn on her. They would leave her alone or pick on her for not being into popular things like them, such as the idol on television. She was always lonely and sad.

Himari weeps as the darkness begins to influence her, and she confirms how she began studying sweets because she was alone. The clips of her studying alone slowly causes Himari to get up, Elisio convinces her to join the darkness so that she no longer has to suffer. It would suit a timid little squirrel better anyway. As she begins to step forward Himari steps onto a piece of the burnt notebook that remains on the ground, and she observes it to recall her first time bonding with Ichika, when they made the bucket pudding, and how she learned to respond to the little girls curiosity about churros. The cake they made, and the giant pudding for Yuu's live show.

She remembers all of these precious recipes, and how they led her to discover new things. She met so many new people through them, and she's grown from these experiences. She picks up the remains of her burnt notebook and they brilliantly begin to shine. Seeing that she's regained her senses, Elisio decides to face her directly. As the others attempt to locate Himari, she transforms into Cure Custard and the battle begins. He binds Custard with darkness entrenched film as they bust into the room, and he quickly manages to bind the group. He attempts to manipulate her once more by reminding her that she will probably continue to fail, and sooner or later she will be abandoned again. Custard refuses to listen though, acknowledging that yes, she will fail again. She wasn't able to entirely change like she thought but she can just be herself, and if its who she is then it's fine. As long as she has sweets, a world full of discoveries await her.

Full of glowing Kirakiraru, the film on screen begins to play once more. But this time it shows Himari lovingly working to produce new sweets with those she cares for, and happily being surrounded by friends who enjoy who she is. She has realized that her love of sweets and even a little bit of courage is more than enough to help her keep going. Custard breaks free and uses Custard Illusion to fight Elisio off, and once the group are able to free themselves from their own imprisonment they come together to use Fantastic Animale.

Elisio takes off and with the darkness gone everyone snaps out of their hatred-induced daze. They are fairly confused but decide not to linger on it long, with the auditions resuming. However, they can't find the next girl who came for the auditions, one donning a cute squirrel outfit who got lost in the halls. Custard opens the auditorium door to see her pass when one of the staff members shows up to grab her, thinking she was the girl. Custard tries to tell him that she isn't as he comments her unique outfit, but he doesn't seem to hear her. The girls return to normal and momentarily worry until Aoi suggests they just head back to watch.

Before the judges once more Custard is very nervous. But as they compliment her cute, flashy outfit, she begins to focus on what she came there for earlier. Rather then pretend to bake, Custard quickly whips up some real cream using the ingredients provided, and while they are confused by this she asks that they listen to her. She explains how chilling the cream can make it develop a smoother texture, and by shaking the bowl the mixing part is easier. The main staff member attempts to explain how its not necessary for her to make anything but Custard argues with him, saying that she refuses to imitate something that she loves so much. Correctly and precise is how she likes to do things, and sweets are a science.

As evening rolls along the girls ride a bus back to Ichigozaka. Himari clutches the burnt paper from her notebook and the girls express remorse for her. She tells them its alright though, because the recipes will remain in her heart. Besides, this means she can make a whole new sweets book now, and she's very excited by that prospect. Now she not only loves sweets, but the her who also loves them.


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  • Petit*Party∞Science is played during Himari's second audition.
  • The singers of the opening and ending, Komagata Yuri and Miyamoto Kanako respectively, have cameos as the idols Yuri and Kanako. The characters are modeled after the real singers.


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キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第43話予告 「かくし味は勇気です!ひまりの未来レシピ!」

Episode 43 Preview

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