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Feeling Hidden In Snow! Scream For Love, Akira! (雪に秘めた想い!愛をさけべ、あきら! Yuki ni Himeta Omoi! Ai wo Sakebe, Akira!?) is the 44th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 679th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Recently Akira has decided to focus on the medical field in hopes of learning more about Miku's illness. But this causes Miku to worry that Akira is doing it just for her sake and she blames herself for being a burden. Elisio then proceeds to kidnap Miku. Can Akira save Miku from her snowy prison of darkness?


With it snowing so heavily, Akira recalls the past as a child. She built a snow-dog and wanted to show Miku, having forgotten that she was in the hospital at the time.

Miku snaps Akira out of her daze just then, and Akira asks if she would like to go outside to build a snowman with her. Miku tells her no and brings up that their mom recently attended her career counseling session at school, so she asks to know what Akira was thinking of doing. Akira admits that after giving it some thought she decided on becoming a researcher for new illnesses. It might help her heal Miku. Just then, it's announced that visiting hours are over so Akira prepares to leave. Miku is perturbed over what she just learned and she rejects the idea. Akira is very confused by her outburst as she leaves, and she begins to feel sad.

As she sits alone in the room, Miku hears the nearby phone start to ring. She picks it up unaware that it has been covered in darkness, and on the opposite end of the phone line is Delisio. He asks if Akira is working for her sake, or if she is nothing more than a burden. After all, Akira could be anything she wants, but Miku is taking away her future. Miku becomes frightened and drops the phone in disbelief.

Meanwhile, the girls, Pekorin, and Chourou are relaxing beneath a warm kotatsu while brainstorming new winter sweets. Himari suggests something warm like baked apples or a dessert pizza, but Aoi remarks that eating ice cream in front of the fire place during winter is an experience. Ichika suggests they just try to make all of these things when she happens to notice that something is off with Akira. She is quick to claim that it's a lack of stamina from staying up so late to do homework, which the girls seem to accept, although Yukari remains unsure.

As Akira is busy with homework later, her grandmother stops by with a chocolate dog sweet from Ichika, who made it in hopes she would feel better. She also wrote her a letter. Seeing her concern makes Akira feel better, and she steps outside to call for her. Ichika is very happy when she sees her and when Akira notices she was doing her homework, Ichika brings up that she is having a lot of trouble doing it. Akira comes over to lend her a hand, and she helps Ichika start to understand it a little more. It's then she spots a picture of her mom with the village people she has been helping with her doctoring. She is impressed to see her take on such a heavy task, having to travel around and stay away from home in order to help those in need, it can't be an easy job. She mentions that she would like to be able to do this too.

Miku remains saddened as she thinks about being a burden on Akira. She is startled when Elisio suddenly appears to say that it will always be like this with her around, leading Miku to exclaim that she wants Akira to be happy. Even if that means it would be better for her not to be there. Elisio agrees to grant her this wish and he swiftly kidnaps Miku. Just then one of the nurses run into the room having heard the commotion, and upon seeing that she's gone missing she quickly calls her grandmother to let her know. She goes on to yell for Akira outside of the Usami residence to inform her of this.

The girls get together and begin to run around town to search for the missing child, along with them is Pekorin and Akira's parents, who are back at the hospital looking for her. The girls reunite with nothing to report and they are joined by Ciel and Rio, who have also come to lend a hand. As they recall being told that Miku seems to have vanished in front of the phone back in the hospital room, Rio theorizes that she was taken to Noir's world.

This is confirmed when Elisio uses the phone booth from there to use Miku's voice to try to manipulate Akira. Somehow she is transported there and they quickly try to locate her, the Crystal Dog locating a lone snowman. Suddenly, ice forms into a large playground, and the snowman begins to teleport around asking to play with her. Akira is shocked recognizing it sounds like Miku, and from within the snowman, the unconscious Miku asks her if she is happy she is gone. Akira demands an explanation when Elisio points fingers at her, saying that she let Miku take on such a form. She wastes no time listening further and transforms into Cure Chocolat.

A sword fight ensues between them but Elisio continues to slowly wear her spirit down as he continues to blame her for not noticing the pain Miku was put through. She saw the bright future full of possibilities that Akira is choosing to dispose of and blamed herself for it. She trapped Akira, and she is nothing more then a burden. The unconscious Miku agrees and says once more that she should be gone. The darkness further grows from her heart, causing the small snowman to become a large monster just as the girls appear from the transporting phone booth. They are shocked to learn that Miku is within the snowman, which proceeds to suck Chocolat inside of it and does battle with the girls on the outside.

Chocolat attempts to wake Miku up by yelling to her when Elisio appears nearby. He offers Chocolat the chance to remain in the darkness with Miku and summons a small snow dog, which causes images of Akira's childhood to appear. For as strong as she pretends to be, he knows she is truly lonely without Miku around. As Chocolat sees Miku in the images and realizes that she knew how she was feeling, she begins to cry, seeing herself as a failure for not being able to protect her. She was the reason she suffered this entire time.

Chocolat is covered in darkness, the girls see this from outside the snowman. But just when things are beginning to look bleak she snaps out of her despair. She tells Elisio that he can't understand her, it's not that the loneliness is hurting her, but bringing her strength through the love that she feels. Chocolat brightens up the snowman and she tells Miku that she will find a cure for her someday, it's her precious wish that she can't give up. Miku tells Chocolat that it's okay if she stays sick, because she brought her so much happiness and joy. She can't hold her back anymore. Chocolat tells her that its truly okay though, awakening Miku as she expresses that she has come to make this decision on her own. She knows what she should do and what she is capable of, and this is her chosen path that she is happily looking forward to doing.

Chocolat holds the sphere of shadows surrounding Miku and tells her of her true wish; to heal her and those who suffer from this illness. Together they float out from the snowman and rejoin the others, the sphere of shadows surrounding Miku is now one of light as she begins to cry. Her feelings shared with the snowman, it thanks her alongside Miku and reverts back into its smaller, original form. Chocolat places Miku down and the girls use Fantastic Animale on Elisio to destroy this card form. The dark world of Noir's begins to crack up, much to Elisio's frustration and the girls concern. They rush back to the exit as he complains, and Noir shows up to repair the damage their attack did before assuring Elisio that things will be fine. They may not be able to be stained in darkness, but they are not strong enough to undo it either.

The following morning Miku awakens, much to Akira's relief. She tells her about the amazing dream she had, which had a mysterious, but cool girl like Akira in it. Akira expresses amusement when the others show up with a surprise for Miku, and as she is feeling okay, they take her outside to reveal their festival pop-up shop. They bring her inside to sit with Akira, who reveals some cute little snowballs -white chocolate truffles- in a bucket for her. She also used them to make a little snow doggy for her, and she promises that one day they will make a real way. She goes on to feed Miku one of the truffles and together the sisters bond within the warmth of this snowy day.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Akira decides to pursue a career in medicine in hopes of researching a cure to Miku's ailment.


  • Chocolat・Etoile plays when Chocolat overcomes the darkness and goes to rescue Miku.


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キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第44話予告 「雪に秘めた想い!愛をさけべ、あきら!」

Episode 44 Preview

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