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Farewell Yukari! Exciting✩Sweets Christmas! (さよならゆかり!トキメキ✩スイーツクリスマス! Sayonara Yukari! Tokimeki✩Suītsu Kurisumasu!?) is the 45th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 680th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Christmas approaches, and Yukari suggests that the Cures throw a huge party at the KiraKira Patisserie to celebrate.  At the night of the party, everyone is enjoying it when Yukari announces to the Cures and the crowd that she plans on leaving for the Kingdom of Confeito to study sweets abroad.


The story begins with Yukari stroking the Three-star Kitty's chin, but a short while later it leaves her behind, much to her confusion. Back the KiraPati, Ichika is hyped for Christmas and Ciel agrees that Christmas is an important festival for patisseries. Himari suggests baking gingerbread, Christmas cake and stollen as festive treats, and Ichika cannot wait to make this first Christmas of the shop something special. Upon hearing Yukari suggest they throw a Christmas party, the girls become more excited than ever. Yukari then explains that the party is aimed for the previous customers and believe that they should start considering the sweets they would like to have.

During the preparation, however, Aoi and Himari wonder why Yukari has become proactive at the idea of holding a party. Ichika is so happy to be having a party that she doesn't seem to notice. Aoi seems to have more concerns on herself and her friends' respective futures: Himari has discovered her direction in science, Akira is going to prepare for the entrance exams, Ciel has her own shop and Aoi herself has her own band to run now. The atmosphere becomes gloomy when Himari and Pekorin express knowing that their future plans leave the group with little time to gather like they did.

Yukari displays her concept of the decorations and Ichika is very impressed. She doesn't seem to notice the lack of excitement within the group as she goes on to bring up the cookies, cakes, and buche de noel that will be a part of their menu. Ciel remarks that a buche de noel is an essential dessert for French people, and Yukari begins to smile as Ichika begins fussing over the decorations. By now she seems to be a little aware that something is off. Yukari heads off when Pekorin interrupts her decoration creation to ask if she will stay by Ichika's side forever. Unwilling to make Pekorin upset, she gently hugs her and begins to stroke her until the puppy fairy forgets her question.

As for Noir, he is busy laying out his plan to conquer the world with dark Kirakiraru. Elisio is behaving suspiciously though, but he promises to remain Noir's loyal servant.

That night, Yukari asks Ciel how she would make a macaron. Ciel is confused because Yukari has made them several times before, each with her heart poured into them. Yukari insists that heart is insufficient; it is just like tea ceremonies and flower arrangements with the same etiquette over and over. Only with the proper aim, she believes, can make people enjoy sweets. Ciel, nonetheless, states that Yukari herself might mean that she lacks the technique. She offers to teach Yukari and they spend the rest of the evening going over everything she knows.

The next morning, the KiraPati has already been decorated. Aoi and Himari then pick up on how the walls are covered in macaron as decorations, and the other girls realize that Ciel and Yukari did the baking for them the prior evening. Taking a bite of one of the macaron, Ichika is moved by Yukari's progress and praises her in tears. But she is surprised when Yukari asks her to wait a moment, and she holds off. The other girls notice that Yukari's behavior is out of character.

Shino sips her tea and is amazed by its splendid taste. Yukari goes on to reveal that she has made a hard decision regarding her future studies.

At the party, the fairies and even Bibury are invited. When being teased by Aoi, Bibury gets quite embarrassed and denies enjoying herself. Rio isn't quite happy with being stuck to help out with making more desserts, and he just gets more awkward when Ciel compliments him for being skilled at whipping cream as well as when Gummy and the other fairies beg for more. Every guest enjoy themselves at the cheery party, and Yukari even serves her grandmother a cake. However, Yukari becomes upset after she hears that Three-star kitty isn't coming to the shop anymore.

One by one, each girl wraps up the party with their own gratitude speech, but Yukari's speech comes off as the most unexpected; she has decided to study aboard to the Kingdom of Confetto. Her fangirls are still gushing over her, though her grandma and most importantly her friends are surprised. Her intention's do not involve Prince Nata, but her desire to forge new experiences of her own and open up a whole new world of excitement by learning more about sweets. She wants to combine this with the beauty of tea ceremonies.

After the party, Pekorin is very sad because she worries for Ichika and who will be there for her. She begins to cry. However, Ichika is very supportive towards Yukari's decision, choosing to repress the sadness and shock setting in.

Yukari's fangirls are also saddened by now, and they become a target by Elisio to lure the Cures to him. He is aided by a pack of Diable that start to overwhelm the Cures. With her Macaron Julienne, Macaron easily finishes off the wolves, but Elisio expresses that he thinks that she is like her depressed solitude. He sends out Grave's Diable-powered car, only for Macaron to agilely land on top of it. Angered, Elisio sends a monstrous flower card but Macaron effortlessly dodges it, and she turns to Whip to tell her that no matter how far they become, their hearts remain together. This encourages the saddened group to fight on, and together they use Animal Go Round!

With Elisio gone the girls come together and enjoy the macaron. They compliment the crisp sweetness of them, but one by one Ichika, Aoi and Himari start to weep over Yukari's future departure. She comforts the girls, along with soothing the distressed Pekorin.

Elisio is mocked by Noir for being a "cute little doll". He unknowingly causes Elisio to become very angry with him.


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Major Events

  • Yukari announces that she will be leaving to study abroad.



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キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第45話予告 「さよならゆかり!トキメキ☆スイーツクリスマス!」

Episode 45 Preview

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