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Noir's Grand Battle! The Smiles That Disappeared On A Birthday! (ノワール大決戦!笑顔の消えたバースデー! Nowāru Daisakusen! Egao no Kieta Bāsudē!?) is the 46th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 681st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It is Ichika's birthday and the Cures throw a huge celebration for her in the patisserie. However, just before Ichika blows the candles on her cake, Noir launches his attack, draining her parents' kirakiraru in front of her and staining the whole town in darkness!


At the Patisserie, Yukari says that she will probably be leaving in Spring. As this is going on the group are getting ready for Ichika's birthday.

Meanwhile, in his lair, Noir talks to Elisio about how well he has served him. He absorbs Elisio and his mask shatters, revealing his true form.

The girls are preparing to head home when Aoi decides to board the bus Yukari takes. Ciel offers to show Akira the chocolate she made for Miku, leaving Himari alone with Ichika. Himari asks Ichika what present she would like for her birthday and Ichika simply states that she would like anything that makes her happy. Himari begins to remember the time they made pudding together back when they met and the many adventures they had as Pretty Cures. She tells Ichika that she was the one who helped her find the courage to move on.

On the bus Aoi asks Yukari how long she plans on staying at Confeito. But Yukari remains the same as usual and cooly remarks that she may choose to go elsewhere. Aoi comments that Yukari is fickle, but because she is cool she still likes her. As the bus comes to a stop Yukari tells Aoi that she cool too, which makes her blush with appreciation.

Akira compliments Ciel's chocolates and she thanks her, then she goes on to ask her which university she will be applying to. She begins to worry that Akira won't be able to see Miku, but Akira knows they will always be together, so she isn't worried.

As they approach the Usami house, Himari says goodbye to Ichika and she heads inside to find her parents. As they eat dinner she asks her mom if she had any dreams when she was her age. Her parents are confused by the sudden question, so she explains how all of her friends have come to their decisions and made plans for their futures, but she never thought of it before. She just likes to make sweets. Her parents encourage her and assure her that when she is ready, she will know.

The next day, everyone in the Patisserie gets ready for Ichika's birthday. Bibury asks where Ichika is and Yukari tells her that she wanted to make the birthday cake. Ichika arrives to show them a strawberry cake with a bunny design as some children arrive, asking if the Patisserie is closed. Ichika invites them to stay and soon her birthday party is underway. She is very happy, but just as she goes to blow out her candles, a dark red bolt of lightning appears in the sky. Then a Diable enters the Patisserie and steals the birthday cake's Kirakiraru. He attacks the kids and steals theirs as well, along with that of Ichika's parents.

The girls go outside and find out that Noir is behind this, having become even stronger. He had engulfed the world in darkness. He then attacks Rio and Bibury and calls them traitors. Ichika is disgusted by Noir's actions and tells him off for ruining everyone's happiness. The girls then transform to fight, but when Cure Whip tells Noir that he can't ever destroy their love, he states that this "love" is just a lie, and that everyone's hearts have darkness and negative feelings inside. They spread the "lies" of love and happiness in order to hide those feelings.

Noir attacks the Cures when suddenly, Lumière appears to stop him. Lumière reveals that during their battle a century ago, Noir was actually Elisio. He separated his feelings from his body, so while Noir became a being of pure evil, Elisio remained the body. Until the day they become one and darken the world again. Noir then reveals a bigger truth - Lumière took him in when he was wounded in the past. He loved her sweets so much and her company, and asked her to only make them for him. But she refused, wanting to make them for everyone. Noir sought revenge and stole the towns light, and she heavily regretted what happened since.

Noir says that light and darkness can never be together, but Whip refuses this ideal. She tells him that he has the same feelings as them, those born from love. If he still has any love within him then he can smile again. Noir does not believe her and attacks Lumière, but Whip protects her, saying that she will make both of them smile. The others help her and they dispel the attack. Lumière gives the Cures her last bit of power, and they perform Fantastic Animale.

Light and darkness clash, as Noir attacks them using all his power. But then everything freezes and Elisio comes out of Noir. He absorbs him and Lumière into cards and refuses them to turn the town of Ichigozaka and the entire world into one without life.

Ichika wakes up, powerless and lacking of emotion as she sees her Animal Sweet and her Crystal Animal. She is unable to remember what they are or what their purpose is.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Noir reabsorbs Elisio.
  • Ichika celebrates her birthday.
  • Noir goes up against the Cures for the first time.
  • Noir and Lumière's backstory is revealed.
  • Elisio separates from Noir again and absorbs both him and Lumière into his cards, using their powers to turn Ichigozaka into a place without any emotions.


  • The ending card features a picture of Cure Whip because the episode's air date coincides with her birthday.
  • The first teaser trailers for Pretty Cure Super Stars! and HUGtto! Pretty Cure are shown.
  • Instead of the usual introduction by Ichika at the beginning of the episode, the Cures give a New Year's message.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第46話予告 「ノワール大決戦!笑顔の消えたバースデー!」

Episode 46 Preview

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