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Bring Back The Love! Cure Pekorin is Ready To Serve! (大好きをとりもどせ!キュアペコリンできあがり! Daisuki wo Torimodose! Cure Pekorin Dekiagari!?) is the 47th episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 682nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Elisio has turned the entire world into one where love does not exist and the citizens of Ichigozaka are now completely emotionless and without any memories, including the Cures. Pekorin and Chourou survive the attack and try their best to have them remember who they are, but nothing seems to work. So Pekorin decides to make some donuts.


Ichika wakes up emotionless, having no idea of what she has done. She sees her Animal Sweet and her Crystal Animal and doesn't know what are they for, so she proceeds to throw them into the trash, where the other animal sweets and crystal animals lay. Pekorin and Chourou come out of the KiraPati box, unaffected by the monotony of the world. Pekorin wonders where everyone is as Chourou reminisces about what happened in the last battle. He remembers that Cure Whip hid them both in the KiraPati box to be safe before her emotions and powers were drained. Pekorin wastes no time and declares they must find her.

Pekorin and Chourou fly through a gloomy Ichigozaka, where they see that everyone has lost their feelings. Pekorin spots Ichika and is very happy, but when she approaches her Ichika does not recognize her. The two fairies then spot Himari, Aoi, Akira and Yukari, all of them gloomy and apathetic. Kirarin and other fairies were also affected. Pekorin asks Aoi to sing a song, but she stands silently still. She asks Yukari to do a tea ceremony, but she doesn't remember. Pekorin thinks everyone is joking, but Chourou tells her they're not. Suddenly they realize that their Kirakiraru's glow is gone. From his lair, Elisio is watching the emotionless people through his mirrors.

Pekorin tells them that they need to remember that they're the legendary Pretty Cures. The girls and Kirarin tell them that they threw their sweets away, causing them to panic until they happen to overhear the grocery store owner and the owner of patisserie Sugar fighting. Their Kirakiraru is filled with darkness. Suddenly, a police car arrives and a police officer comes out of it. It turns out it is Grave, who has been revived. He erases the men's dark feelings, and tells his minions to check that every heart in the area has no feelings. Chourou remarks that Elisio has ended conflict in his world by entirely erasing love.

Pekorin desperately tries to awaken her friends, but to no avail. They tell her that a world without love isn't all that bad, and she becomes very sad. As everyone is scanned to ensure their feelings are entirely gone, Pekorin and Chourou wonder what to do. Pekorin has an idea and summons the Patisserie. Grave tells his minions to check the girls closely, for they used to be Pretty Cures.

It's then a nendo points out Pekorin and Courou, who return with a basket full of donuts. Pekorin attempts to reach the girls but the nendo's grab them before they can. Pekorin says that if they eat the sweets, they will remember who they are and the sweets that they made together, the smiles they put on people together, and the battles they fought together. She tearfully says that a world without love is not a world to live in. But Grave tells her that it's because of that love, that conflicts appear, and that in Elisio's world, there is no place for conflict. He has the nendo capture them and escort them to the garbage facility. Pekorin is horrified and she implores the girls to remember the things they love.

At the garbage facility, people take away the things they like and burn them. Grave will do the same to the donuts. Chourou tries to grab them but as a ghost he isn't able to. Before they can be destroyed Pekorin lets out a scream and then the donuts glow with a bright light. A large explosion erupts from the facility and rains down dollops of cream all over Ichigozaka. As they stare at the cream, Ichika begins to recall the day she first saw them. It feels vaguely familiar.

Ichika and the others reunite at the facility, where they express being unable to forget the donuts Pekorin made, although she does not know why. They find Pekorin holding them, when she suddenly falls and nendo surround her. Elisio has commanded them not to kill anyone, but Grave demands that Pekorin give him the sweets. Chourou asks Grave why he even serving Elisio if he betrayed him, and he responds that his current form is a servant. Pekorin refuses to hand the sweets over to Grave and he orders the Nendo to attack.

She evades them and he slaps her, telling her that she is useless. This entire time she's only watched Pretty Cure, and she couldn't fight or do anything. Pekorin tells him that their feelings were the same. She still won't give Grave the donuts, and Grave kicks her back. Although hurt, Pekorin remarks that even though she's weak, the sweets she and the others made have taught them many things. She remembers the time she made donuts with Ichika and she was very happy. Now is her time to fight back.

As Grave and the Nendo surround her to take away her donuts, Pekorin declares that she will not give up. The power of love from the donuts then engulfs her in a pink light and turns her into a human. She gains her own Sweets Pact and Animal Sweet, and transforms to become Cure Pekorin. A Candy Rod as she stands in amazement to have transformed, but because this is so unfamiliar to her she has trouble using it. Grave and his Nendo chase her, and as she runs, she shoots cream blobs which stick to the walls and the windows. The cream then explodes and fireworks appear, with images of a shortcake, a pudding, ice cream, a macaron, a chocolate bar and a parfait. They explode into kirakiraru sparkles, and suddenly, the girls start to remember: The sweets that they made were filled with thoughts of their loved ones, and it would fill their hearts with Kirakiraru, but now, their hearts are empty. Ichika asks what that feeling was, and Pekorin tells her it was love.

From the garbage bags come out rays of red, yellow, blue, pink, purple and rainbow light. Pekorin stops Grave from approaching them. The Animal Sweets come back to the girls' hands, given to them by the Crystal Animals. The girls awaken and transform into Pretty Cure. Grave is shocked at this and he and the Nendo proceed to attack them, but the Cures unite their Candy Rods to create a net that traps them.

Outside, a bright light comes out of the sky and Elisio slowly descends. The Cures exit the facility and encounter him, and Elisio sees that the humans couldn't accept the world he created. But deep down, Whip knows that Elisio has a heart, and that love and their Kirakiraru will reach him.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Pekorin transforms into Cure Pekorin for the first time.
  • Grave has been revived as a police officer who makes sure nobody is showing any emotion.
  • The Cures regain their memories and emotions and are able to transform again.



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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第47話予告 「大好きをとりもどせ!キュアペコリンできあがり!」

Episode 47 Preview

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