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Beyond Love! Whip・Step・Jump! (大好きの先へ!ホイップ・ステップ・ジャーンプ! Daisuki no Saki e! Hoippu・Suteppu・Jānpu!?) is the 49th and final episode of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and the 684th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It has been a year since the Cures restored the world, and it is now time for them to close the KIRAKIRA Patisserie. Emotions run high for Ichika as she remembers all the people that she met and helped out during her time there. However, there is still one major threat lurking around in town - Chourou's body.


A year after the final battle with Elisio, everyone has their lives returned to normal. Ichika, who is now in her third year in middle school, arranges her mother’s photos and is impressed how her mother is able to bring smiles across the globe, and is certain that she can achieve the promise she made with Elisio. However, this is also the last day she will spend time with all of her friends in KiraPati.

Rio then spots Ichika looking at the photos on the wall, and admits that he can’t believe how much has happened within a year. Akira has been accepted into medical school, Himari has gotten into a high school famous for food science, Aoi's band has become very popular, Yukari has been studying aboard, and Ciel even remarks that she and Rio are continuing their winning streak. However, Bibury still spits out the truth regarding everyone going their separate ways which upsets the faires, particularly Pekorin. They all subsequently end up piling onto her for a hug.

A young girl named Hana and a baby, Hugtan, arrive to Ichigozaka, but they are unable to tell where to do. Yukari stops by and offers to help them. However, they don’t seem to notice that Chourou’s body is lurking around.

Inside KiraPati, Hana is impressed by its interior. Ichika then offers her special sweets for Hugtan, which is a baby bird shape puree. Later, Ichika shows that she has been spreading photos on the wall ever since Yukari left, but then panics when Pekorin, the other fairies and the Crystal Animals discover her hidden travel guides. But after some persuasive strokes from Yukari, Ichika finally admits that she has promised Elisio to bring the world together with happiness. Nonetheless, she can’t bring herself to leave, because she misses her friends dearly and is afraid that she might have to close KiraPati. Pekorin gets emotional and takes the blame, and the others apologize. As Ichika bursts into tears, her friends are come to her and embrace her to encourage her to pursue her dream.

While Hana and Hugtan are leaving though, Chourou’s body senses their sweets’ kirakiraru and goes into a rampage, much to their horror. Chourou notices his enlarged body and is terrified, thus the girls step in to help him retrieve his body back. The other fairies and Pekorin give the Cures their support. Just as the body traps the fairies, Cure Yell appears to rescue the fairies. Chourou’s body is defeated, and both Chourou and Pekorin make amends with the body. After the battle, everybody thinks that Chourou has perished, but fortunately he has merged with his body again, and the fairies give him an emotional huddle. Ichika then predicts that she will meet Cure Yell again one day and makes up her mind on traveling around the world.

Years pass, and everyone has grown a lot since that day. Pekorin and Chourou have opened their shop with Bibury as their assistant, Ciel and Rio have become renowned patessires of their co-op shop and still participate in various competitions, Himari has become a sweets scientist, Aoi is now a recognized lead singer of her famous band Wild Azur, Akira is an intern for her medical school, and Yukari continues to pursue her studies.

As for Ichika, she has arrived at a desert town where she meets the apparent incarnations of Lumière, Noir and Diable, and she cheers them up by giving them cupcakes. To Ichika, her journey has just begun…

Ichika's new journey, a la start!


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Ichika decides to travel the world like her mother bringing the delight of sweets to anyone she meets.
  • The KIRAKIRA Patisserie closes in Ichigozaka, with Ichika now taking it wherever she goes.
  • Chourou regains his physical body after having turned into a ghost following the explosion at Ichigoyama.
  • The Cures' futures are shown at the end of the episode.
  • Nono Hana and Hugtan from HUGtto! Pretty Cure make a cameo appearance.


  • Like the previous three seasons before it, there is a baton pass message between the outgoing and incoming lead Cures.
  • The fourth and final teaser trailer for HUGtto! Pretty Cure is shown.
  • This episode marks the end of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode and marks HUGtto! Pretty Cure to take its initial time slot.


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Episode Preview


キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード 第49話予告 「大好きの先へ!ホイップ・ステップ・ジャーンプ!」

Episode Finale Preview



Baton pass with Cure Whip & Cure Yell

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