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Kagayaki Chitose (輝木ちとせ Kagayaki Chitose?) is a minor character who appears in HUGtto! Pretty Cure. She works in the construction field and is the mother of Kagayaki Homare.


Chitose has small golden brown eyes and brown hair that flares out at the shoulder. Her bangs are mostly brushed aside and she has a cowlick. Her casual attire consists of a pastel goldenrod hooded top with a white blazer, khaki-green capri and dark gold slip-ons.


Chitose is shown to be a very caring mother. She often teases Homare, but when needed, she can offer her valuable advice.


Prior to the events of the season, she divorced her husband for unknown reasons after giving birth to Homare.

Debuting in episode 25, Chitose appeared to see her daughter off to the summer festival, before leaving for her work. She helped tie Homare's hair up with a hairpin in the shape of stars.

In episode 43, Chitose noticed that Homare was staying up late the night before her skating tournament. She realized that Homare was troubled because of love problems. Chitose commented that love is a complicated thing that doesn't always work out, citing her divorce, but she states that she was thankful for all the good things that had come from her time with Homare's father. She reassures that if Homare is ever in pain, her friends will have her back.


  • Kagayaki Homare - Her daughter who she is very supportive towards. She often notices when something is bothering Homare.
  • Kagayaki Chiyo - Her mother.

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