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Kagayama Miu (加賀山 美羽 Kagayama Miu?) is Nao and Hikari's best friend and a student of Verone Academy. She, along with Nao where the characters of the day in episode 15.

She was originally Nao's best friend and imitated Honoka, her idol, just as Nao did to Nagisa. They befriended Hikari after inviting her to hang out with them.



Miu is a youthful looking girl with light brown eyes and dark purple hair worn in short pigtails held by sky blue or pink baubles depending on the outfit. She normally wears the Verone Academy uniform, and for casual wear she wore a pale yellow blouse on a pale pink outfit.


A sweet and nice girl who enjoys spending time with her friends, and she is inseperable from Nao. She is smart and reserved with a gentle disposition. She really likes Hikari and is a big fan of Honoka, wanting to be exactly like her; although she agrees with Nao that Nagisa is very cool too.


Possibly to be like her idol, Miu has a surprising amount of knowledge. She was able to inform her friends of basketball tips from the top of her head.


Nao: "Honoka, I will not lose today's match. It's the last strand, the last strand!"

Miu: "Don't you mean 'the last stand'?"

Both, jumping and holding hands: "Just like that, like that, like that!"



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