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Kaguya Mitsuka (香久矢 満佳?) is a minor character who appears in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. She is the mother of Kaguya Madoka.


Mitsuka has long, wavy dark purple hair and blue eyes. She usually wears a white top with a grey collar and long, puffed sleeves. Her skirt is long and is a dark grey. She also wears dark purple heels with bows on them as well as a pendant with a dark blue jewel.


She seems to be a natural airhead who says weird jokes. But unlike her husband, she is more supportive towards her daughter.


Kaguya (香久矢?) - Ka (?) comes from the kanji, 香り, which means "fragrance" [1], Gu (?) means "eternity" or "forever" [2], while Ya (?) means "arrow"[3].

Mitsuka (満佳?) - Mitsu (?) means "fullness", while Ka (?) means "beautiful, excellent".


In episode 5, Mitsuka is at the table having breakfast with her husband, Kaguya Fuyuki, and her daughter, Kaguya Madoka. She hears from her husband that he’ll be leaving again, and she gets upset because he just got back. Fuyuki explains that there was an alien sighting and Mitsuka asks why he is sharing the information with them. She says that she thought it was fortified, but Madoka corrects her and tells her she meant to say classified.



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