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Kaido Minami (海藤みなみ?) is one of the four main Cures in Go! Princess Pretty Cure. She is a second-year student at Noble Academy.

Minami's alter ego is Cure Mermaid (キュアマーメイド?), the Princess of the Sea.



Minami has sharp blue eyes and long teal hair with a portion braided across the head to hang over the left shoulder. Her bangs have a corner intake. Casually, she wears a pale blue blouse with a lilac neck ribbon, a blue pencil skirt, and blue high-heels with lilac bows. During summer, she wears a blue dress with a light blue top over it and white sandals. For winter, she wears a light purple buttoned top with a pearl necklace, a long blue skirt, gray stockings, and blue heels.

In the movie, she wears a pearl blue top with white cuff and a milk blue neck ribbon, a folded blue and red plaid skirt, dark navy tights, and dark blue shoes.

As Cure Mermaid, her eyes turn blue while her longer hair turns ocean blue, worn in a curled ponytail reminiscent of flowing water with a dark ombre. Most of her bangs are braided and they gain purple streaks, and from the corner stick out four, large curled strands of hair. She gets a gold tiara with pink clam, a blue gem, and pearl blue fabric, and pearl dangles with a shell at the bottom. Her outfit consists of a blue top with white and light blue detail, a sky blue collar, and white scalloped sleeves. A chain of pearls wraps around the neck and goes down the center with a large gold sphere at the center. Her sky blue skirt has light pink fabric circling it and a trim of blue ruffles, accenting the scalloped waistband which has a chain of lilac pearls circling it. Hanging from the back are a pair of fin-like tails in various shades of blue. She also gains white warmers with blue accent and pearl on the finger, and white boots with scalloped blue and teal trim, pearls, and dark blue sole.

In Mode Elegant, Mermaid's outfit gains different detail based on the mode she uses. In it's normal form, her skirt loses the tails, fabric, and trim. It tightly coils around her legs and reaches the floor with a trim of ruffles lined in blue and white.

In her Mode Elegant Ice, her earrings become diamonds, while the pearls of her top turn into a pink diamond choker with a snowflake ornament that has a chain of diamonds and pearls beneath it. She gains an additional blue layer at the neck. Her skirt turns pearl blue, while the ruffles become pastel indigo with a pale blue lace over it, the piece is lined by a chain of large diamonds between two, smaller light blue diamonds.

In her Mode Elegant Bubble, her earrings become a chain of spheres, while her light blue collar wraps around the back of her neck and has a smaller white pair of fins attached to a large, pearl blue sphere, followed by a tiny chain of pearls. She gains pearl blue, rounded lace sleeves while her skirt turns a blue gradient, with white to pastel indigo ruffled fabric around the bottom covered with bubbles.

In her Mode Elegant Sango, her longer hair is worn with a gold tiara adorned by a sapphire heart and the fabric from the original piece. She keeps her earrings and gains a new necklace. Her white, floor-length dress has scalloped layered sleeves and frill accents, with a pale blue ribbon on the chest decorated with a pink shell and sapphire gem. On the navel is a big white bow with a gold sphere and bunched, pearl blue fabric wrapped around the skirt. The top layer of skirting has pale blue lining and a layered white and baby blue ribbon on each side, adorned by a sphere with the shell and gem design, and ruffled tails. The second skirt layer is white scalloped with a stripe of gold, followed by a pearl blue petticoat covered with spheres. Her sleeves are plain white. In Royal form the gown gains a very big, pale blue lace ribbon with trident, shell, and and coral designs.

In her Grand Princess mode, her longer hair is in a tighter curl towards the bottom, her accessory now an ornate gold crown with a sapphire heart. Her white choker has a bow on the front and a blue sphere in the middle. She wears a white and gold dress with a ruffled split along the seam to reveal white to gold scalloped layer lined in gold, and a white petticoat. Around the shoulder is a large gold cape with fluffy hood lining and white lined bottom, a baby blue bow cravat rests in the middle with a gold center. Her sleeves gain gold accents.

In her Mode Elegant Halloween, the fabric in her hair is worn with three big yellow flowers. Her chiffon dress has white ruffles to accent the layered sleeves, and a white collar. The pearls on the chest remain the same, but connect to a yellow flower with leaf on the navel, adorned by a blue pearl. Long, pearl blue ribbon strands hang from the flower. The skirt has a ruffled seam residing over two white layers. She gains layered white sleeves.

In the final episode, Minami's hair has been pulled back into a braided ponytail and she wears a white lab-coat.


The "Academy Princess", Minami is proper, noble, and has a strong sense of responsibility. She is wise and can come off as strict at times, but she has the personality of an older sister. She is fair and caring about others and is likely to worry over them if she sees anything to be concerned with, and she won't let them recklessly get into harm's way if she can help it. She dreams of becoming a respectable person who can be useful to others.

Minami is very close to her family, and as such she struggled to tell them of her true dreams of becoming a Marine Veterinarian, rather than inheriting the family business. She was very worried that she was being selfish, but over time she begins to learn to speak her mind and began making her own decisions that everyone could be happy with.


  • Haruno Haruka - Initially brisk towards Haruka, Minami wasn't pleased with her showing up late on the day of the welcome ceremony and scolded her. But when Haruka expressed interest in learning ballet, Minami agreed to tutor her. She bluntly told Haruka of her shortcomings but this encouraged her to keep going, and Minami was impressed by her determination as they started to become closer. When she saw Haruka transform and struggle against the Zetsuborg, she tried to protect Haruka, resulting in her becoming Cure Mermaid. They became close friends following this, to the point of Minami choosing Haruka as her dance partner and confiding in her when concerned.
  • Amanogawa Kirara - Kirara is the first person to call her "Minamin" without adding -san or -sama honorific like the other students, and while they may differ on opinions they can agree on other ones and understand the others point of view. They share a friendship after joining together as Pretty Cure.
  • Kaido Wataru - Minami's older brother, who she is shown to admire.
  • Tina - Tina saved Minami when she was little and she considers her to be one of her closest friends. When she goes to the resort, they swim together in the sea. During a battle against a Zetsuborg, Tina took a hit for Cure Mermaid that nearly killed her. Mermaid was hoping that Tina would pull through and the Miracle Bubble Dress Up Key appears, healing her and Tina's wounds.
  • Akagi Towa - In episode 25, Towa and Minami started to form a deeper friendship when Minami comes to Towa's aid when she has a nightmare because of her fear of the darkness and the resurfacing of her memories as Twilight. Minami helps her to try and overcome that fear and that she should depend on her friends and the rest of the team. When Shut ambushes the Cures' firework celebration, he sees Towa and recognizes her as Twilight and tries to get rid of her when Minami defends her and tells Shut that she is now Akagi Towa. She precedes to help Cure Scarlet in defeating the Zetsuborg.
  • Ijuin Kimimaro - Minami has known Kimimaro since their childhood, and while she dislikes his behavior at times she doesn't entirely discourage him either. Until he tried to end her friendship with Haruka, which greatly angered her. After rescuing Kimimaro from Stop & Freeze, she accepted his apology before he departed for England.
  • Kitakaze Asuka - Both Minami and Asuka share a love for the ocean, and they befriend each other quickly. Also, Asuka is the person who has actually helped Minami to reconsider her dream and become a marine biologist.


Kaido (海藤?): Kai (?) means either 'sea' or 'ocean' which is probably a reference to her name, "Mermaid", since mermaids live in the sea. Do (?), read as "Fuji", means 'wisteria'.

Minami (みなみ?) means 'south'. But it can also be read as "beautiful wave".

Cure Mermaid means the legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish.


Transforming into Cure Mermaid for the First Time

While looking over the sea one day, Minami discovers a Dress Up Key that had been washed up on to the shore. When Haruka sees Minami dancing ballet, she becomes inspired and hastily asks her to teach her how to do it. She helps her through the basic steps and tries to makes her more flexible. When Haruka sprains her ankle after trying to perform a new step, Minami comes to her aid and bandages it. Haruka is surprised to find out that Minami is not as perfect as she first thought, and she even thanks Haruka for asking her to teach ballet because no one else had the confidence to do so. When a Zetsuborg attacks, she follows Haruka and witnesses her transforming into Cure Flora. When Flora damages her ankle again after kicking the Zetsuborg, she is about to be attacked before Minami pushes her out of the way. When Flora takes a hit for her, Minami tells Close that it is her duty to protect the students of the academy. Her Dress Up Key reacts to her determination to help others and she receives her Princess Perfume, allowing her to transform into Cure Mermaid. She is able to fight the Zetsuborg off before purifying it with Mermaid Ripple.

Saving Wataru and Tina

Minami takes Haruka and Kirara to a seaside resort her family runs, and meets up with Wataru. When Wataru gets caged by Lock, Minami transforms into Mermaid and tries to save him. Her dolphin friend Tina bravely protects her from an attack, but Mermaid is horrified and saddened Tina getting severely wounded. Recalling how Tina rescued her when she was a child, Mermaid begins crying, which has the Miracle Bubble Dress Up Key protect Tina and heals both of their wounds. With this key, Mermaid is able to use Bubble Ripple and rescue Wataru from the cage. At the end of the day, she is proud that she is able to protect her brother, her friends and the sea.

Losing and Regaining Dress Up Keys

The girls are having fun at the beach, but when she, Haruka and Kirara try to find Towa and Yui, Lock appears before them. Although they appear to have defeated Lock, after the battle the trio are shocked to realize during the fight, Lock managed to steal their keys thanks to his clones, leaving them powerless and devastated. Later on, the trio come across their predecessors, the Past Princess Pretty Cure, in a forest. They bond with them and were even given three keys to transform. After their encounter with the mysterious girls, the trio regain the determination to retrieve their keys. While Towa as Scarlet stays behind to fight the Zetsuborgs Lock has summoned, the trio enter the cursed castle of Hope Kingdom, but get trapped inside the throne room. They try to get back their keys, only to be overpowered by Lock. After Haruka manages to rush to and unlock the cage, the trio retrieve their Dress Up Keys. With the help of Scarlet, they purify the castle and turn it into the Music Princess Palace and defeat Lock in their Premium Mode Elegant forms.

Relationship with Kimimaro

One day, when the girls notice a crowd of confused students and security that showed up, Minami becomes uneasy as a white limo pulls up and her childhood friend Kimimaro steps out from it, and she isn't surprised that he dashes up to her with a bouquet of flowers. Her friends also notice how troubled she feels after meeting up with him.

At first, Minami is fine with him staying with her for the time being, and explains to her friends that Kimimaro tends to overreact. However, Minami later finds out that Kimimaro has let his jealousy get the better of him when he tells Haruka that she does not deserve to be friends with her, and confronts and tells him off for being inconsiderate for her feelings.

Later, when Kimimaro is locked up in a cage by Stop & Freeze and his dream of marrying Minami has been turned into a Zetsuborg, Mermaid still decides to rescue him. She remarks to Flora that Kimimaro is right about her having changed, but she likes who she is now and thanks Flora. She is glad that Kimimaro is alright, but admits that it is only his idea that he wants to wed her.

Minami later accepts Kimimaro's apology for being rude to her and Haruka the day before and accepts her change. Minami then exchanges a laugh with Haruka after Kimimaro promises to return to her after he becomes the gentleman worthy of standing by her.

Reconsidering her Dream

When Minami brings her friends to meet her family on the Kaido family cruise, her family joyously discuss how Minami has always wanted to become part of the Kaido Group company ever since her childhood. However, things begin to change for Minami when she encounters Kitakaze Asuka, who is a marine vet that befriends her after noticing her bond with Tina. At first, Minami declines Asuka's offer, but decides to come along once Haruka convinces her. After spending some time at the aquarium where Asuka works at, Minami starts to become more interested in looking after marine animals. When Minani meets Asuka on the cruise again, Asuka declines her family's offer due to wanting to understand the sea without restrictions bounded by contracts and desires, which starts to make Minami doubt her childhood dream despite also resonating with Asuka's dream. After the Cures rescue Asuka from Stop & Freeze, both Minami and Asuka meet up with each other again, with Asuka complimenting and prompting to invite Minami to personally train under her guidance in the future. Although Minami appears to have turned down Asuka, who claims that she is only joking, before they part ways, she pauses to see Asuka again and begins to consider Asuka's offer.

Later, Minami starts having a dream about connecting with the marine animals in the ocean, but is unable to due to her family's ship which symbolizes her previous childhood dream. She tries to hide her worries from her friends, but they soon figure it out. Kirara later fakes an emergency in hopes to help Minami speak out. When Shut captures Zama-sensei and turns her into a Zetsuborg, Mermaid suddenly loses her powers due to her wavering dream, which puts her at a disadvantage. However, after her friends encourage her that it is no problem to pursue her new dream, she regains her power and manages to defeat the Zetsuborg with the other Cures. She then reveals her dream of becoming a marine vet like Asuka, and her friends root for her to pursuing it.

Soon, Minami meets up with Asuka, and recounts how her dream of being with the ocean buds. However, she still hasn't mustered the courage to tell it to her family. During the Christmas party, she receives a call from her mother and tries to deny her feelings, but soon her friends notices that she is crying afterwards, and thus they encourage her to tell her family how she feels. Mermaid later gets teleports to Hope Kingdom and even with her friends come to help her, they are overwhelmed by the Zetsuborg, but soon Mermaid stands firm with her new dream, and they all manage to defeat the Zetsuborg and restore the Castle of Seas. Later on, Wataru, who's driving Minami to see their parents, says that he already knows that she has something up in her mind, and she finally gets to reveal her new dream to her parents. Instead of being mad at her, her parents are actually glad that she finally has learned to prioritize her own dream after all her time putting their needs above herself, and respects and supports her decision, as well as wanting to know more about it, much to her immense happiness.


A few years after the events of the season, Minami is an adult and is now working as a marine vet.

Cure Mermaid

Cure Mermaid

"Princess of the crystal clear seas! Cure Mermaid!"
Sumiwataru umi no purinsesu! Kyua Māmeido!

Cure Mermaid (キュアマーメイド?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Minami. She controls the power of water and in order to tranform, she needs her Princess Perfume and the respective Dress Up Key.


Minami shouts out "Pretty Cure" and her clothes disappear in a flash of bubbles. As she says "Princess Engage", she inserts her blue Dress Up Key into the Princess Perfume and locks it into place. Her perfume fills up with blue liquid that she sprays around her and on her hands, feet, and body to make her gloves, boots, and dress appear. She sprays the perfume once again in the air to create her tiara which she places on her head to make her earrings appear and her hair grow longer and change color. She then strikes a pose to make her Dress Up Key appear underneath her skirt. She then lands on the ground and says her introduction before striking her final pose.



Minami's voice actor, Asano Masumi, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Shimamura Yu, who voices Haruno Haruka, Yamamura Hibiku, who voices Amanogawa Kirara, and Sawashiro Miyuki, who voices Akagi Towa.



  • Minami's birthday is July 20th. Hence, her zodiac is Cancer.
    • Her birthday occurred on a Japanese national holiday, "Ocean Day" (海の日) of 2015.
  • Minami shares her surname with Kaidou Yuya from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!.
  • Minami is the oldest in the Go! Princess Pretty Cure team, as she is the only member to be 14, while Haruka, Kirara, and Towa are 13.
  • In episode 9, it is revealed that she is afraid of ghosts.
  • She's the first Cure who can fight underwater.


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