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Kaidou Yuuya
海藤 裕哉 Kaidō Yūya
Yuuya New Profile
SeasonHappiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorIndigo
Hair ColorIndigo
Home PlacePikarigaoka
First AppearanceHCPC32
Japanese Voice ActorKouki Uchiyama

Kaidou Yuya (海藤 裕哉 Kaidō Yūya?) is a supporting character who appears in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. He is Seiji's schoolmate.


Yuuya has short indigo colored hair and eyes. He is usually seen wearing the Pikarigaoka Middle school's male uniform. On his date with Iona in episode 32 he is seen wearing a mustard-yellow jacket over a white shirt, green-beige pants, and burgundy and white sneakers.


Yuuya seems to have a usual cool and calm personality, acting rather calm during his date with Iona, but according to him he was actually very nervous and it took a lot to tell her about his feelings despite his demeanor.


  • Sagara Seiji - Seiji and Yuuya are seen to be good friends.
  • Hikawa Iona - In episode 32, Yuuya confesses that he likes Iona and the two go out on a date. Later after Iona turns him down they are seen to be getting along well as friends.




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