This article focuses on the Fresh Pretty Cure! character, Kaoru. For the Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star character, see Kiryuu Kaoru.

カオルちゃん Kaoru-chan
SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
HUGtto! Pretty Cure (cameo in HuPC37)
Hair ColorBlack
Home PlaceClover Town
First AppearanceFPC01
Japanese Voice ActorMaeda Ken

Kaoru (カオルちゃん Kaoru-chan?) is one of the minor characters of Fresh Pretty Cure!. His occupation is selling donuts at a cafe in the park.


Kaoru is a man with short black hair, medium thick eyebrows and a goatee. He normally wears a purple shirt, white trousers and a yellow apron with a donut logo and green suspenders and rims. He wears white flat shoes with grey tips.


Kaoru said himself that he "I don't sweat the small stuff. Or the big stuff either, to be honest." He's laid back and easy going, but also passionate about his business and always ready to help Love and the others. He's not that fazed by the fact that Tart appears to be a talking ferret, nor by Chiffon and her powers. At the end of most of his jokes ends in a weird laugh.


His age and his home is something unknown, partly due to his having a mysterious past of multiple careers including royal body guardian. When Love and others are upset, he plays the consultant role and encourages them. Owing to a contract that Tart can get doughnuts for free by watching the shop for him, he also shares the secret of the existence of Tart and Chiffon with the Pretty Cures.






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