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Karube Tatsunori
軽部 タツノリ Karube Tatsunori
Karube Tatsunori
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceMihoshi Town
First AppearanceSTPC13
Japanese Voice ActorEnoki Junya

Karube Tatsunori (軽部 タツノリ?) is a minor character in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and he is one of the students who attend Mihoshi Middle School, one of Hikaru and Lala's classmates. His nickname is Karunori (カルノリ?).


He has tangled spiky brown hair and his eye color is also brown. He is typically seen wearing his school uniform.


Tatsunori is a light-hearted person, who is called by the nickname "Karunori". In addition to being a late student who does not check school attendance time because of his lightness, he is also forgetful, as shown when he goes to school on a weekend.



  • Hagoromo Lala - In the classroom, Lala sits at the right side of Tatsunori. On her first day of school, she made a mistake when she was finding her seat for the first time, as she sat at his seat. Tatsunori usually calls Lala by the name "Hagoromo Lalalun" and is fond of her personality, quirks and all.
  • Hoshina Hikaru - In the classroom, Hikaru sits at the left side of Tatsunori. She usually calls him by his nickname "Karunori". Hikaru gets upset whenever Tatsunori accidentally insults Lala, but she's mostly pleased by his light-hearted attitude. She also answers his questions about Lala's strange acts.


Karube (軽部?) - Karu (?) means "light", related to his light-hearted personality. Be (?) means "hereditary occupational group"[1].

Tatsunori (タツノリ?) - Tatsunori is a given name, whose meaning is unclear if written in katakana.


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