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The Karuta Queen (かるたクィーン Karuta Kuīn?) is a minor character who appears in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.


The Karuta Queen wears a red yukata with yellow butterfly motifs and a dark blue hakama. She also knots her hair in ponytail.


The Karuta Queen appears very determined, and has to keep a cold image while playing karuta with others, however as normal as she could be, she is very nice and eventually becomes a friend with Rikka and her friends.


After Rikka tells her friends that she is entering a Karuta competition, Rikka shows up in a competition with the Karuta Queen being the best player. While playing, the Karuta Queen turned someone away who wanted a signature, because the Karuta Queen wanted a "king" as a man who would challenge her, however this problem caused Ira to summon a Jikochuu, resulting into fighting citizens, and getting the Pretty Cures ready to fight.

After the Jikochū is defeated with Cure Heart's Heart Shoot, the Karuta Queen continues to play with Rikka, and as a reward Rikka recieves a pair of Karutas, and out of nowhere, a Blue Crystal appears, which makes Rikka proud. DDPC14

During Selfish King's invasion of Oogai Town, the Karuta Queen gets her knee injured, only to be saved by Makoto's fanclub leader Gonda and several members of Oogai First Middle School's Softball team. She sees Gonda in awe, hinting at her possible crush on him.





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