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Kasai Amane (菓彩あまね?) is one of the main four Cures from Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure. She is the student council president at Shinsen Middle School, and her family owns a fruits and cafe parlor called "Fruit Parlor KASAI".

Amane appeared in the season as Gentlu (ジェントルー?), a phantom thief from Bundoru Gang up until episode 12.

She later transforms into Cure Finale (キュアフィナーレ?).



Amane has long wavy dark purple hair, and wears a yellow headband with a diamond pattern. Her eyes are blue, but while being evil, they were dark red. She wears a buttoned white blouse with a purple bow on the collar and a long purple skirt that has straps, a yellow trim at the bottom, and a pale purple layer beneath it. She also wears dark magenta Mary-Janes with white socks.

As Gentlu, she has silver hair with straightened bangs styled in pigtails held by black hair ties. She wears a purple top with a grey skirt underneath a black vest with a white trim, and two white bone-like buttons. Her tights and opera-length gloves are black, while her cape is black with a red undertone, and she has silver spikes on her shoulders. Her boots are black with grey accents, and silver spikes on top of her feet. She also wears a blue mask, and a black hat with a purple ribbon tied around it like a bow. The Bundoru Gang's logo appears on her hat and vest.

As Cure Finale, her hair turns blonde and is styled into a loose ponytail held by a white ruffly band with multicolored konpeito decorating it. She wears a purple tiara-like headband with a heart in the center and her eyes turn bright blue. Her choker is white and scalloped. Her dress has a white bodice and pale yellow insert with a collar that has golden lining. Golden crisscrossed lines appear in the front along with magenta trim on top with a pale purple heart brooch. The sleeves are light purple and puffy on top with open shoulders along with gold bands while the bottom is white and fitted with an extension across the middle part of her hand that ends with a gold ring around her middle finger. She wears a thick gold belt with a pale pink and purple apron with a pair of pink and mint green bows on each side. Her skirt is white on top with three yellow triangles in the middle while the bottom part is magenta with light pink droplet-shaped designs that gets longer in the back. At the bottom is a mint green layer with white cloth lining it being held by two purple spheres on each side. In the back is a large white bow. She wears orange and pale yellow pumps with a red sphere in the middle and ankle straps.


Gentlu is calm and collected, and doesn't show much emotion. She isn't fond of using violent methods as it's against her policy. Gentlu prefers to carry out her mission without the Cures noticing. She is also rather sly and selfish, capable of easily deceiving her victims with clever words. However, when feeling stressed she can start acting impulsive.


  • Secretoru: Her former senior. Secretoru usually gets frustrated over Gentlu's repeated failures.
  • Narcistoru: They have bad ties, and Narcistoru enjoys toying with her.


Gentlu's name, ジェントルー, likely comes from the words, "gentle" (ジェントル?) and "to steal" (取る?).

Kasai (菓彩?): Ka (?) can mean many things, such as "candy", "cakes" and "fruit"[1] which alludes to her motif as Cure Finale. Sai (?) simply means "coloring", "paint" and "make-up"[2].

Amane (あまね?) has various meanings when written in kanji. Such examples are "heavenly sound" (天音?) and "the sound of rain" (雨音?)[3].


As Gentlu

Amane was brainwashed by the Bundoru Gang to do their evil deeds as Gentlu. Throughout the first few episodes, Gentlu steals the Recipepes and summons Ubauzos when the Cures catch her. But from episode 8 onwards, Gentlu starts experiencing headaches, with Amane continuously appearing within her to tell Gentlu to stop hurting the Recipepes.

Her headaches get even worse to the point that she starts doubting herself, and tries her best to make sure her actions don't hurt the captured Recipepes. However, in episode 11, despite her desperate actions to get back to the Bundoru Gang hide-out, she is forced into the Delicious Field, where Delicious Yum-Yum Drain breaks her mask. Gentlu reverts back to being Amane, and the control over her is released. But then Narcistoru appears and takes her back to the hide-out to brainwash her again.

Gentlu is brainwashed again, this time more intensely, to carry out her duties without hesitation. She attacks the Cures again, declaring that she is a phantom thief and nothing more, even not caring about hurting the Recipepes anymore. She retreats after her Ubauzo is defeated, but not without the Cures figuring out that the control she is under is way stronger and will erase her actual heart soon. Later, the girls trick Gentlu into targeting a hamburger steak restaurant that hadn't opened yet, not knowing it opens early, to try and talk some sense into her, but she refuses to listen. Just then, a hamburger steak Recipepe appears and Gentlu captures it and summons another Ubauzo. She then duels against Precious while Spicy and Yum-Yum take care of the Ubauzo. While she gains the upper hand at first and rebukes Precious' attempts to befriend her, the control starts to waver again after Precious shows her a drawing of a Recipepe Amane drew. She tells the Cures to break the spell over her, but Godatz intervenes and sends her dark heart to the Ubauzo to strengthen it even more. However, the Cures use MIX Heart Attack to purify it and destroy the heart, freeing Gentlu from Godatz's control and turning her back into Amane. DPPC12 She later returns to her home and has to temporarily leave school to recover both physically and mentally. DPPC13



  • Ubauzo Creation: Like other members of Bundoru Gang, she is able to summon a Ubauzo using the stolen Recipepes and her Bundoru Gang container. When she captures Recipepes, the taste of the food they represent changes.

Cure Finale




Amane's voice actor, Kayano Ai has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include songs with Hishikawa Hana, who voices Nagomi Yui, Shimizu Risa, who voices Fuwa Kokone, and Iguchi Yuka, who voices Hanamichi Ran.

  • My true self

Group Songs

  • Bonds♡Specialty (Along with Hishikawa Hana, Shimizu Risa, and Iguchi Yuka)



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